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In case anyone was wondering.

paultaylor wrote:
Remember there are Rename SubFolder and Rename Filename masks, you need to edit both.

There is no advanced if yet, but I have worked out how to support a full javascript syntax in the rename masks and am keen to get that released very soon, hopefully in 4.2.0 (but 4.1.1 is coming first) 

Oh my....i think this warms the cockles of my heart.
Since it is an OS specific request, I expect it would be lower on priority. All I want it for is to have Jaikoz notify my phone when a job is finished.

(Growl can send SMS)

It's not even a major request. I'm just finding it is taking over an hour to Jaikoz these 75 songs with 4.1 NG which is a long time.
As title says, I wish for a new Delete duplicate option when Title, Artist, and Album are the same, pick one of them to delete.

obviously, one would use sparingly but this happens a fair amount of time
I just realized sorting by date may help.

If I export to excel and sort by Title, artist, and Year, it might help some.

Okay, after multiple passes with Jaikoz and not a small amount of eyeballing and by-hand work, I have an issue and need some suggestions about how to proceed.

When in iTunes, I click the "show duplicates" menu option and I get a list of about 21K files. Some of these are easy to see are duplicates in a fashion, but others I have no idea why itunes thinks it's a duplicate to "something".

Anyway, those mysteries aside...(unless you know how to tell what criteria iTunes is using...)

For some files, it appears the amplifind ID is different and the MBID is different, therefore it is a different song, even though it is the same. I already have "Prefer Original Release even if Better Match with compilation" checked.

Some of these files are live versions so it makes sense to have a different AmpID and MBID but others from what I can tell their only difference is one came from a greatest hits album.

Short of listening....any other suggestions?

Also any automagically way of having Jaikoz get rid of the live versions, if an original version exists? Any info I can look to to help decide?

I guess in your mind, each main branch of my main folder structure, the folders labeled [A-C], [D-G], etc would be a "collection" and the files I am working on would just go there automatically.

But when using jaikoz, I typically work on a large folder of varied artists and album combinations in a location other than where I ultimately want them to reside and so in a typical session I would be saving to multiple "collections". Direct control over where the files get saved to is critical.

Maybe I am confused over your meaning but here is a typical scenario for me.

I have a folder named "To Be Jaikoz'ed" on my main drive. The path to this folder is "The Vault/Downloads/To Be Jaikoz'ed". Inside, there may be folders of files all in one album/artist combination or some loose files.

Let's say in that path I have a folder of the band Infected Mushroom's Converting Vegetarians double CD release and a folder with Laura Marling's latest album, both of which that need tagged, artwork, and lyrics.

Ultimately, the paths I want the Jaikoz'ed files to be are:

/Volumes/Jukebox/Music/[Sorted]/[G-I]/Infected Mushroom/Converting Vegetarians/<tracks>.mp3


/Volumes/Jukebox/Music/[Sorted]/[J-L]/Laura Marling/I Speak Because I Can/<tracks>.mp3

If the current way is flawed, how does this work in what you are proposing?

Alfg wrote:
What @wynlyndd wrote is about the same what I suggested in Forum Index --> Question --> Update only one column 

It's a solution for many issues I think and why I keep bringing it up.

Alfg wrote:

And I would suggest, to use as Max no of Genres = 1 when Jaikoz is really new installed (no previous version installed) 

I'd agree with that.
i know the base folder thing can confuse some people, but it seems necessary for the way I work.

When I choose "Fix Subfolders from Metadata" it puts in in a very traditional "/Artist/Album/" folder structure.

Then I select all the subfolders that begin with letter A,B, or C and change their base folder to Volumes/Jukebox/Music/[Sorted]/[A-C]/

and so on for each group of three letters (roughly).

It's just too unwieldy to dump all artists into one huge folder.

I believe you still have to use the bat file on windows.

As for the rest of the information, still seems valid, although I note the beta defaults the MaxPerm to 200 now instead of 150.

I just opened 100K+ files on my 6GB machine today with these settings

<string>-Xms300m -Xmx4200m -XX:MaxPermSize=300m</string>

and was running a few other apps and still had over a GB of RAM left. It was still fairly reactive (a little delay but that is expected) and I had it chugging on a couple of thousand files. (autocorrecting)

(This is OSX)
I see in the prefs for the new beta, there is much more control over the Genre tag in that we can use MusicBrainz or Discogs like before but now can set either to use the Genre or Styles of Discogs and in what order.

There is also a preference for how many Genres to set.

Ultimately, how did you implement the multiple Genres? Multiple tags or a delimiter in a Genre tag?

How does iTunes interpret it? (Right now I have the checkbox for "Save Genres in iTunes-friendly format checked")

Edit: Reading http://www.jthink.net/jaikozforum/posts/list/1291.page
for some insight.
Weird. I don't have the same problems you have with title.

Genres are all over the place though. I wish allmusic.com had an API. While I do not 100% agree, it seems to be one of the places I would use for an authoritative baseline source.
get your logs and send them in.
Hey RPM,

Read this thread (http://www.jthink.net/jaikozforum/posts/list/851.page)

Should be pretty informational.
Wasn't sure where to ask this as it is very general, but there is a pretty good number of you on this site.

How many of you have music you dislike in your collection? Do you have it only to complete the albums or are they even whole albums that you dislike but only keep to complete discographies?

Even you even keep music from artists you dislike? If so why? (I keep some only because when throwing a party I know some people like that music.)

It's a pointless question to Jaikoz development and problems but I was curious to ask some music lovers.

netphreak wrote:
Forget about the missing tracks warning? Man, wish I could ;) But they bother me too much, just knowing they are there, hehe! I'm sure there is a medical term for it!  

You're bloody bonkers! Scientifically speaking, of course.

(they bother me too)

raiser roofer wrote:
Furthermore, of the songs that are tagged (the 1000), I get entire albums by 2pac labelled as "Blues", and a lot of things that are essentially a mess. 

I'm not saying there isn't an issue, but Genre is so subjective and people put in lots of dumb stuff (dumb to me, anyway).

Obviously, 2pac isn't Blues, but if you launch Jaikoz in fire-and-come-back-later mode over a whole collection, there are going to be a few mismatches.

netphreak wrote:
For about 1 of every 15 - 50 albums/folders I process with Jaikoz 3.5.1 the correct subfolder or filename doesn't follow the renaming scheme as wished - instead it renames to "artist\album\filename", with a filename syntax I have not asked for... It should be renamed to "artist - album\tracknumber - trackname".

Files are located on local computer, and all ownership/file permissions are the same for the "trouble albums" as the others - so this is not the issue. Tag&Rename have no problems correcting these albums, so this must be a bug in Jaikoz? 

do you have a different rename mask for compilations? Sometimes MusicBrainz has the Is Compilation flag set when it shouldn't be, and so Jaikoz uses the compilation mask instead.
preference profiles.

For example, if the preferences were an xml file (doesn't have to be xml), a person could save the preferences and give them a name like "NormalInDepthOperation.jai".

Then they could go back and change the preferences and save that file "OnlyUpdateAlbumArtAndLyrics.jai"

Would also be nice if the AutoCorrector task list was in these preference files so one could make different AutoCorrectors based on task needs.

Only question I have is could you allow a picker option to load which profile you wanted upon program launch and could you change profiles after you have used the program for awhile.
I've noticed recently that for many albums there is a populated field for Total Tracks in Release (or named something like that) so comparing the number of files in that folder to the number of tracks that should be in the release would be a good start, even if you are missing the last track of that release.

However, this assumes that people only organize files in folders by album/release.

With Jaikoz's flexibility and the weird (weird to me) ways people will dream up to organize their files, this might not work too well.

Of course, though, any feature can come with caveats.

"In order to use this feature thou shalt organize your files in one folder per album."

I dig it and would love this feature.

What I would really love is if it could tell if a missing file really exists in my collection by the same (or similar) artist but on a different album (so I could potential fix the metadata and make it a part of the other release.

For example: Jaikoz tells me "Hey! You are missing this track from the studio album, but you have it over here in the Greatest Hits album!"

However to really make that work well I think, Jaikoz would need to maintain a DB of the collection which kinda goes against the idea of Jaikoz not being a music manager and just a tagger.

I can still see it working though if Jaikoz could do the search for the wayward file within the files it has open at the time, since I tend to open files in large groups that include all my files by a particular artist.

In fact, I'd donate some cash if others wanted to join in, to get that idea implemented sooner than later.

Cool stuff! Too bad I don't work at the place where I needed the Proxy support anymore. Hehehe

Definitely can see the need/want.

Also see this thread :


any console logs?

Where does the file you tried to open exist? Permissions error on a NAS?
Had you installed a new version somewhere between the time it loaded the complete library and when it stopped working?

If so, had you modified the .plist file to change the amount of memory it used with the previous version?

Remember, every time you download a new version and install it, you have to go back and edit that .plist file.

It's a pain I know and I have often forgotten too, but it's one of those quirks of Java.
neato...how do you see the UI of things installed to the NAS?

Macupdate has a new version listed as 3.5.1 but I don't see an announcement?

mcammer wrote:
This is for wynlyndd. Not sure what you want but single artist releases generally have only one genre (because genres are so broad). It is easy, however, to find examples of what you asked for among compilation and soundtrack releases.


Genre: Funk / Soul, Non-Music, Rock, Stage & Screen
Style: Surf, Rock & Roll, Dialogue, Soul, Soundtrack, Funk  

Thank you for taking the time to help school me. Since I have just about everything done in regards to the main tags (artist, album, title, track, etc) I've been thinking focusing on what to do about genre,style, grouping whatever. I have pretty much excluded thinking about it since it was so subjective.

So discogs has genres and styles attributed to an entire album (makes sense since they appear to operate at a disk level). Do you find there to be much conflict with thinking at a track level vs a disk level to be much of an issue? I have tons of compilations that have wildly varying types of music on them. For example, the Pulp Fiction soundtrack you listed has Surf and Dialog as styles. I presume that in most music managers, if I made a smart playlist of some kind based on Surf, all the short tracks of Dialog from the movie would also be in the playlist?

Too bad it seems multiple genres are not well supported in most music managers (like iTunes).

sandeepkhanna wrote:

paultaylor wrote:
Jaikoz can open playlists, but its not a playlist creator. But you could use the Tag Browser to filter results by genre for example. 

Genres cannot be used for what I am looking. I am using the Grouping tag to group all Hindi, English, Arabic, etc music. But, even that is manual and is not SMART. People don't typically mix these different groups of songs in one folder and would have different folders for them. My request is not for playlists but, WORK LISTs. So, I don't have to close and open different groups of files and NO I certainly don't want to use a static iTunes playlist for this considering that the song files, location may change over the course of tag editing. 

You ask for a "smart" playlist to be your worklist. If you can define a smart playlist in iTunes around whatever metric you are defining "work" in this instance, you can export that smart playlist, import it into Jaikoz, and begin to work. I have about 10 smart playlists in iTunes, so that if files should ever be added to the Library that meet those criteria, I can export that list and have Jaikoz fix them.

I highly recommend this piece of software :


Could one of you who requested this feature give a popular example of a track with multiple discog styles and genres? I'd like to see how this plays out against Paul's proposal.

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