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I don't have anything to add, but just wanted to say thank you as well - I was in the same boat, and now have nice, neat mp3s to listen to thanks to you and jaikoz. Definitely keep up the good work! $20 feels about right - I hope you sell a lot of copies and development continues.
it would be nice if operating on a cell would retain the selection when you're done. currently if I select a cell and delete the contents with a crtl+d for example, it deselects the cell. if I want to keep operating on that track, I need to reselect it.

Also, it would be handy if in the manual musicbrainz window, jaikoz would remember how I reorder the columns. By default it puts the musicbrainz ID as one of the first columns, which puts the album and track names off screen. I have to scroll to see them. Would be nice if I could reorder those columsn and they would stay reordered instead of returning to defaults next time I manually look up a track.

hope these suggestions help! just a couple things I noticed.
ok, thanks for taking a look.

the files with the same name are in the same folder. They aren't originally the same name - I am performing a "rename from tags" operation - I think that might be at which point I am losing files. Possibly. I'll let you know if I notice at what point they are zapped.

I'll send the logs.

the two points I notice the "java slowdown" most is when using the file browser and right clicking.

speaking of right clicking - I have a suggestion for the right click menu (and menu along the top) while I have your attention - could you add a "correct case" option?

I have many rare mp3s that aren't able to be auto tagged, so I find myself tagging from the filename. Problem is, many of the file names are written in all lower case. Or some of my track/artist names are all upper case, which seem to throw off the musicbrainz matches and give me some obscure indian artist instead of what I'm after. It would be nice if jaikoz could add an option to make these proper upper/lower names at the click of a button.
Are you saying these are created by Jaikoz, are you sure ?  

yes. If I'm retagging 100 files and right clicking to choose "save and move" to move them into a "fixed" folder - typically there are 2-3 songs that get left behind from the process, and the filenames are something like what I mentioned (temp123423.mp3)

It's not a huge deal, just an annoyance.

Really, I need to investigate this further did the files have duplicate filenames , could you send me your log files please ?  

Yes, the files seem to have been deleted when renaming the filenames to duplicate filenames. Although, files from different albums added a (1) or (2) to the filename. So like Nirvana "come as you are" from the Nevermind album would be renamed "Nirvana - Come As You Are" and then the same track from the unplugged album would be named "Nirvana - Come As You Are(1)" but another file of come as you are from the nevermind album that was perhaps a different bitrate would disappear entirely.

what address would you like me to send the logs to?

Not really sure what you mean here.  

another "not a big deal" - it's just slow to respond. If I do anything - go to add a folder, for example - jaikoz has a noticable pause after I click, a noticeable pause as I browse my computer for directories.

there's not the usual "instant" interactiviity, where when I click or do something it happens instantly. is this just because it was coded in java?

before I make my first post, let me just say a quick thanks - I tried about a dozen taggers over the last week and jaikoz is the best hands down. I should have my whole collection tagged in under a week, no small accomplishment! I happily bought in.

that said, just a couple things I noticed over the past couple days of heavy use:

1) when going to type in a cell, jaikoz constantly decides to highlight and delete the first character I type. As in, I start typing Jay-Z, and I end up with ay-Z.

2) the progress bar during auto correction is essentially non-functional. It would be nice if it displayed an indication of how far through the process it really was.

3) overall, jaikoz seems to be a step behind me when I do much of anything - selecting folders, choosing menu items, etc. I'm not sure if it's something to do with java translating what I'm doing in the background, but it would be nice if it could keep up with me.

4) occasionally when doing an entire folder and using the "save and move" option, I'm left with a few stray mp3s in the old folder that are named "temp302342.mp3" or something along those lines. I have to retag and move those manually. Is this something that can be fixed?

5) If I have duplicates of what jaikoz finds to be the same song, jaikoz seems to delete one of the copies. As in, I had 450 mp3s in a folder, and after editing tags and choosing save and move, I ended up with 429 or so. Going back through things, I found what was deleted were the duplicates. However, jaikoz didn't prompt me or tell me it was doing this in the console or otherwise. In all cases it seemed to have kept the higher bitrate version of the song - but in some cases, I had replaced a high bitrate version with a low bitrate version because there were encoding errors on the higher bitrate one. So, in that case, I'd rather keep the lower bitrate one. I think this duplicate entry should trigger a popup or some sort of highlighting or something before jaikoz deletes. Even an overwrite confirmation dialog would be ok.

otherwise, I don't have much criticism - jaikoz is a fantastic piece of software and I'm not sure what I would be doing with out it! typing in a lot more tags, that's for sure.
Profile for jbills -> Messages posted by jbills [5]
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