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Messages posted by: Antono  XML
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I see. Thanks for clarifying this.
I am sorry for coming back to this thread but the edit for this track is now complete in MusicBrainz. The correct ASIN relationship is assigned to it and therefore Jaikoz would be expected to fetch that artwork.

However, when tested Jaikoz fails again to fetch the artwork for this track. The field remains empty or gets populated by Discogs's artwork depending on settings.

dkoh wrote:
I kindof doubt it, but could this be caused because my ASIN edit has not become "official"? Even though the ASIN shows on the Laid release, it's still in my edits for voting. 

Actually, I think this is a very reasonable hypothesis. I will wait until the ASIN edit is final and I'll try again.

Paul, I have not enabled Preferences:Musicbrainz:Automatch:Do not match from Discogs when Matching but I have set the Diskogs to Replace Artwork if Empty or no MusicBrainz Id.

Therefore, since there exists a Musicbrainz artwork for this release (ASIN B000057G46), Jaikoz should be grabbing this and not the Diskogs's artwork. There's something preventing the program from getting the artwork from MB.

To demonstrate the problem, I enabled Preferences:Musicbrainz:Automatch:Do not match from Discogs when Matching and Jaikoz just isn't fetching any artwork at all for this release.

I have also seen this happening with another of my albums but I can't recall which one.
Thans dkoh and Paul,

I tried again but for some reason Jaikoz stubbornly attaches the Diskogs artwork (a photo of the CD), not the artwork that appears on MusicBrainz.

Also, this happens with the command "Update data from MusicBrainz". Could there be a bug somewhere that causes Jaikoz to go to Diskogs instead?

Excellent news about the Cover Art archive by the way!

I have noticed that, in at least 2 different files, Jaikoz does not fetch the artwork from MusicBrainz. It just leaves the field empty or populates it with the Diskogs artwork.

One of the releases is
James - Laid

Using Jaikoz 4.4.0 on Windows 7.

paultaylor wrote:
Antonos problem fixed in dev, cannot say if this will resolve other issues at this point. 

Thanks Paul,

Sorry for the late reply, internet was down.

I'm happy to report that my problem was indeed fixed in the latest version.
Thanks Paul,

Support files sent, plus one of the offending audio files.
Hi Paul,

I started having the same issue here. What's more, it started appearing on files that I didn't have a any problems before. Could it be the most recent update?

I am now unable to save changes to the "date" in over 2000 files (previously edited with Jaikoz)! The program returns the exact same error.

Using Jaikoz 3.4.2 (1075)
Java Version 1.6.0_17 from Sun Microsystems Inc.
Windows XP SP3

paultaylor wrote:
Maybe, perhaps you could email me the file so I can test it. 

Nah, it's too big a file to e-mail. Thanks anyway.

I'll keep an eye out if this happens to any other files and send those.

I have a largish .mp3 file (105 Mbytes) that I tried to tag with 2 genres:

Full Album

Jaikoz instead tagged it with 1 genre as "Full AlbumChillout".

I tried repeating it and it persists. I changed from idv1 to idv23, tried to pick other genres but the problem remains. Strange enough, I experimented with some other .mp3 files and they were tagged just fine. Can there be something wrong with this particular file?
Thanks Paul, I've tried it and it works great.
*Shameless bump*

(it hasn't made it into the forthcoming enhancements, features and minor improvements lists yet)
I'd like to purchase another full license for Jaikoz on behalf of my brother because he's a little scared of using Paypal.

I already own one. Are there any technical or legal issues I should know about?
The "Year" field gets populated with exact dates of release e.g. 2006-03-31 when these exist in the MusicBrainz database.

This unfortunately confuses some applications that expect to find only a year in that field; my mp3 player has been informing me that some of my tracks will be released in 3016... talk about pre-release demo!

I would like to have an option in preferences to only allow the year to be entered in that field. Possibly even a similar autocorrecter option.
Thanks Paul, the updated release fixed my Jaikoz as well
When using the "Autocorrect tags from MB" or "Update tags from MB" commands, all the files scanned are flagged as "changed" regardless of whether there have been changes or not.

This can be a little confusing because the user cannot track the changes and verify them. I haven't checked if the file timestamp changes as well; if it does, it might create problems for music database software which will need to rescan said files.
I believe this is just a minor issue.

If in MusicBrainz Settings the option "Do not match online if already have a MusicBrainzID" is active, then the "Manual correct from MusicBrainz" comes up empty on a track that does indeed have an ID.

Since the user has selected that option, the "manual correct" panel should not appear at all or the command should be unavailable. Another possibility would be to allow manual correction as a kind of settings override. The way things are now, that empty panel showing up can be confusing because it gives the impression that no matches were found.
Yes, this is on Greek Windows SP2. Thank you.
I was getting the following messages when trying to rename 2 of my audio files:

Jan 9, 2008 12:47:04 PM: SEVERE: Unable to rename file to:\\Executor\Media\Rock\Mylène Farmer\L'autre...\Mylène Farmer - Désenchantée.mp3

Jan 9, 2008 12:47:04 PM: SEVERE: Unable to rename file to:\\Executor\Media\Dance\Progress Presents The Boy...\Progress Presents The Boy... - Everybody.mp3

Deleting the "..." in the path allowed Jaikoz to save them.
Please observe that "..." in the filename did not interfere with saving.
Thank you for the speedy response. It all makes sense now.

I suppose that feature would be handy for people with non-English tracks like me. It would help enhance the quality of their tags.

Sample files sent. Thanks for looking into this.
While most of the time Jaikoz displays non-English (mostly Greek) characters correctly, sometimes it shows just gibberish. The very same files display correctly on Winamp and Windows Explorer. If the files are updated from MusicBrainz, the new non-English characters show up fine.

I have kept some sample files unprocessed so if you want to duplicate the problem I can arrange to send them to you.
Thanks, that'll be sweet.

I've noticed that my Winamp 5.5 player reads genres that have been edited by Jaikoz in parenthesis, e.g. "Rock" becomes "(Rock)".

Furthermore, other applications such as Windows Media Player 11, Windows Explorer and Total Commander can't read the genre at all.

I'd like to extend this request a little further and suggest that Jaikoz should support both dragging & dropping files from and to other applications (e.g. Windows Explorer, CD burning software).

This would allow users to take advantage of Jaikoz excellent sorting / filtering abilities and copy the music of their choice to external drives, flash drives or burn it to CD/DVD. The advantage of carrying out this task with Jaikoz compared to other software is that the high quality of tag information that Jaikoz offers allows for better sorting.

A simple method for this would be to allow whatever files are shown at any time on the view/edit panel (which depends on the active filters) to be selected and dragged to other windows.

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