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Messages posted by: kaja  XML
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Thanks Paul,

Got it...

Will wait for the Discogs DB update, and also I think that will be great to add the lookup functionality for Discogs.
I don't know if that's true, but I think the Discogs needs some kind of authentication for the lookup API.

Anyway, I always know the info for my albums, and I'm only searching for the covers, as I organize my albums on my NAS

Thanks again
Hi Paul,

I might be having an issue with my Jaikoz, or I think I don't know how can I correctly do this.

Also, I've been searching an trying every explanation and error solved discussions on this forum, but still doesn't work for me
I'm currently using the 8.4.0 Beta Announced Version

Here's what I do:
Action:Match to Album:Match Songs to Specified Discogs Album, and got the message:
Unable to find a suitable release for the selected songs

I tried the last number from the Discogs URL (guess that's the ID, right?), and also tried the entire URL, but still got the same message

What am I doing wrong?

this is the link for the album I'm trying to get

Thanks a lot
Thank you guys for your answers...
Hi there,

I've been using Jaikoz for some time now, but each time I was filling myself all the details for Artist, Songs...etc (pretty dumb, no?
Just a few days ago I was looking through some of the albums and I saw that they have a MusicBrainz Release ID, but I couldn't figure out how this can link to the program and make it retreive the information.

In the program settings I've filled the MusicBrainz server to "https://musicbrainz.org" and give it also my credentials.

There is no way the program can retrieve any information for an album even if I go and paste the MBID (such as this one: 1927f736-57ad-40a7-888c-2df5c25196c3)

I've tried with
Action -> Match to Album -> Match Songs to Specified MusicBrainz album
It always gives me the message that it couldn't find any match

Is there something I've done wrong ?

Thanks a lot
Hi Paul,

Just wanted to say I've tested the way you wrote, and that works fine. Haven't got the time to find the way to create a shortcut....

Hope that you could duplicate my problem, although I think that's almost impossible....

Thanks a lot
Hi Paul,

First of all thanks a lot for your support.

Haven't worked that way before, but surely it can simplify my workflow, and I will try that option. As I'm a shortcut "freak" I can surely assign that to a key or a combination.

As for your first supposition, no, that's not connected.
Before my OS update it just pasted the cover, no matter if the size was 500 x 500 or less. For bigger covers it was re-sized and then pasted.

I will try the do as you proposed and let you know if that can solve this strange behavior. Anyway that's a lot easier than bouncing between my Jaikoz and Finder.

Hi Paul,

Can you please try this link

Let me know if it works for you

Hi Paul,

Sure. Hope you'll see it in 10 mins

Hi Paul,

Have you got the time to look over the video I've sent you. Do you have enough security privileges to watch it ?
Hope I didn't mess up something

Hi Paul,

Sorry for my late reply.

I've just uploaded and sent you a private video from my youtube channel (sent it to support@jthink.net)
Hope this video can help you figure out the strange behavior I'm having with Jaikoz.

Let me know if you have problem viewing it

Hi Paul,

Sure I can send you a video. You may need to have a little patient with me, this would be my first time... I don't even know what program to use. I will find one, no worries, and try to replicate this strange behavior for you

Hi Paul,

No, you did not misunderstood me.
I was talking about the error.
The second time is for another album, so another files.
I close the program, reopen it, and for the same album it didn't worked last time, now it works.

Strange error, really
Hi Paul,

I took some time to reinstall Jailoz, did the license and my own renaming masking for albums...but still got the same error. It's really driving me nuts...

Do you think it can have something to do with something else ? Image manipulation library ?

Oooh, I've noticed something. The status doesn't change, even if the console gives me the message that the image was resized


Edit: And the image isn't save after closing and reopening Jaikoz
Hi Paul,

It only happens for the second time I do that.
The first time it resizes and the image appear, after that it says in the console that the image was resized but it doesn't appear in the Artwork column
I need to restart the program for this to work...

I'm beginning to think that it might be something with updating the OS to 10.7, but can't figure why it works the first time...and after that not anymore, no matter if I close the files and reopen them again. It does this every files I open.

I will try to remove the program and the config files and install it again
If you might have and idea why it might do that, please let me know

Thanks a lot
Hi Paul,

After updating still getting this strange behavior.
Here's a new support file, hope it might help

Thanks a lot
Hi Paul,

Sorry for my late reply, I was at the office
Attached you have the support file

Thanks a lot...

P.S I've seen that there is an update, I'll do that in a moment a see if that can solve this problem

Hi there,

A few weeks ago, I've updated my MAC OSX to 10.7
I have the latest Jaikoz app 6.1.1 and there are some problems when copying and pasting the album covers.
Although the console says:Resizing [album and path here]..../cover.jpg from 800 pixels to 500 pixels because larger than your preferred width of 500 pixels, the cover doesn't appear

Is this a know issue for this release ?
Is there a work around ?

Thanks a lot !

Thanks for the answer.

I've already set that to my preferred size, and one good thing is when I copy and paste it re-size it automatically

I never thought to go into the File menu... I'm a shortcut user fan..
That's very useful

Thanks again...and keep up this nice work

Hi there,

I have been using Jaikoz for sometime now, and I wonder if there is a way to manage existing artwork

I have some couple of albums in which the artwork is bigger than 500x500px (that's my main configuration) and I wonder if there is a way to grab this artwork, save it, resize it quick, and have it over the existing one ?

Is there a simple way to do that?
I have a MacBook Pro and using Mac OSx 10.6.8

Thanks a lot for this program and for your really nice work
Thanks for your answers.
I'll try to get that Discogs column in my column view and I will surely update the MusicBrainz metadata....in case anyone will ever need that information

Keep up the good work !
Hi there,

First of all I just wanted to say that Jaikoz is a very nice software.
I tried to update fields from Discogs but all that it says is:
"Update Metadata from existing Discogs Ids was unable to find a match for 14 songs"

I also tried to search on Discogs site and found out that the album I was looking for exists in their database.
Can U tell me what I did wrong ? Are there some preferences I should set up or modify to get it work ?
I should tell U that I did the acousticID match and it returned the ID's.
The MusicBrainz works fain
Profile for kaja -> Messages posted by kaja [21]
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