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Not really an answer to your question, but I have also become reliant on genres.

I use allmusic's genres, moods, and occasions. They have a lot of them, over 1000, but they're nested. I play most of my music through Kodi, which also makes good use of genres, but it doesn't cascade through Genre>Sub-Genre like I wish it would. If I could code, I would write something for Kodi that did what I want. I would like to select one of the ~14 main genres (Rap, Pop/Rock, R&B, Jazz, etc), then have it list out all the subs for the main genre selected (Metal, Hard Rock, Country Rock, etc).

I add these genres manually. I made an Excel formula so I can copy/paste from the allmusic page and Excel will remove spaces and add commas in one field, then I copy/paste that to Jaikoz. I would love if Jaikoz would do this automatically, and am willing to pay quite a bit more for it to do this, but it's been shot down so far.

It's time consuming, but I have found that allmusic is pretty accurate and very consistent, which is what matters with this kinds of thing. Especially with ~20,000 albums.

<edit> Actually, I paste genres manually from allmusic since Jaikoz uses the Genre dialog. The other fields I can paste in straight from Excel.
Hey Paul,

Have you considered using the fanart.tv API? It only provides 1000px, but they're moderated to ensure quality, no scans, and 1:1. Also, they use MBIDs (release IDs).

<edit> Holy shit, I just realized how old this is. Sorry for digging it up. I still think it's a good idea, though ;)
FWIW, I just came across this on Win7 64, trying to install 9.2.0 over 9.1.0 (I believe). Got the same "Failed to unpack pack JVM" error. Repeatedly. Finally opened Task Manager and Jaikoz64.exe was still running, even though I closed it. Force-closed it and it installed no problem.
Hmm, I must be smoking weed then, cos I was certain there were a couple more releases after 511. Looks like I was wrong. Thanks for your help though
Is there a file I need to clear out or something? Or am I remembering the versions wrong? I tried 530 and 520 and both have the "simple" context menu. Is 511 really the last one with the "edit" context menu?
Is there a place to get older versions of Jaikoz? I have 5.1.1, but there are better releases after that. Basically, I'm looking for the last version before the big changes. I believe I'm looking for 5.4.0.

<edit> TPB has 540, and nope, 540 is still the new style. Looking for 5.3.0.
What do you think about changing Ctrl-U from showing files selected in the rowno to files selected by field (the old way)?

It might be just an old habit, but this thing can really whammy you when you have 6000 files open and you think it'll only open the one you selected by field. Going through a menu really isn't a problem cos you're clicking on your selection, it's just the keyboard shortcut that will surprise you.

The argument: Would anyone really want to open more than a few artworks at once?

Whaddya think?
It was my understanding that the path had to be exact, drive letter and all. When I look at the exported XLS, I see under filename E:\<artist>\<album>\<filename>

Is this not correct?
I completely agree. Folder structure is mainly for "stupid" humans.

I use XBMC which also relies heavily on tags (doesn't everything these days), but my collection doesn't go through just one device so it's all shared out via SMB. I might grab something for the car USB, or the wife's S3, or my tablet, or Winamp in the garage, or (ugh) burn a disc. XBMC also downloads a lot of bonus artwork that must go into the album folders (coverart, cdart, see fanart.tv) so I was already setup when I started scanning things in.

Keep future-proofing in mind though. Are you going to be using the Sonos in 5 years? 10 years? Surely you don't want to reorganize just for the new device.

Something I really wish I did a long time ago: I was putting multi-disc albums in one folder. Windows sorts these horribly and it was difficult to grab one disc in track-order, so now I'm making "Disc 1" and "Disc 2" folders.
Can't really help you re: Sonos, but I made separate folders for soundtracks & comps and placed them along with all my artist folders. I put a "#" or a "-" in front to sort them first, so it looks like this:

#Audio Books
?Breaking Bad
?Fight Club
(hep) p.e.
2 Live Crew
... and so on

And yeah, I think \\artist\album\trackname.ext is the most universal setup, especially if you want/need artwork or NFO files for each album.
This exact thing has happened to me in previous versions every once in a while. It seems that the trackno/discno gets messed up in translation from Jaikoz to MB, so MB starts to consolidate multiple tracks into one. If you look at disc four in the Alfg's submittal, it "stole" tracks from disc one and concatenated them to disk four tracks. The time, track 12/04 for example, is 61:59:14. What this really should be (I didn't look it up, just guessing from experience):
12/01 Diese Nacht soll nie enden 6:15
12/04 Brennendes Herz 9:14

I know, not much help here, but I wanted to confirm this and that it's not just a 520 thing.

Sorting before submitting is unnecessary. I leave my files in the same order as they loaded - usually alphabetically - and MB will arrange them according to trackno.

paultaylor wrote:
Right, okay i didn't think people really liked using the right-click menu. 

Really? Maybe I'm alone here, but I live by that thing. Luckily it still exists on the rownos.

I think that the way Jaikoz handles <action>all vs. <action>selected is one of the larger hurdles when learning Jaikoz, so I think the way you have 520 setup is a positive step towards removing that confusion. However, the 520 copy/paste context to me is useless, minus "capitalizer", but I capitalize with the AC anyways.

paultaylor wrote:
I suppose I could add row functions back to the right-click menu, but it would clutter it up again 

If it were up to me, I'd say yes. It sounds as though this is not popular though.

paultaylor wrote:
or maybe i could fix the row selection so it did select the whole row, though of course that would mean you would then lose any individual field selection when you selected some rows 

I'm not seeing the benefit of this, keeping individual selections. Is this a copy/paste thing?

You obviously have a roadmap of where you want to take Jaikoz, so respecting that and its current behavior, I think just having the rows highlight with the rowno selections would help a lot. It keeps all the current behavior, but still allows for accurate selection and right-clicks on the rownos.

If you want to make row selections by picking fields, would it be possible to add a alt+click? So if you wanted to create a row selection by clicking on 11 "RCA" fields, alt+click select them and the rownos get selected.
Example: A while back I filed a ton of Rolling Stones, where many releases (same RG: original vinyl/modern remasters/reissues) looked the same except for the date or the label.

Pre-520 you could select the date or label range, right-click, and match that group.
520 you have to select the left and eyeball across for your selection.

It would be much easier to single out that 1970 release if the rows were highlighted light-blue when you selected the row nos. Right now I have 137 Shakira files open, and even selecting one album from the middle is difficult - scanning across to ensure the blue numbers match up with the Album fields.

Follow? Or am I missing something fundamental here?
Don't know how serious you take this as it doesn't really harm anything, but it's currently possible to add duplicate buttons to the toolbar.

Other apps have a setup where there's left and right arrows between the lists and it moves the items back and forth to keep only one instance of that tool.

I'll add this in Jira if you want to fix this.

rovertag wrote:
it may make sense to highlight the entire row when a Song No is selected.  


I actually reverted to 511 because of this and the new context menu behavior. 520 is nice with just one release at a time, but when you load many releases it's a PITA. I still want to acclimate to 520 so I created two installs and flip between them depending on what I'm doing.

I love the rest of the upgrades, BTW. Although, your MB "1" icons could use some work.
You try "Prefs>Musicbrainz>Format" and change Artwork to "Replace if better quality"?
I see that Import/Export only works if the path and filename is exact. Is this the intention?

Would it be better to export filename without the path info? Or import based on MBID?

Also, is there a plan to support XLSX files?
Thanks Paul.

paultaylor wrote:
but in order to find the solution I require the whole album not just the one track. 

PM sent
Is there a way to keep just the year if there is no month or day is provided? Why is TDAT defaulting to 01-01s? I would rather have either YYYY or YYYY/MM/DD.
I sent you a PM a few days ago, you get the files?
One by one... that's a good idea!

So I tried it on one of my problem releases, and like you said it's just one that won't match. I don't know why, the time is dead on, the artist/track/etc spellings are identical... dunno. It's easy enough to manually fudge, but still a PITA and troubling that something isn't working right.
I've been getting this error a lot. I've even checked all the times, renamed titles manually, everything and it will not match.

I've even submitted to MB using my files and it still won't match, pasting the MBID in 'match to specified'.

This was happening a lot with Shakira and I figured it was all the funny characters messing things up. When I tried to match the album above, it's obvious something is wrong.

My support file is now too big for email, so here is a link:
I can provide the songs if you would like to try yourself.
Jaikoz 5.x now corrects all dates to a yyyy-mm-dd format, which I prefer, but when only the year is available it always uses January 1st. So 2002 will change to 2002-01-01.

Is there a way to turn this off?
Oh, yeah. I totally forgot about that. Kinda hard to use when there's a million things to filter. JAIKOZ-512 should come in handy.
There isn't a blacklist or anything, so if you want a specific set then it's manual.

I enter these manually and then:
Prefs>Musicbrainz?Format 2 - set Genre to "never alter"
Prefs>Remote Correct>Discogs - set genre to "never alter"

You still have to clear or edit them manually but they won't repopulate.
Great news!

I've been busy with other things for a while so I've been out of the loop. I'll check it out as soon as I can.

Thank you.

nickeaston wrote:
I don't know how to relate to your advice... 

Apologies, I was thinking Jaikoz, and even though what I said about MB may be true, you can't add releases through SK.
The problem of unmatched (read: not in MB yet) releases can be fixed immediately, just enter the release in to MB. Even if it's not approved yet you can still grab the release ID after you enter it into "Match to specified".

If you're having a problem with a release not matching an existing MB release, then you're gonna wait forever. Chances are you either have a problem with bonus tracks or [silence] tracks or durations or something, or you have some crappy files. If you're sure your stuff's legit, back it up with references and add to the release group.

Action>Remote Correct>Submit Release is your friend. It often helps to Match to specified Discogs first if it exists, you just get that much more info to submit to MB.
Definitely something wrong here. I created:
so keep an eye out for updates or add comments if I left something out.

AFAIK, you can't get FLAC or MP3 or WMA to be it's own value. I played a bit but couldn't get it to go. I believe you can only use values that are here:
...under the attribute column.

When this issue's resolved though, you'll be able to get:
/FLAC 16 bits/[Artist]/[Album]/[Track] [Title]
I was hoping there'd be a way to get the extension into Custom1 or something and then build a mask off that, but I don't see a way to do that either.
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