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Is this Mood capabilities also available in Jaykoz ?
If not, is it intended to include it in the near future ?

This is something that certainly seems promising, hoping acousticbrainz will provide more than just a column header on this (like BPM) !

Have a great 2016 !

...about this "one last thing":

I know there's no much point in deleting the tags if we take it for granted that they are right..... But the situation came, before starting the whole retaging of my librairy, that many of them just had the wrong tags. (i have no idea why this happened!)

Thus, the idea is that it would be nice to know is if the tags still match the acousticID... (and then just correct those that dont)
Hum... ok, you cleared it up for this one!
This was some kind of AcousticID database "error"...

But if I recall, there was quite many songs for which this happened...
When I'll get back into this, I will try to follow your path and make sure it's the same kind of problem.

Just to better understand how this work, if this Company song had not been there, if it wasnt for this AcousticID database "error", I guess it would then have been ok for Jaykoz to choose the same song twice, even if on the same album... is that it ?
(ouch... sorry if its bad english ! you understand what i mean ?)

One last thing: is there a way to force the matching to be done using the acousticID alone without first deleting every tags ?

Thanks for your help

recently, I noticed that my librairy had many songs having the wrong tags. I decided to retag the whole thing...

Many songs were also added (a friend librairy), so that dup songs is now the rule. Total of maybe 5000 songs... with some 1000 dups.

I ran Jaikoz, starting right from scratch (erase all tags).

1- Maybe it's just something with my settings, but I found out that Jaikox is actually having some trouble resolving with just the acoustic fingerprint...
Had to use MusicBrainz Picard to start the process.

Why is it like this ? Doesnt Jaikoz integrate everything that Picard can do? Is it this "clustering" phase in Picard that make it possible ???

Could something be done to get a "from scratch" tagging functionality ?

2- After this first phase, I got back to Jaikoz and ran everything again.
Oh surprise! Many songs had their title changed... that bugged me a bit, so decided to dig a bit...

So I found that two copies of the same song (just same title from same album... same acoustic ID... but not the same MP3!) could be tagged with two different titles !

What is still stranger is that I can start from scratch (ie no ID3 at all) with these two files (I validated with Picard...) and then

-hit the "retrieve acoustic ID" (note) button to retrieve the same fingerprint for both files

-hit the "autocorrect metadata from MB" (brain) button to retrieve the same and correct title for both files. Songs are identified as "Sister Golden Hair" from America (MB rec ID: f895cd05-47d7-4148-989e-8c8eb9596f04)

-without saving, hit the "autocorrect metadata from MB" (brain) button again, to now identify one of the file as "Company", still from America (MB rec ID: 5c266405-6cbf-4860-8616-42b04d213846).

This final result is wrong... and any further command just keep these result stable...

I first thought this could be a problem with the file itself (corruption or something), but was also able to reproduce the same result by using two exact copy of the same file...

Could this be a problem with my settings, or something that could forbid two occurence of the same song in the same directory??

I will send the support file, and will attach the MP3 file.

Thank for your help !

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