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It only pulls in the first track with a track artist of "various artists" and no other tracks. In Jaikoz the track artist is the specific artist and the album artist is the "various" one. There are 33 tracks on two disks. I tried only adding 1 disk, as well, but got the same result.
Perhaps that is why I'm a bit confused. In the past both CDs had a release ID. No matter what. Now it seems that they don't.
Also, the problem is that the second disk has song titles that are similar to the first disk (with an "(Outtakes)" bit on the end). It doesn't match to that so it appears that it is always matching to the first disk and not the second. I can't figure out a way to get it to match to the second one anymore.
I have a disk (Fleetworod Mac Rumours) that seems to have a problem being matched with the new MusicBrainz. It seems that this release with 2 disks is somehow consolidated in the new musicbrainz. I can't find a release ID for the second disk. Also the second disk seems to have very similar titles to the first disk (outtakes) so the titles line up too well. In the prior versions I would just get the release ID of the second disk from musicbrainz and manually correct, etc. but I can't seem to find a release ID for the second disk now.

The MBID (for disk one, anyway) is:
Rumours 2xCD 12 + 18 2004-03-23 US Reprise Records R2 73882 081227388225

Any suggestions on how to match this?

It would be nice to be able to use the "original" values for the filtering like you can use the "corrected" values now. This would be handy for when you are reviewing the corrections, for instance, going through by original album title would allow you to see very quickly that some of the "corrected" values aren't correct if a track or two jumps to another album. Now you pretty much have to count the tracks in the "new" album and make sure that 1 or 2 aren't missing. It would also make it much easier to highlight the tracks and then either do auto-correct or match to one release on just them.

I'm not sure of what you can do with your UI, but perhaps a right-click on the filter title could allow you to change from one to the other quickly.

It would also be nice to be able to filter on additional fields, as well.
This will be fantastic!!

Can it put artwork somewhere, too?
Setting the genre would also be very nice.

Remember, the more features you do the more behind you get...
Perhaps I've missed a setting somewhere, but...

I'd like to automate saving the artwork to the folder during the save operation.
Some of the other programs I use seem to like "folder.jpg" style artwork better.

Having to keep remembering to manually use the file, save artwork to filesystem option is less than optimal since I'd think that either you never or always want to do it.

In some ways, I'd like to be able to NOT embed the artwork into the tracks and just save to the folder, too - to save space. But that is becomming much less of a consideration.
Well, I guess I was thinking from the other point of view in that Auto-Correct isn't doing the same thing both times...

If you ran the local correct by itself then yes, it should do what you asked. Only if it was run within the context of the auto-correct would it skip correcting it and then ONLY if the "skip correcting if MusicBrainz ID exists" (paraphrasing, can't remember the exact option name) option was set. I was thinking of the same option that is there now, but could be different - "skip local correct if remote correct is skipped"? or "Local Correct only if Performing Remote Correction".

Maybe it is because I kind of think of the local correct as the prep for the remote correct. Normalizing things so that it gets better hits. So why flip things around if you aren't going to call the remote... I could be WAY off base, here, just saying how I've kind of thought of it.

Actually, I just noticed that it did something I didn't expect, but was completely obvious upon reflection. The downside of the current way is that if you mess up and get two disk rip runs merged together you can't auto-correct without having to go in and un-local correct all of the ones that got changed. From what I've seen this is usually the artist and title capitalization only so it isn't too hard, but if you have 75 disks from the first run that you have to do it to it gets a bit tiring... (OK, and I never learn, either, I've managed to do this twice now...)

I do have to say that with the current version of Jaikoz it certainly is a lot easier re-ripping my entire collection than when I did it the first time. Almost everything is a perfect match to the correct version of the release the first time.

trying to attach the log file zip but I keep getting an error.
can't submit.
I've been having trouble getting it to repeat with a small test case. It only seems to happen wihen I'm processing 50-150 disks (not tracks).

If I pull the problem disks unchanged files off to the side and process them in their own run they auto-correct fine.

I did have a problem with Pink Floyd's "The Wall" album. It is changing to disk 6 and 7 of the "Shone On" set. This one is repeatable and I have the log for it.

3.9.0 beta - build 1087, Windows 7 64bit

Not a bug, but...

I auto-corrected a lot of releases.
They ended up with MB release IDs, artwork, etc. Saved them.

Then auto-corrected again.

The local correct re"corrected" them again, but the remote correct didn't hapen because all of the tracks had a MB release ID, etc.

Would it make sense to skip the local title/artist/album correction when skipping the remote connection??

I'd imagine that it has worked the current way forever.
Build 3.9.0 - 1087
Match to One Release finds the release and matches every track.
Autocorrect doesn't set anything although it says that it is matching tracks while it is processing in the status dialog. The genre starts out as "New Wave" and gets changed to "New Wave" by the local correct.

I have the following Settings:
Only match complete releases: checked
Prefer do not match to Various Artist compilations: NOT checked
Perfer do not match to Single Artist compilations: NOT checked
Preferred Release Date: Earliest Release Date
Do extra searches to find original releases: checked

The title is: "80s New Wave: Party Mix" which is in MusicBrainz exactly. The only difference I can see is that it has track 8 as "The Promise (single version)" - with a lower case "s" and "v" and the local correct upper-cases it prior to checking.

MB release id:

Manual match returns an 85 rating for all tracks but doesn't pick any by default. All tracks have a Amplifind ID.
My guess is that the install isn't properly shutting down and telling Windows that it finished OK. I've seen this on a few other installs, but not many.

Installing over a previous version of Jaikoz.

paultaylor wrote:
Oh I see, I suppose it could that if of course the sub folders contain no music files themselves, but I dont know if it should do that or not. 

If you are looking for votes/opinions I'd say that it seems to make sense to move them if you have the option on. Seems explainable and what I'd expect, anyway.
Windows 7, 64bit
I pinned Jaikoz to the taskbar (from the desktop shortcut) so it is always there. Most programs group/stack their running version(s) onto this icon. Jaikoz creates another entry in the taskbar. For an example start up a couple of Windows Explorer (or Internet Explorer).

I could have sworn that I was logged in when I wrote this... sorry.
Already used the new update from release ID feature. This will make my life much easier and is greatly appreciated.

I did get this 404 error when trying to "submit musicbrainz collection", though (see attached print screen). Perhaps it is just down right now but it was correcting tracks fine a few minutes ago.
I've got an odd situation. An album was released the same day in the same country in 3 different formats. Album, cassette, and CD. The CD one has the most information and is correctly what I ripped from. However, it was entered 3rd. Jaikoz picks the first 1 of the 3 (cassette). How is this controlled? I see the country/release date option, but none of those would apply here. Is there another preference for "format" (CD, album, etc.) somewhere?

Here is the MB album link:
This is cosmetic, but a bit confusing. The top grid (before) gets out of display sync. with the lower (after) grid.

1) Sort the lower grid in track number descending (when on a specific album).
2) start the auto corrector.
3) Note that the top grid is now sorted track ascending.

I'd forgotten about that. I had a bunch of songs come in with some kind of placeholder text instead of the lyrics (I can't find one now, of course, and it was a while ago but it was something along the lines of "get your lyrics from xxxx. copyright 1234").

It is interesting that I did have several songs that really did have their lyrics changed so it is good to have this as an option but, I agree, only for occassional use.

If you do a lyrics correction all rows with lyrics are flagged as changed, even if the lyrics didn't change (as shown by the field highlighting, anyway). If a row doesn't have any lyrics to retrieve then it doesn't get flagged as changed.

This is with the current version. Windows Vista sp1.

Do I have a setting wrong somewhere?
On my computer anyway, the link in the announcement doesn't actually have the download link. You have to clink on the main page's "Free Trial/Update" link to get the download link. Confused me for a while, anyway.
Sorry to sort of hijack this thread because I think that their issue may be a different one, but I would really like to know how to turn off the autocorrector artwork functionality completely. I don't want artwork pulled into the file at all and i've turned off the MB artwork as well as setting the localcorrect artwork options to the minimum size, but if there is a bitmap in the folder it gets pulled in by the autocorrector process. Can you point me to where the option you mentioned is?
Looking forward to trying out the new features!!!

FYI: The download webpage hasn't been updated yet. It still states 2.5.0 is the current release. The download is correct (2.5.1), though.

Is the GA version the same as the beta 2 version? Running beta 2 and checking for new version states that you have the latest version (1047).
1) I don't want it to embed artwork into the tags. However, if I have already found the artwork and it is available as cover.jpg in the album folder then the "AutoCorrect" function (the one with the car) unconditionally puts the artwork into the tag. At least I haven't found a way to stop it. I am not running any local artwork analyser that I know of - it must run as part of the "car" action item.

2) Neither the before grid nor the after grid had horizontal scroll bars once. I added columns, etc. and they still didn't show up. I did exit and get back in later and they were there. I haven't been able to recreate getting them to not show up but I thought that I should mention it just in case.

3) Since it was a beta I thought I'd try a clean install to see how that worked. I figured that most people would be going down the upgrade install path. Unfortunately I got caught in between. Thanks for resending the license, by the way.

Unfortunatley, no. All subsequent starts gave the invalid license message and then shut down if you don't have one to load. The only way I was able to get it to run was to manually delete the install folder - the uninstall checkbox to force the folder deletion doesn't appear to work.
I love the performance changes!

Running this on Windows Vista sp1

Here are a few things (is there a beta comment area, by the way, or is this the correct place to post):

1) AutoCorrect seems to always add artwork. I've got the field set to never. It seems like it is during the local correction phase. I noticed that the min. for the local area is 1 file and 1 mb.

2) I had some issue with the horiz. scroll bars showing up - needed to shut down Jaikoz and restart a couple of times.

3) The uninstall doesn't force the folder to be deleted even if the option is checked to do that. (part of the license issue I noted earlier).

4) If the folder doesn't get deleted then the trial license doesn't get installed and Jaikoz just shuts down on startup.

5) I think that "AutoCorrecter" should be "AutoCorrector" in English(US).

6) The "Prefer releases that have been used by other tracks" seems to have a problem somewhere. I had several tracks that had the exact score from different albums (from the manual match screen, anyway) but the "different" album was chosen for some reason. See attached print screen.

edit: Attachment didn't work - I'll send it through e-mail.
Also, 2.5.0 only works once without a license - it just shuts down after the prompt screen to load a license.
Oh, I see. Thanks for the tip on the track length setting.

On the track title the problem it is apparently a bit more complicated - often, now, there seems to be several releases of the same album: limited, special, bonus, remaster, anniversary, UK, Japan, Germany, US, etc., other, ... They all have slightly different song titles and song order. Also, bonus tracks, remixes, acoustic versions also make things more complicated. Then add in abbreviations... All of these variations are in MusicBrainz and seem to match the actual album. The best way that I've been able to manually determine which release is the correct one is by checking the number of tracks that the release has and comparing it to what mine has. Then looking at song order (using primarily the main part of the track title) if several have the same total number.
2) Hmmm... It seems to happen a lot to me. I have the track duration weighted at zero so I don't think that is it.

3) Well, that also hasn't always been my experience. I'll pick 3 from what I think is the "correct" release and 1 that isn't and do a "cluster". They will all flip to the "wrong" release, sometimes. I then have to "revert to saved" (I now save after every good cluster operation to have a restore point) and skip that track. I'd say that most of the time it is due to something extra/missing on the track title.

Things like "(feat. Joe)", etc. seem to make it not match at all. Come to think of it - this is probably why the auto/manual-correcting has issues as well. Not sure how to get around that, though, reduce the priority of text within "(" ")" characters?

The next one that I get that misbehaves I'll document in more detail so I can explain/demonstrate it better.
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