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Messages posted by: greengeek  XML
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Thanks for the reply. I'll try to wait patently for the update
I noticed after upgrading to 3.5.0 I am no longer able to delete all the fields I don't use. It no longer allows me to clear out any info that is in the "Not Supported List" as well as the Unknown List" columns located under the ID3 Edit tab. I like to use Jaikoz to clear out all the garbage that tagging software puts in, but now it isn't allowing me to clear out these 2 fields. Any ideas why?

paultaylor wrote:

greengeek wrote:

The other feature I really like is it will move the images with the songs. So if i have one folder that has only a single album with a album jpg it will allow me to move it with all the songs into the correctly created new directory.

Doesnt do this (I always prefer to embed artwork myself so didnt think of this), but it has already been requested

I am the same way. I embed all albums into the tags but I also like to have album artwork in the folders that have each album. Both to support some of the backwards player software that don't support embedded album artwork, as well as I use them on my intranet site and its fun to view through them as well.

paultaylor wrote:

greengeek wrote:

Lastly if jaikoz has the ability to auto organize files, can it write all files as utf-8?


I think so but it depends if the fileystem you are writing to supports UTF8 filenames 

Any idea on what charset Jaikoz would default to on a windows box? I am trying to figure out what the files charset are being encoded as so that I can get them to pass on an iconv php script match.
I have purchased jaikoz and been using it for some time and love it! Thanks for such a great program!!!! I do find that I use a few different programs to organize my collection and the more I use jaikoz and the more I learn about it, the less I have to use other applications for some of the additional tasks.

One program I still use for just 1 single task is media monkey. I am curious if the task I use it for can be replaced by jaikoz. Within media monkey they have an Auto Organize function. This allows me to select all the media and then have it auto organize it based on the criteria I give it. For example I have it setup to rename all my files and re organize them all into folders based off of the tag information. So it will create a folder named from the artist tag info, then a sub folder named from the album tag info, and finally rename the song by its track number - and then song title from tag info. Something like <artist> \ <album> \ <track number> - <title>

The other feature I really like is it will move the images with the songs. So if i have one folder that has only a single album with a album jpg it will allow me to move it with all the songs into the correctly created new directory.

Lastly if jaikoz has the ability to auto organize files, can it write all files as utf-8? I am finding some apps have some of the above functionality but they fail on keeping it utf-8 and universal and consistent.

Can these tasks be done with jaikoz? If so could you give me directions or point me to where some info on this may be? I would really like to do this all in jaikoz and consolidate everything down to it being the only app i need to organize my entire collection (as it is becoming very close to being)

If there are any really good databases I may add them as well as Musicbrainz, potential options are last.fm fingerprinting and discogs. I cant use cddb because of licensing issues, I could use freedb but it is very inaccurate. I dont think Amazon is accurate enough to fix automtically without user intervention.

Out of all the different programs I have used to find this information, I find that audioscrobbler / last.fm is by far the most comprehensive and most accurate. It lists all the different tags in order of relevance, and I find the first tag which is almost always 100 is right on for all my music, even some of the obscure stuff that no one has ever heard.

12.Add support for getting genres from last.fm

Been implemented in any of the releases?

This would be a life saver as my tags are all clean, but the way the genres are tagged are a mess as they come from so many different sources.
I downloaded the latest version a month or to ago and was trying it out and it worked great. I didn't get a single memory error. I have been meaning to get back and update this post, but been busy tagging =)

The software is working great! Keep up the awesome job!!!
That is correct. I find that your program is the best for displaying what is in those fields and clearing them out.

Is there an easier or better way of doing this? Basically clearing out all content out of all fields, other than a handful of fields like album, title, artist, artwork? Even if it is something as ugly as running a command line script?

fields in jaikoz.lax instead, by default it is set to mimimum heap size of 64Mb and maximum of 256Mb, so you could increase the second figure to 1000000000

allowing heap size of upto 1GB  

I made these modifications and it did not change anything. It still is reporting the same error and shutting down the program. It appears that it is reporting this error prematurely and shutting down the program with out cause as I am still not seeing any hit on system resources, including memory to anywhere even close to the ammount we have set in the file.
I can't figure out why it thinks it is out of memory when I keep getting these errors. The task manager is not showing any large amounts of system resources being used nor am I seeing any slowness on the system. It also seems to be somewhat random, though I typically get these errors 4 out of 5 tries. I can do 900 files then try 400 files the next run and the 400 files will error out.
Thank you,

I emailed the requested log files to support@jthink.net

I made the changes to the batch file and was running the program from it and was still recieveing those errors. I havent yet modified the java files themselves, but can try that as well.

Thanks for you help.
I just purchased today jaikoz audio tagger v1.11.2 It is a great program but I am constantly getting errors that are really frustrating me. I have been running Jaikoz on both my winxp and win03 machine, both have 2gb of ram.

I have a collection of 25k files I am trying to clean up. I have them divided by alpha and numeric, so my folders range anywhere from 500 to about 2k files. When I try to load a folder, it loads very quickly. I then hide all the fields I do not want to modify and select all the visible fields to delete which I do by right clicking and choosing Delete. Half the time it will take about 10 seconds then complete and I can then save the files, the other half of the time it will up with an error stating "Out of memory, Jaikoz must be restarted, to increase the memory allocated to jaikoz modify its memory settings in the start up file and then restart."

The system can handle these file rewrites fairly easily, especially since all my folders have been broken down so that I am not trying to convert all 25k at once. Is there anyway I can turn off this check, or not limit the amount of ram it thinks i can only use?

Also I noticed the batch file and I modified those numbers in there of both the xms and xmx and that didnt see to make much difference. I also noticed there was a bunch of other parimeters that the batch file called. Is there a list of what modifiers we could use on the exe file?

The other thing that I am wondering is there is a save settings option, but iI can not tell what settings it is saving. Is there anyway once i get my edit tab looking the way I want it with some fields showing and some not showing to save that view so that it shows that way every time i bring up the app?

Please help. The random 2 out of 3 crashes I get per attempt to clean up files is driving me bonkers.
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