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Author Message
Oops, celebrated too quickly.

M4a (64bit) file OPENS in jaikoz now, but can't save basic changes to tags, error window:

"Unable to save song... because of following error... org.jaudiotagger.tag.TAG.setField(Lorg/jaudiotagger/tag/FieldKey;Ljava/lang/String;)V"
OUTRAGEOUS! I had to wait a full half day for my answers!!!

Seriously, you're one of the best. And may I extend to title of 'media file savvy' to you as well. You nailed it. ISSUE RESOLVED.

Thanks again
I need to use VideoReDo to batch several hundred files, to strip audio from video files. The authors are very savy with media formats so I find it hard to believe they aren't generating proper files; but the audio only M4A files I get error in Jaikoz:

"Unable to load... not recognized as audio files..."

They work in fine in mediamonkey and SoundForge, it sure would be good if I could include Jaikoz in the workflow of this sort.

Could you look at sample attatched m4a and see if you spot the issue?

Just wanted to push for this for possible soon-to-come improvement
I would like to add that I find Jaikoz TOTALLY worth its price, as it is superior to its competition in so many ways I don't have time to list them. To imagine it getting even better (if not as fast as one might like) is still awesome.

And Paul, I have practically become a salesman for Jaikoz on the MediaMonkey forums. And I consider my advocacy a favor to those with whom I share the word.

Keep up the efforts, the program is a tool I wouldn't want to be without!
Excellent, that will be a sweet improvement for my useage!
Hey, I have tried altering some local files installed by Jaikoz in order to have GENRE dropdown entries that are specific to my needs. Nothing seemed to do anything.

Can you steer me to the right place where I should experiment with altering what populates the Genre dropdowns? Or is this machine-coded directly in the program exe?

Be assured, if I engage in risky hack behavior, I won't come crying to you for problems that could result.

Its just I use a tight, personally crafted GENRE set, and the very long list that drops down has very little in common with it.
Re mood tags:
I actually got Media Monkey authors to tweak the way it handles the mood tag. But I noticed there is STILL an issue where the tag would disappear when a file goes back and forth with Jaikoz. I was in the process of trying to nail down this problem when I was dumbfounded to see jaikoz showing me tags that were not in the file opened. At that point I felt like I was going down a rabbit hole of software bugs, and gave up. This DOES (I believe) explain why, despite HOURS of trying to gather specific details of how and why the mood tag gets lost, I never could seem to escape a perplexing confusion on my last effort. I'm sure I was seeing the cached tags in jaikoz often enough to garble any pattern I thought I had found.

I'm gonna relax with some world cup tonight, but I will see if I can generate a clear cut scenario that causes the file tag confusion tommorrow.
"how exactly are you restoring the old file" Delete some files from folder, copy some previous backups. Its more idiosyncratic than that, but in short, that is the behavior that can result in erroneous display of the file's tags.

Now, I've been using Jaikoz heavily for the past two years - and I never caught ANY whiff of this behavior either (before now); but that doesn't mean it wasn't creeping occasionally into my efforts to be meticulous with tagging. The behavior is quite real - and if you nor I can easily define what precisely can cause it then I can't work in a manner whereby I can predict I won't suffer from it.

It's your program, of course, and you should address issues you feel merit the attention; but seriously, I can no longer RECOMMEND (which I have also done heavily) this program now that I've seen what I consider a significant and confusing issue.

Sleeping on the idea, I really feel an option "flush cache on program close" and a toolbar icon are quite enough of a solution.

As for detailing an exact procedure which incurs this, I will try to access that soon, but I'm also trying to work with SONY to resolve an its-bigger-than-a-"bug" problem with sound forge, and still REALLY need to figure out what causes media monkey's latest release to loose mood tags when files go back and forth with jaikoz, and am battling some non-audio software misbehavior as well; so my unpaid beta-esque testing lifestyle has got me to a level of cranky frustration where, honestly, I'm going to put this all aside for a month.

Please just consider the 'flush cache at closing" option.
Yeah, I absolutely positively saw this behavior again.

EXACTLY what steps are inciting this are confusing, and I can't get a handle on it yet...but I'm just swapping files with other copies of the file - nothing that doesn't happen on a regular basis, No weird treatment.

Just how much slower will Jaikoz be if I could turn off caching? I do not like this.
OK, "advanced/empty cache" gives some comfort.

Now that I've pressed it, I can't replicate my issue!! I'm confused. But NO, I'm not using any strange or sophisticated backup software. I was just altering files and comparing with originals (to try to pin down another buggy concern), when I started seeing false tag representations. I have had a headache ever since as I've been nagged by the potential that weeks/months of file tagging efforts may have been just making a complex mess instead of cleaning and organizing. I will put some more effort into trying to replicate the issue.

I appreciate this caching adds speed to operations, but something like this makes me panic that several hundred/thousand files may have garbage tags because I didn't know about the caching.

PLEEEASE put a preference option for a degree of automatic cache flushing. (empty at program close? empty at file close?).

I didn't find a toolbar option for the empty cache function either - how about that too. With a big DANGER icon, so even when I'm moving too fast I will remember this potential (albeit small), for false representation of tags.
If a song (flac or mp3) is loaded in Jaikoz I see the tags I've entered. If that song is then deleted, and replaced by an older version of the same file (same name) ...

when I drag the replaced version of the file to Jaikoz I SEE ALL THE PREVIOUS TAGS!!!


I must assume Jaikoz is referencing a database of its own and not actually reading the file???

That's nuts, if that's the case. I can't trust that methodology at all. That would make Jaikoz almost unuseable. I have to be able to KNOW that I'm seeing the tags in the ACTUAL FILE - not some reference to the file! Garbage in garbage out! Working with files based on tags that are utterly incorrect as displayed is a disaster.

If this is the case, what previous version of Jaikoz can I install after trashing the current version, to escape this behavior ???

Am I missing a 'preference' checkbox that says "work with ACTUAL files"??

Yes, but every time the file goes back from mediamonkey <--> jaikoz there will be the conversion 3.23 <--> 3.24, which seems to bring out these issues, AND causes any file backup sync to rewrite ALL such files even though more often than not there were no changes made.

Ideally I just live in 3.23, but the MOOD tag is crippling me. I could switch the MOOD entries to Custom1, but it won't be a small matter, as there is 50,000 file tag migration, layout changes, and about 14 scripts that will have to be carefully retooled as they currently are coded to deal with mood tag.

I will do some experimenting with settings, but I thought I'd ask about TMOO.

OK! Another twist.

A developer (I believe) at MediaMonkey just shared a secret and (from my searches) previously unshared way to stop Mediamonkey from rewriting MOOD and other tags in a "MusicMatch" format.

For any other Jaikoz users who use MediaMoney and desire this:
In the MediaMonkey.ini file,
find section "[Options]" and add

This means Mediamonkey can be made to read/store/write mood tag as TMOO. That's an improvement.

HOWEVER, mediamonkey converts/saves tags in v3.23.

Paul, I'm halfway there...is TMOO possible for Jaikoz when set to v3.23?

Sorry, just tested and found it irrelevant if Jaikoz uses TMOO, as Mediamonkey will never look at TMOO again (even though it does initially) once it shoves the MusicMatch nonsense into the file. Its a bust.

I actually love Mediamonkey. Mood tag aside, I use Jaikoz, Mediamonkey and SoundForge and never even think about other music file software anymore.

The skinning engine is a maze, but I figured it out and have a beautiful player that's laid out EXACTLY how I want it; and the active forum with all the SCRIPTS mediamonkey permits is just a dream come true. I've never worked with anything but HTML/CSS before, but in the past year (just from examining and retooling MM scripts) have made the player do many fancy wonderful things. I'm pretty committed to it...Just gonna dump the MOOD TAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't wish to harass you on this topic, but I've had some exchanges with Mediamonkey forum gurus about this matter.

The important questions seems to be, can (or should) Jaikoz use TMOO for v3.23? Others are suggesting that is appropriate. That would be ideal for me, as I could set Jaikoz to work in 3.23 and not get Jaikoz trying to convert any and every Mediamonkey altered file BACK to 3.24 every time its loaded. (There is no Mediamonkey implementation of 3.24 on any horizon)

At this point I MUST use Jaikoz's 3.24 setting or I have zero compatibility with MOOD tags.

As I perceive it:

If a MOOD tag is written in JAIKOZ (set for ID3 v3.23) it writes
"XXX Mood"
Which Mediamonkey will not recognize.
Set JAIKOZ to write a MOOD tag in ID3 v3.24 and it writes
Which Mediamonkey WILL recognize, but alter any tag in the file in Mediamonkey, and it ADDS the 'XXX MusicMatch_Mood' version of a MOOD tag for compatibility with other progs (which can NOT be disabled).

At this point Mediamonkey is happy, but the file has two different MOOD animals in it (troublesome someday perhaps) and now NO mood tag will show up in JAIKOZ ever again, unless the MusicMatch stuff is stripped (and it will just get added back!).

Shouldn't Jaikoz still recognize TMOO despite the MusicMatch nonsense?
Better yet, can there be at least a Jaikoz Special One-time-limited Edition! which uses TMOO fo v3.23. That'd resolve every problem I still have with compatibility.
There must be something Im not getting about musicbrainz. At least 75% efforts don't find matches. After your last tip above, I loaded a Bob Dylan album folder that came from unknown source. It found matches, but took 5 minutes...then labeled tracks "Track 1" etc. Little help. When the file name is in the file already, any 5 minutes wait is maddening.

I came up with a funny solution in Jaikoz, involving 4 buttons; "add to start: 'xxxx - ' " in highlighted filenames. Fill tags from filename. remove 'xxx - ' artist mask. Correct file name from tag.

Works ! but macro express gave me a speedy hotkey solution, so we're good.
I have never once tried musicbrainz and found it was worth my while; but I don't typically work with over the counter digital files.

Till the multi-pref-config shows up, Macro Express to the rescue.

Based on how preferences are stored, would it work to have a BAT file or something that swapped two settings files...or would jaikoz need to be restarted?

I work with some very obscure and old material, and cannot begin to rely on web based titling. And I'd like to not have to fuss with deep drilling into the preferences every two minutes when the file titling is in fact purposefully quite careful.
My files come in only 2 naming conventions:
Artist - title.mp3

When using Jaikoz to get the info into the metadata, using "Correct Metadata From Filename"...I'd like to escape digging deep into preferences every time the file naming style changes.

1. Can "File and Folder Correct>Correct Metadata from Filename>Rename mask" be a java function?

2. If so, What is the right way to code something like:
filename.indexOf("-") = -1 ? %title% : %artist% - %title%

Well, so you know...

Set both MM & Jaikoz to both use ID3 v3.23.

take two clean files.

write a mood tag in jaikoz = nothing in MM

write a mood tag in MM = COMMENT tag in Jaikoz!

Thanks, that'd be beautiful if its that simple. If its not, I don't expect you to solve peculiarities in MMonkey for me. I just hoped you might have guidance.

I cant even remember why I relied on the MOOD tag instead of a CustomX in the first place. I think it was because MM gives MOOD tag *checkboxes* in searches, etc - but I've come to hate that, as they are NOT listed alphabeticly, and its a pain to search for the right checkbox.

I may just migrate from the troublesome mood tag anyway!!
converts to 3.23.

No options anywhere to use 3.24
Well it doent exactly 'convert' to v23; it aims for compatilibilty (I guess) because it writre/perserves TMOO but ADDS 'COM XXXMusicMatch_MOOD'

Once that shows up the two programs have a total breakdown with the mood tag compatibility.

I cant figure out why Jaikoz wont see the TMOO tag anymore (it no longer shows up even though a TMOO tag is there), and MMonkey will only see the MusicMatch tag (although it sees the TMOO fine before it adds that other crap).

I don't think there's any way to pre MMonkey from writing that MusicMatch Tag either!

The TMOO can be there all along but neither program will recognize it once MMonkey writes the other crap.
Sorry, I sort of didn't answer your question.

MMonkey SEES 'TMOO' until it resaves a file, then it KEEPS the 'TMOO' but writes the 'XXXMusicMatch' crap.

Writing a mood tag into MMonkey FIRST results in 'TMOO' AND 'COMM XXXMusicMatch_MOOD' being written. Jaikoz in'Edit' view then does not see a MOOD tag at all, but in 'ID3 Edit' view shows the newly input tag in the COMMENTS header and the 'TMOO' shows up rather strangely under the 'Unknown List' header.

I swear this wasn't happening before, but 2 or 3 jaikoz uprades, and 2 or 3 MediaMonkey upgrades later...Or I just never noticed the issue. I don't know.
Frankly, I started getting EXTREMELY confused - the more I tried things the less sure I was of what I was seeing...but some further details:

I THINK MMonkey puts the "XXXMusicMatch_MOOD" tag in the file anytime a tag is written to a file with an existing mood tag. Once this version of the tag shows up, Jaikoz becomes unable to see a mood tag in the file at all (?). MMonkey won't see ANY "TMOO" input after that (though it showed up nicely before), only the musicmatch version. The musicmatch version starts showing up as a COMMENT in jaikoz. I just discovered switching the jaikoz view from 'edit' to 'ID3' view sheds more info on the incompatibility.

I think the real problem is that MMonkey is going to write that MusicMatch tag if you input any tag into the file, and once that shows up, MMonkey and Jaikoz aren't speaking the same language with the MOOD tag, and settings adjustments don't seem to help at that point, that I can see.

Searching MMonkey forums, it SEEMS that MMonkey uses 3.23 with SOME undefined possible use of 3.24. That's as much help as I found on that end.
Firstly, my respects for great programs within the chaos of tags, their generations and the way every program wants to manipulate them differently.

I love Jaikoz & MediaMonkey and the MOOD tag, but my head is spinning trying to sort out the delicate use of this tag.

Set up:
MM ver 4.1.3 option: use mp3 tag 3.2
Jaikoz ver 6.2 options: delete mp3 tag 3.1, save 'always write' / 'same as or v24'

take a clean mp3. write mood tag in jaikoz. It shows up in MM.
'touch' the file with any new tag in MM.
reopen in Jaikoz, the MOOD tag is gone for good.
A hex editor reveals the tag is still there using BOTH TMOO and XXXMusicMatch_Mood_ ...but Jaikoz will not see it.

I've spent hours seeing if different settings or careful handling will make this any less delicate but it is no longer making AAANY sense to me.


I'm using MediaMonkey. I actually use one star a lot, as a flag for issues in files (because I can enter such an indicator with an ipod, etc).

I'll probably just use comments tag to help get it straight once files are opened in mediamonkey, and wait for a fix.

YES! I actually stumbled on that just after posting, and then found a post where you described this. What you did totally makes sense to me; however, I have a beautiful huge monitor and if I make an edit at the far right it becomes critical to scroll everything over to be sure I'm using the right rownos. I truly would love a display option to set a color or width to the gridlines.

But my REAL problem is the ONE STAR issue. I can load the exact same files and jaikoz will handle any star rating just as expected...unless I give it one star and then even jaikoz won't see it upon reload of the file. I'm using the latest release.
After at least a year of heavy use of Jaikoz, I believe every entry ever made of "ONE STAR" has been a failure. I just noticed I can enter ONE star/save/close file/reopen file...nothing there. Repeat the test=same issue.

I was using ver 4.6, tried upgrading to 5.4 and it still happens (windows 7 64bit, mp3's).

BTW- LOVE the improvements since v4.6, especially the powerful toolbar additions, but I do really miss the right-click "ACTIONS" & "SAVE". I see I can get them at the far left ID column, but its much clumsier. How about toolbar icons for closing/action of SELECTED files only? Either that or "options>gridlines color/weight" choice, so I can see easily across a wide table of entries?
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