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Messages posted by: djotley  XML
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Author Message
it's okay now Paul thanks

I am getting this error message whenever i try ans do anything

Unable to contact server, Remote Correct is not available until this is reolved, please check your internet access
Thanks Paul
When I update tracks containing a hyphen they are being replaced with other characters for example

Eagle-Eye Cherry is now Eagle\Eye Cherry

Best of Dark Horse 1976-1989 by George Harrison is now Best of Dark Horse 1976e1989

This only happens on Artist and Album plus the sort artist and album, Title is okay

I have checked all my settings and cannot find why it is happening

update from discogs is okay
When it matches to Musicbrainz
Sort Artist and Sort Album Artist brings back the artist and album artist not sorted. All other sort fields are working okay. Although sort title and album doesn't populate

For example

Billy Joel displays in sort artist field as Billy Joel
In Sort Composer it is Joel, Billy

Yes it's Jaikoz 7 and it is when it updates metadata from existing Musicbrainz ID's
I have found now that the feat artist is being removed from the artist title, i understand this was a request has this now been implemented?

The issue i am having anything after the first featured artist and the first & is retained eg

1 Giant Leap feat. Robbie Williams & Maxi Jazz becomes

1 Giant Leap & Maxi Jazz or

1 Giant Leap feat. Eddi Reader, The Mahotella Queens & Revetti Sakalar becomes

1 Giant Leap & Revetti Sakalar
Thanks Paul should have read the above before posting sorry
Yes it is where the album artist is Various Artists so that might explain why I thought it was working and then not Non Complications are ok
This is now blanking Album Artist again it did work for a while
I am unable to change the Base Folder using the change base folder option it just lets me open folder after folder. I also cannot right click on base folder and amend that way. I am running the windows version
Thanks Paul
I don't have this ticked. it picks up the track title correctly but uses the artist from the recording for example in this incorrect entry my artist is Duran Duran not fun boy three but track title is The Lunatics (Have Taken Over the Asylum)


The track The Seer from The Greatest Hits of Big Country and The Skids has the artist Big Country feat. Kate Bush when I match this album


it brings back Big Country as the artist which is the Artist of that group of recordings


It this correct or is there a setting where I can change it to pick up the Track artist so that it reflects the actual disc information


paultaylor wrote:
If there was a composer advanced relationship linking to a song or release then Jaikoz would use it. Unfortunately this changed in NGS and Jaikoz was updated accordingly but then this change was reverted in NGS so need to revert Jaiox as well, so will be fixed in 4.0.1 


Has this been fixed as it still isn't picking up the composer from the Work only the release where there is one linked
Thanks Paul will await the new release

I am having problems saving files which have a : in either the album title or title


Title = Symphony No. 6 "Pathetique": Adagio
Filename = Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky-The No. 1 Tchaikovsky Album-04-Symphony No. 6 "Pathetique": Adagio.mp3

This is using the standard rename file settings on the beta version

Thanks Paul working great now

It was Jaikoz 4.1.1

The Beta Version picks up one of the aliases

Cinemage by Ryuichi Sakamato is now displayed as RYUICHI SAKAMAMOTO which is the second alias in the list whereas

The No. 1 Tchaikovsky Album by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky is now displayed as Chaikovsky, P. I. which is the first.

Hope this helps

Translate foreign artist names to english where possible option is no longer working for me but works if I use picard

I have sorted it

The URL for Musicbrainz submissions was going to the old site I have now changed to point to http://musicbrainz.org and is now working perfectly

I will give that a check although don't think anything should have changed since it last worked. But you never know

No I live in Beverley East Yorkshire

I can't add new releases into Musicbrainz it brings back a blank add release form. would this be connected to the error 301 which I still when trying to submit anything
Yes I am getting the same error
You can rename your folders from metadata

Disc No is one of those tags so yes you can
I think I know what you mean. I sometimes use Picard which uses the disc id to match to the actual disc eg both discs will have different ids. If you haven't used that there is an option called cd lookup


when you then run through jaikoz it should allocate the correct disc to the release


Hope this makes sense

When I try and do the above I get the following error message

"Retrieve Acoustic ids was unable to find a match for 36 songs

Unable to retrieve acoustic ids for 36 songs because analysing m4p (protected mp4) format is not supported

Found 36 Songs containing Musicbrainz / Acousticid"
I have the same two discs, However I don't have the problem matching either disc. The release ID for the second disc is the same one as the first disc as they are from the same release. Jaikoz recognises the two discs and numbers them accordingly. As the CD don't have a title and are just CD1 and CD2 then it is classed a one release.

If the CD has a title then these can be separated see example

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