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Im so embarrassed - sorry. The "Rename files" checkbox on the bottom of the first settings page was not checked.

Testing now - Ill get rid of the egg on my face while re-scanning the folder.

- and voila, worked like a charm. Sorry to have bothered you.
For the standard artists (rename mask):

ifnotempty(albumartist,' - ')
+ ifnotempty(album,' ')
+ '(' + (year.length>4 ? year.substring(0,4):year) +')/'
+ ifnotempty(pad(trackno,2),' - ')
+ ifnotempty(artist,' - ')
+ title

For the VA albums:

"Va - "
+ ifnotempty(album,' ')
+ '(' + (year.length>4 ? year.substring(0,4):year) +')/'
+ ifnotempty(pad(trackno,2),' - ')
+ ifnotempty(artist,' - ')
+ title

Ive used the Artistname - Albumname (year)/Tracknumber - Artist - Trackname.extension for a while, and was happy to see that its included in the program as one of the presets. However, when outputting it creates foldernames like these:

Black Debbath - 2001 - Mongo Norway (FLAC)
Atom TM - HD (FLAC)

The files also seem to be named randomly (sometimes artist is included, some times not. Its a little strange.

This makes no sense to me. I have not altered the preset info, and have unchecked "use original release date" setting in the program.
First I want to thank Paul for updating and improving a great program that I have been happy to follow from the start. Now on to my question.

I have encoded my FLAC files to MP3 for streaming purposes, and Im using Madsonic for my own use at work. However, Madsonic "forces" my structure to be Artist/Album/tracks.

So I need to restructure everything, as I have it sorted as Genre/Album Artist - Album name (year)/tracks

I tried this on a folder of albums that previously has been ran through SongKong, as Flac files, been encoded to MP3 (through dbpoweramp). When I did the restructure through SongKong, it did not recogonize all tracks in the folders, and left some behind as the files were moved. So I ended up with some folders containing track 1,2,3,4,7,8,9,13 for instance. Leaving behind two-or more tracks in the original folders, even though the treat folder as album checkmark is on. This is quite troublesome, and I dont quite get it.

Also - I need a way to sort various artists albums. I cannot have one large folder with all the various artists albums in one - any thoughts on this?

again, thanks for your help so far and if someone has some tips for me, thanks.
Love your program, however had to do a reformat of my operating system, losing my preset.

In quick terms:
I need to output like this for normal albums:

Artist name - Album name (year)/Tracknumber - Artist name - trackname
example: Jean Michel Jarre - Oxygene (1976)/01 - Jean Michel Jarre - Oxygene part 1.flac

For various artists:

VA - Album name (year)/Tracknumber - Artist name - trackname
Example: Va - Funk collection (1972)/01 - James Brown - I got you.flac

Could someone help out here?
I understand this is a stretch, but here goes:

Early on I ripped lots of my albums as image and .cue files, as opposed to individual tracks that I do now. I would love the option for Songkong to reconvert the images and cue files into tracks, and then properly tag them.

If the feature is not available, does anyone have any ideas on how to do this easily? Its a large dataset, so a batch function would need to do it. Easily say: Search this folder and subfolders for .cue files, convert to individual Flac files and create a similar folder structure to the original one.

I guess cue tools or Foobar might do this, but it seems a bit complex.
Yes - I have enabled use original release date. I think I tried disabling it with no change, but Im not sure now. I still would like to tag each song with the year it was made though, not the year of the album (necessarily). So Im not sure how this can be solved, except saying that there should be something like an "albumyear" tag, that will write the year of the album release as opposed to year tag based on individual songs. I dont know if this exists though.

This is the string I use:

ifnotempty(albumartist,' - ')
+ ifnotempty(album,' ')
+ '(' + (year.length>4 ? year.substring(0,4):year) +')/'
+ ifnotempty(pad(track,2),' - ')
+ ifnotempty(artist,' - ')
+ title

Thanks for help previous, but I need to get the renaming of folders correctly. My generated naming yields Artist - Albumname (year). The problem occurs when not all songs were made the same year. This will create Artist - Albumname (1991), Artist - Albumname (1992) etc. for each song created each year. The only fields I could find were "originalyear" and "year" for the script, and both give the same result. Any tips on this?
Internet went down in my appartment - and I understand the software is quite useless with no internet connection, but is it really so that I cannot even start it if Im not connected to the wed? Does it really need to check every time I start the software? Seems quite intrusive.
Very strange! I tried it again, and now it worked. Made no sense. As you pointed out, I pasted the info from the install dialog with the correct path, tried it again now, and it did install correctly in the 64bit program folder ( C:\Program Files\Jthink\SongKong) - and there is no chance I could have had two different folders with the same info. Either way - its installing fine now, the 64 bit version that is. I dont know what to say
64bit version (songkong-windows64) did not work - the 32 bit version did install correctly. I was installing the lastest version of the 64 bit version as awell, 15.7, 17:11 timestamp. This was an update from 1.4.0 (the 64 bit version that is, the 32 was installed and created the folder for the first time.)
As was the case with an early version, it cannot be installed in C:\Program Files (x86)\Jthink\SongKong (default) again. ("This directory cannot be written (...). Windows 8 64bit OS.
Well the subject pretty much covers it. Right now it says 3221 songs loaded, and so far it has completed 3375 files. Not quite sure why this is. Using the latest version. Other than this, great speed improvements in the latest verision, and besides getting the occasional fpcalc.exe crashes, it seems to work.
This applies to the latest version, install.jar dated 24.1.2013 13:53.
When installing 1.2 (64 bit version) over 1.1 seems not overwrite the existing files. When I start SK again after installation (SK is closed during installation), it again reminds me that 1.2 is available. In the about dropdown menu it seems that 1.1 is still installed. Tried to install it twice, with the same result.
Ok - I understand. Just to complete this, it does output Disc 1 etc. as long as the "Multi disc releases" dropdown menu is properly selected. It will create folders named as such: Supertramp - Paris (disc 1) (1985) (using my naming format). So what I wanted to know is if its possible to instead of disc 1 have CD1 written instead. I have used a mass renamer to take care of this, so its not a major issue. Other than this, well, Im done using the software for large batches for now, my collection seems properly tagged, and I wish you all the best of luck developing it further, and thanks for the time and effort you put into it - Im sure its quite a bit of work.
On a related note - is it possible to, instead of creating a folder named Various Artists, just simply write VA ? The same goes with Disc 1 and Disc 2 in multi-cd releases. Would like it just to say CD1 instead. I cannot see any info on this in the help files.
Ok great - well as a status update it has taken me about 3 weeks running 24/7 going through my entire collection (+/- 100.000 tracks/10.000 albums) all FLAC files. So it does seem to work, although my major issues are that it matches incomplete albums (missing tracks) as complete albums and the time it takes to complete. Other than that, it seems to do the job fine.
You should have received the file by now.
I can do it tomorrow, when the current batch of 5721 files are done.
God, im sorry. I thought thats what The files were. Either way I give up at the moment and i have a few days left of tagging, i just manually go through everything to get an idea of if the folders are correct or not after running SongKong. When im done i wont have to do such a batch ever again.
I have zipped the file - its 158 MB so Ill share it with you. A concrete example is as follows:

Folder names "Das Boot by U96 (1990)" contains 15 files, named 01 - Trackname.mp3 to 15 - Trackname.mp3. Upon using SongKong it correctly creates the folder U96 - Das Boot (1990), and moves the files into it. It does not remove the folder named "Das Boot by U96 (1990)" (even if it was empty), and in this folder the song 04 - Trackname.mp3 is still located - and is not found in the newly created folder U96 - Das Boot (1990). Hence I end up with two folders - one correctly named and tagged - and one file (04 - Trackname.mp3) that is still located in the old folder not in the new one. I dont have a log of this that I collected I think. But this has been the case several times. Again, Ill share the link to the zip file containing the remaining documents you need for the first logfile if that helps you.

Have a good new years eve and lets hope we get the software working properly in 2013

Take care!

Ive also noticed that when SongKong has completed writing the new folder (renamed and all), it does so even IF the folder is not complete - meaning it might miss track number 4 on the album - and SongKong will report it as a complete album. This is quite disturbing, as it means that I cannot trust the program to make sure the folder contains all the tracks on the album in that specific folder. I dont know if you find examples of this in the logfile I sent you or not.
Here is a logfile Id like you to take a look at. Its albums ripped 2 years ago - about 450 albums in individual folders, and the matching time for all of them is about 15 hours. This I cannot - under any circumstance, understand the reason for. Either the software is not properly optimized or its doing something very strange in order to match the INDIVIDUAL FOLDERS that contain an album - meaning, either it does or it doesn't. And for many of the folders NOT being matched to an album; it still writes to them and changes their tags, just it does not rename the folder as it apparently is not a complete album. Go figure - I surely have no clue as to what is going on.

I got a: java.lang.NullPointerException when I tried to add the file as an HTML file (about 6 mb). Trying to zip it and see if that works - nope, cannot upload file at the moment.
Hi again. Yes, Im very sure. And I doubt its the fact that its on a networked drive - it copies to it at about 25-30MB a second, so that should be fine, I dont know why that would be an issue. And looking at the timestamp on the folders, it completes about 3-4 folders an hour. Eg. at 1900-2000 hours its written 3-4 complete folders with files in them. So I really dont know whats going on, and Ill start a folder of about 30 subfolders over night and post the results, it might be done by tomorrow, so we can see whats going on. I have a 20Mbit upstream connection so any quearies should be quite swift as well. Either way, will get back to you with a log file tomorrow if you want to take a look at it.

Started a job at 00:21 with 84 subfolders and 1575 files - this should hopefully not take too long.
Hi! Now I have the program working - which is awesome. However, I am curious to know why on earth it takes as long as it does. When I specify that each subfolder contains an album - what is the computer doing that means it will take around 45 minutes to write one folder (an album, with maybe 15 tracks) to the harddrive? Im running on an i5 3.4Ghz processor with 16GB memory, and I can see the program is using 80-90% of the processor for hours on end - what in the world is taking place? Is it converting the file to WAV to compare to the original file? Is it working on all the other files in all the other folders as well? What is going on? At the current rate I assume I will be done retagging my collection in march 2013 with the SongKong running 24/7 - which is not going to happen.
Yes - you make good points here. Regarding fixing my filename mask - sure, that might be a good idea, however I think Ill stick with it for now. Im doing a 15000+ tag job now, lets see how it does. If you are interested in the log file let me know. I sure it will take all night. Either way, it seem to work OK. Regarding the point I made about not moving all files - its not. This includes .cue files and other .jpg files and so on - it leave behind "ghost" foldes containing other files (and folders) previously used. I have to go through the entire structure to move (or delete) these folders and files after the job is done. Keep in mind I am no longer choosing to "move" any files - this is "simply" a replace job, meaning I no longer keep my original files. Anyway - lets hope this works out!
Well my main concern with embedding artwork is regarding the size of the file included. Also how this would work when transcoding to MP3 - yielding a lot larger file. I would really put in a request to disable this and rather create a single jpg file in album folder if possible.

I am currently retagging a massive folder, and it comes up with some weird results - one is that SongKong will not move all files within a folder, regardless if the option is checked or not. Also - I have an issue with multiple disk CD's. Here is my concern:

My foldernaming is Artist - Album (year), as mentioned before. If there are two discs in the CD (CD1, CD2) where my old folderstructure was Artist - Album (Year)/cd1/ and Artist - Album (Year)/cd2/, with my new renaming taking automatically merges these two separated folders into one folder (Artist - Album (year)) as there is no indication in the Album tags that its CD1 or CD2. this is quite troublesome, and I was hoping it would at least write the two CDS individually so I could sort it by time to see what was previously CD1 and CD2, but now its impossible. Also - the tags have no information on what was CD1 or CD2 so I have to manually look at the pictures of the tracklisting on the CD to figure out what belongs to which CD. Do you have any suggestions here? Or am I being unclear?

As a suggestion I would love the option to select/deselect subfolders when choosing folders to be tagged - this way I could leave out folders containing several subfolders as it just messes it up.
I cant reproduce the issue with not moving all the files right now. I just realized that it embeds the album art, not as a single file in the folder? Am I right? This is a bit troublesome, if its the case. Is there now way to just save it as a folder.jpg file in the folder? Or am I wrong?

- either way, if its not embedded, its not downloaded at all as there are no other files in the renamed folder that is created.

Hope you enjoyed your Christmas dinner. And I think Ill leave you alone for now - it seems to work fairly smooth, and I wont pester you with any more issues at the moment. Great that you take the time out to answer questions.
I find it a bit hard to understand what you are saying, but I interpret it as if I tried it once before, and then did it again? This is not the case, the folders had not been matched before, and done only once. In this case it matched all files except track number 1, which it did not rename nor move to the new folder I specified. I do not want the software to match anything if it does not recognize the contents within a subfolder to be a complete album, and its quite a lot of work for me if I have to go through each subfolder and manually move and rename each file it leaves behind. Subsequently, this would also mean that something went wrong when I ripped the album, which makes no sense to me as I use dbpoweramp and this should check the integrity of the file already I would assume?

So, my two main issues with the program (rendering useless in its current version) is:

1: Does not match all files in a subfolder as an album, and does not rename or move the files to complete the album.

2: Does not give the ability to revert any changes you make to file or folder structure after renaming/folderrenaming has taken place.

3: Leaves .old files behind after completion of renaming/moving.

This is on Windows 8 enterprise 64bit edition.

Once these issues have been sorted out, I really want to get started as I love the functionality is has when its actually working.

Oh, and a merry Christmas to you.
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