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Shift+Click does not seem to work on OS X. When I click on the IsCompilation flag, the selection does not change to this cell (it does toggle the flag's value). When I shift+click, the selection does not update either.

I can select a flag by using the arrow keys to move the selection into that column, and I can select a number of cells with shift+arrow-down. But it would be nice if shift+click worked.
Awesome. Thanks.
I really like the "Match songs to one MusicBrainz release" function. However, I want to process a large number of files. Selecting each album and running this is not feasible.

Would it be possible to tell Jaikoz that my albums are organized by sub-folder, so any song with the same sub-folder should be linked to the same MusicBrainz release?
So, after tagging, I am using the tags to set the Sub Folder and Filename (the new beefier functionality as great) and moving them to a completed folder. It has worked great until 2.5.2.

Now a good number of the files (say 20%) are not getting their Sub Folder set when moving. So they are all dumped to the base folder I am moving them to. When I watch Jaikoz during the save and move operation the Sub Folder field blanks out for these as well before they are removed from the table.
I can't discern any rhyme or reason as to why a particular file will fail or not, but it is usually an entire album, not just individual tracks in an album.

The save function works fine, it is only happening with the "save and move" function.

Looks like the latest version fixed it.
Just FYI - I tried it on the Development server and it returned nothing as well.
A couple of very minor problems I have noticed:
In the Mac version:
For some reason Jaikoz always wants to move with me when I switch desktops in spaces. Normally you have to click and hold the window when switching to bring a windw with you. But Jaikoz will come along randomly if it is the active window, or recently the active window, or anytime really. I don't know if this is Java or if you can fix this or what...

Option-A is usually select all. In Jaikoz it is Control-A.
It's back, but different.

I have an album Janet Jackson - All for You (Don't ask WHY I have it), only two tracks match automatically.
I open MusicBrainz for the matched release, pull the MB UID for the track "Intro" and add it to the appropriate track and fix tag data from that UID, so all track data should match the MB DB exactly.
I have unchecked "Possible matches must be within track duration" but the track is only 2 sec off anyway.
Manual Correct tags from MB returns no results.

I get similar results for most on the tracks in the album.
It looks to be fixed. Thanks.
Nope, I'm on mac.
It seems to affect all connections outside of Jaikoz. So it can't find the file system when trying to save, it can't even find it's preferences file when closing.
I am correcting tags from music brainz. I get through about 200 songs then I get an unexpected problem error:

Jaikoz no longer can connect to any internet sites, pull info from MusicBrainz, etc... until a restart of Jaikoz or if I wait a while it starts working again.
I like the new file renaming abilities.

A couple of questions:
What exactly does the "bestartist" tag do?
Is there any way to do an else with the new if statement? I want to be able to say if album is not blank do this, if album is blank do this other thing...

Also, it doesn't look like nesting if statements work. Is it possible to add this?
Here is what I am trying to do:
%genre%%folderseperator%$if(%album%,$if(%albumartist%,%albumartist% - )%album%%folderseperator%)

What I want it to do is:
If it is a single (no album field) drop it in the genre folder.
If it is a compilation (no album artist, or if it is Various Artist actually but that doesn't look possible) put it in the album folder.
If it is a standard album put it in the artist - album folder.

For now I will do:
%genre%%folderseperator%$if(%albumartist%,%albumartist% - )$if(%album%,%album%%folderseperator%)

And make sure there is never an albumartist without an album.

Cool. Thanks for for figuring out what the problem was.
I know how much it sucks to have to hack around problems with someone else's systems.

Have you considered adding support for their test search server mentioned on their blog.
I have no idea how much work that would be for you, but it would be cool to be able to try out the new system on the tracks I get bad results on.

Got another one (I'm still on the mac version).

How is the carrot entry supposed to work when you select a field in the table for editing?

Right now, if you double click a field it will switch to edit mode and highlight the text for a moment, then the highlighting will disappear and you are unable to edit the field. You have to click on the field again to insert the carrot, or double click to highlight the entire text.

I'm guessing when you double click on a field it is supposed to enter edit mode and highlight the text, so that any input will overwrite the entire field.

I downloaded the new version and I am still having problems. Another example:
I manually copied the MB Unique ID field and updated the tags from that, so all the tags should match the MBDB exactly and the song length matches. But when I run manual correct I don't get the song. The match scores that are returned are 55, 47, and 11. No MusicIP matches. The correct entry should be at least in the 90's and an 11 is beating it out?
The song is:
Artist - The Supremes
Album - The Supremes (disc 2)
Title - Falling in Love With Love
Track - 16
MB ID - 612a24b1-1575-4f72-8aab-a3b47b8ff3b5

I have edited the Match Score values, making Title, Artist, and Track No the highest importance.

BTW- I like the darker colors in the new Mac version (though I would still suggest highlighting the entire row is some way). And the fixes to selecting and editing fields in the table really help. Thanks.
I've got one as well:
When you update a field in the Details Pane, but remain on the field (don't tab or click on another field), and click the next record button your update is lost.
Excellent man. Thanks.
This bug is frustrating. Seeing the entry I need, one track down, for 10 tracks at a time can get annoying.

Thanks again.
That would make sense, except all of the fields that come up do not have wicked in the title. The one track in the album that has wicked in the track name and the correct track number and the correct track length is not presented. 10 other songs in the album (without a matching track number or track name) are displayed. All with the same match score. As you said, the one track that matches album name, track number, and a partial track name should get a higher score than all of these.

It happened to me again on a John Lee Hooker album. The track number was prepended to the track name, so the name looks like "04 Hobo Blues." So again the partial track name and the correct track number should give the correct track a higher score. And it did for tracks 1 - 10 (scored 81 for the correct track 47 for the others). But tracks 11 - 24 did the same thing, displayed 10 tracks from the album with a score of 47, none of them the correct track.
I'm using BETA 2
And I am getting some odd problems with matching files against MusicBrainz.
Here is an example:

I am matching the Insane Clown Posse album Hallowicked. All files matched properly except track 13.
Track 13 has the correct Artist, Album, Track Number, and Track length. The only problem is one character in the title. The file has "Wicked Hellaween" where MusicBrainz has "Wicked Helloween".

When I do a manual correct I get every track in the album EXCEPT track 13 (no MusicIP ID match).
If I fix the title (change one character) it returns with a score of 86 (all other tracks in album score a 47).
How do you use it?
I can understand wanting to match them up, but I personally wouldn't be able to match 32 random characters.
I usually us the main edit table to ensure matching as you have all the tracks together in a row so an incorrect entry stands out. And I find cluster to work pretty well for the matching anyway.
When you double click a field in the table you can edit it (which is great).

But to stop editing you must hit enter. If you click on another field it does not stop the edit of the first field. Maybe there is a reason for this, but I would think it would be better for the changes to be saved to the old field and the edit canceled when you click anywhere else in Jaikoz.
It would be nice.

Or at least think about moving the two ID fields to the end. I rarely use them (probably no human does) and they waste a lot of space.
I would much rather be able to see the track number and track length (which are off the screen for me).
Is there a way to change the column setup in the Manual Correct Tag window?
I can move them around and change the size, but I can't figure out how or if I can save that configuration.

dmw-01 wrote:
1) There is an update from unique track ID. The problem with this is that it is quite time consuming to paste in each individual track ID into the grid from a different webpage in MusicBrainz for each track. Add an action item to allow the Release ID to be used as the basis for a match - perhaps with the track number to ID the track. Then you would just have to paste in the release ID into the entire release column and hit the action item - a major time entry savings over the current method. 

I second this request. This would be very helpful. Maybe allow you to select which track in a release to use for each file.
So you would:
Select the files in an album

Identify the Release ID (maybe from a list of Release ID's in the above selection)

Jaikoz would attempt to match track to file.

You would be presented with a window similar to the Manual Correct Tags window where you would confirm the selections (but only tracks from that release are available).

Another way to do it would be the ability to lock the Manual Correct Tags window to a specific Release ID.
So you would:
Run Manually Correct Tags on a group of files (all in the same album).

You don't like the results, so in the Manually Correct Tags window you select the release ID you want.

Manual Correct is rerun with track in that release only.

Maybe add a feature to temporarily "juice" the match score while in the Manually Correct Tags window as well.
So if I don't like the results, but I know the track numbers are all correct, I could click the track number column and the Manual Correct algorithm will be re-run with the track number factor bumped up.

That should give dmw the functionality he wants without adding a convoluted menu item. And it allows flexibility to use the feature in other ways while only adding a couple of button presses from dmw.


BTW- the latest BETA is great. Matches a few more correctly. And I can now use manual correct on many more of the incorrect matches.
If I could get the above feature Jaikoz would do everything I need.[code]
Ive got another good example:
I have an album by "Danger Mouse" called "The Grey Album" when imported it had the artist name as "DJ Dangermouse" and the rest is correct. The MusicIP ID matches the Danger Mouse album as well as a Kidz With Toyz album. When autoupdated all but three tracks correctly matched the Danger Mouse album. Three of them matched the Kidz With Toyz. Jaikoz should be able to detect this scenario and try to match all the tracks in the same directory to the same album.
It is difficult to say for sure, but how long is your track ?
Because the version of Flood on Tooltime is 3:27, whereas the version on Tales from the Darkside is 3:40. Im assuming your version is 3:27.
Jaikoz only returns tracks that are within the 'Preferences\Musicbrainz\Match\Track Duration must be within this no of seconds' because this checks against really bad matches.
Possibly the Musicbrainz database is incorrect.  

Yep. That is the problem. Or maybe my files got switched up and I have the wrong version of the song...

This would have to be a seperate action, because wouldnt like to assume that just because tracks were in the same folder they were from the same album, one obvious example is if you have a dump folder containing all the tracks that you havent sorted yet. Do you want to expand on this idea a little bit more for me ?  

Yep, you would have to at least be able to turn it off. I have a singles folder where I dump all my individual tracks. I would definitely not want to run it on that.

I've only run through 1000 songs so far and most of the problems have been with the files so I'm not sure the best method.
I just had another one where all the songs were matched correctly except for one. It matched it to a compilation album. It looks like the MusicIP ID matched for the wrong album and was not linked to the right one. Even though the meta-score was 99 to 76 for the correct album.

So it looks like MusicIP ID's trump the tag score. Maybe that is the right way to do it if the DB is mostly correct...Let me see how many bad DB hits I get...

I don't mind manually IDing them when the DB data is spotty, the real pain is when I have to manually retrieve the ID from MB's website...So maybe the best solution would be to check the release ID's in the same directory (if less than 30 files in the dir or something) and bumping any matches in there to the top of the list in the manual correct window (like you do with matching MusicIP ID's).
If you click a field in the Is Compilation column, then shift click another field all the fields between the two are selected, as they should be. But they are not highlighted. If you then move your mouse over the selected fields their color will switch, indicating they are selected.
The main problem I am still having is Jaikoz picks a different album for one or two tracks in a directory, when they should all be the same. It doesn't look like cluster fixes this.

So, for example: I have a directory with the 8 tracks for Tool's "Tales From the Darkside" album. The Artist, Title, and Track fields are all correct. 7 of the tracks are properly identified. But One track (Flood) is ID's as being from the "ToolTime" album. When I try to manually correct the track the Tales From the Darkside version isn't even on the list. The odd thing is that the only Tool Flood found is the ToolTime one, the rest are from different artists. And there are several versions of Tool Flood out there. I have to open the albums page on MusicBrainz, find the track, and manually copy the Track ID into Jaikoz.

It would be great if Jaikoz did a second pass when auto-tagging from MusicBrainz. It should check the directory, and try to match all the tracks to the same album. This could be in a seperate action like cluster is.
And if that fails, when manually IDing tracks from MusicBrainz Jaikoz should also try to pull the albums from the tracks in the same directory and try to match something up.
Thanks, I didnt realize that was an eye. 

Hehe. Maybe it isn't. Looks like an eye to me...

Do you mean the colour doesnt update, the value shouldnt update beause it is showing the value before you change it.  

Sorry, I may be confusing the names of the various panes. I read/write bug reports for a living and it is still a pain in the ass to fully explain them (or maybe I'm just a crappy writer).
When say "details pane" I am referring to the pane at the bottom with Summary, Info, MusicBrainz, etc. tabs and which shows detailed information on one file.
When I say "edit pane" I am referring to the pane that is always visible which has the Edit and ID3 Edit tabs and shows the modified tags. I'm not talking about the "view pane" which shows the current unchanged state of the tags on the files.

And it is actually worse than I said before. The edit will be made to the tag you right click on in the edit pane, not the one you were viewing in the details pane.
So, for instance, say you have two files open, the artists are ZZ Top for one and Zebrahead for the other. You click on the ZZ Top song (in the edit pane), the data for that tag is displayed in the Info tab of the details pane below. You change the artist from ZZ Top to TEST. Then you right click on the Zebrahead song in the edit pane. The details view switches to the Zebrahead tag, but the edit follows you. So now you have the artists as ZZ Top and TEST, when the artists should be TEST and Zebrahead.

I can't remember if I said this already, but I have a small UI feature request that would help me out:
Highlight the entire row for the currently selected file, in both the view and edit panes. Maybe a blue a bit lighter than the selected field, or something that clashes like a gray or an orange. This would help me better identify which tag I am working with.
Yep it works a lot better. Not perfect, but thats expected. I am working with a 10,000 track collection and roughly 5% of albums still need manual editing. But that is much better than the 15-20% it was before. And being able to weight the importance of the various filters is a great help to fine tune this (especially for large collections).

It may be that I am using the the "cluster albums" feature wrong. What exactly does it do? Should I use it before I pull from MusicBrainz or after?

I'm still experimenting (10,000 tracks take a while to process) but overall this new version is a great improvement.

Congratz, and thanks.
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