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Thanks, Paul. Will give that a try.
Haven't used Last.fm in anger in a long time. But that's because I spend so much time immersed in my own collection! (Tagging and organising is a bit of an obsession and occasionally I have to start over again, out of sad choice.)

They do really well at pulling together obscure but related music and do it much better than iTunes Genius, though. Not really sure about their genres, but as they pull together very similar tunes when I put a name in, I think they must be getting something right.

I really loved Pandora up until they discovered I was based in the UK and blocked access, and the old Napster service (post-peer-to-peer but before they decided to be a "cloud" service) was really good at turning me on to new music as well.

Spotify gives me the same sort of matches that iTunes Genius does, so not too impressed, but my daughter loves it as she's really into American country & western.

By the way, thanks for the work you are doing on Jaikoz; it's one of the few music applications I find myself coming back to. dbPowerAmp being the one I use to rip my CDs, yours the one I go to for first (and second and third) round of tagging.
I prefer the styles and genres, as they tend to be a bit more consistent, and limited - Musicbrainz can be all over the house - and Discogs entries tend not to include all caps in them as so many Musicbrainz entries do. (Especially for Japanese releases...Why is that? Not a clue.)

I actually prefer the Gracenote genres, but as iTunes seems to be the only app available accessing CDDB lately, I'll not be going anywhere near there, and iTunes seems to limit genres to the top 256 rather than the sub genres.

The killer app for me would be something that gets Discogs info and Gracenote genres in one go. But I imagine the licensing would be very restrictive.
Been a while since I used Jaikoz, but I'm finding that Discogs match doesn't return any results.

I've even manually put the Discogs release url into each of the tracks on one of my albums, and it came back immediately with successfully matched 0 songs to Discogs.

Is this no longer working for Jaikoz or is there something I'm doing wrong?

Musicbrainz works all right, though (but I prefer the information in Discogs).

Yes, I do.
For the past year or so this has been a fairly intermittent issue, but it seems to be happening more frequently. I would feel more comfortable if it was happening all the time or not at all, but it is now happening about every other time I use Jaikoz to clean up tracks.

I drag and drop my tracks (usually between 10 and 30 tracks) onto Jaikoz, run Autocorrect, and once the corrections are in place, hit the Save button.

A duplicate set of tracks will appear in iTunes and the tracks that I dragged into Jaikoz will remain unchanged in iTunes until I play them, and they update to match the duplicates (except for the original ratings, which remain.) The duplicate tracks are referencing the exact same files as the originals, and I have to go through deleting the duplicates but electing to keep the original files (because if I move them to trash, I will get orphaned records).

Like I said, this was fairly intermittent up until recently, where it is now happening with more frequency. But it is not consistent as far as I can tell. It does it to some tracks and not others.
Whatever it was, it appears to have cleared up.
"Service has been marked no longer available."?

Any one?

Just started getting the error after using Jaikoz for a bit today.
I thought more memory may do the trick:

Seems to be slowing down immensely. I've got a rather large folder I want to tag (c.20k songs.)

It was taking forever to load the files on my iMac (which has 16Gb memory and i7 processor) compared to my Macbook (which has 8Gb and i7 processor.)

Thought maybe it was memory management.

Purged memory on the iMac, and on the third time I attempted to clean up using SongKong (this morning before going to work) it loaded 2500 tracks within 15 minutes. [It only managed to load about 6000 when I left it alone over night.] So this morning after seeing how quickly they were loading, I thought there would be no problem and just left it and headed to work. (Thought I would wait until I get home to catch up with your post.)

But I get back tonight and only about 1000 tracks have been saved, after leaving it alone for about 14 hours. This seems to be much much slower than ever before despite having loaded rather quickly.

And Songkong has been allocated 1.23 G as I look at it right now, so memory is probably not, after all the issue.

I'll send you the support files.

Hi Paul,
OT, but is it possible to increase the memory allocation for SongKong? I didn't see any lines in the info.plist that looked like it could change it.

I've just done a complete de-installation followed by reboot then reinstallation.

It is now able to load songs and check them, but not from every directory. It seems it could be related to the directories having leading non-alphanumeric characters, such underscores.

It will attempt but fail to load songs.

For those that have alphanumeric characters at the beginning of the directory name, it does what it says on the tin, so far.

Will send the support files to you.
Hi there,
First time I lined up a folder, and clicked the start button, it went through the motions, but failed to load the .mp3 that was in the directory. But I did get a full report telling me that nothing had happened (including 0 files being loaded).

I tried another folder with more files in it, and when I clicked the start button nothing happened.

I've rebooted and reloaded the licenses as well, and still getting no activity at all.

I'm on Mountain Lion, if that makes a difference.

Yes, it's happening again in 4.6.1.

(Did not have the problem last night after I rolled back to 4.5.7.)

I go to Open Folder, Select the folder,

Get the dialog "Loading songs from folder..." then nothing appears in the view, where it would normally show the tracks from the folder.

I would send screen shots, but its on my bootcamp on a MacBook Air, so no print screen function that I know of.

Edit: Tried Advanced/Empty Cache, as well, no change.
Doh! Uninstalled and elected not to force delete the directory. It's fine, now.
Having downloaded and installed already, and subsequently discovering one of the main bugs (not actually being able to see loaded files in the edit view), is there any way to roll it back without losing my preference settings?

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