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Options are just that, options. Some people want it one way, some want it another. If it hasn't come up yet, it must be just me.

Earliest release date is a reasonable proxy, but undercut by the practice of releases coming out on Mondays in UK and Canada, Tuesdays in the US and Friday in Australia and Germany. It also seems that releases with a year only get sorted before releases with year-month-day.
For Remote Correct/Match/Preferred Country of Release, is there a way to offer "Artist area" as an option. Idea is to match UK artists to the UK release, French artists to the French release, etc.

Thanks for considering.
Jaikoz 5.5.0 is the latest version that both runs on OSX 10.6 and does not have the Manual Correct regression introduced in 5.6.0
Manual Correct returns mostly empty results. Artist, title and track length are there, but nothing else. Advanced track search finds detailed results, but clicking on these doesn't update the Manual Correct window.

Using Jaikoz 5.7.0 on a Mac but this is a carryover from 5.6
would be happy to try a mac fix/beta
When I ask Jaikoz to retrieve Acoustic ID on a batch of songs, I get nothing back. It seems that creating the Acoustic fingerprint is working, but not matching to the ID.

Interestingly, if I go song by song, then mostly I will get an ID back. If I delete the retrieved IDs, and ask Jaikoz to re-retrieve IDs for songs where I know an ID exists, then it returns IDs for that subsetted batch.

The issue seems to be that if an ID doesn't exist for even 1 song in a batch, it won't report back any. Actually, since Jaikoz processes in sets of 20, you can get IDs back for the first 20 songs in a large batch, but nothing after that if song 27 (for example) is the song without an ID in the database.

Using 5.4.0 on Mac 10.6.8.
let me just clarify the above though, with files not in iTunes, the disappearing year phenomenon still happens, so it can't be iTunes.
I've seen this behavior too and attributed it to iTunes.

update a file and save a date of the form yyyy-mm-dd, and the cell is blank when you reopen it in Jaikoz

update a file and save a date of the form yyyy, and everything saves normally

iTunes seems to display the date though......
getting this error message:

Cannot run program "/Applications/Jaikoz.app/Contents/Resources/Java/fpcalc": error=13, Permission denied

using Mac OS 10.6.8
What about File:edit: remove widespace?

I'm at work, but doesn't that do the trick?
How about this:

side by side radio buttons, one that updates only this track, the other that updates that track plus others on the same release. Alternative this could be a radio button (select this) and a checkbox (alter rest). I like the MC GUI in general, with the hope that media type could be displayed as well.

People who use MC are doing it on a small number of tracks that don't match up well in Auto, or they're compulsive about everything matching up. I'm happy with doing it track by track, so long as it works predictably.

I think alfg's suggestion was to allow editing directly in the MC results window. I have had it myself where I want to update the track based on the MC result, but know I will have to go back in the edit window and strip something from the album title (for example).
As someone else noted, Jaikoz is writing "Various Artists" to the Artist field for some multiple artist compilations. It is also writing disc 1 of 1 for all discs of multi-disc sets.

The Manual Correct results window shows all tracks of a release as 11 of 11 (or whatever the max track # for that release is). The proper values are written after selection. However, sometimes Jaikoz chooses another release, not corresponding to the radio button you clicked. Screenshots of this issue sent to support.
First of all, let me say that auto matching is a lot better with the option to match whole releases. The main reason I used MC was to make sure tracks were being assigned to the proper release (US/GB/bonus track/2002 re-release, whatever) My suggestions for Manual Correct are similar to Cloud's. Where auto is clearly not giving the best or earliest release, I'd like a convenient way of reassigning the release with a release group.

For loose tracks (i.e., tracks where I do not have the whole album) it is also nice to do a search and see the best matches over many different releases (including compilations, soundtracks, etc.)
I've sent screencaps of the Manual Correct issues to email support.

I'm having to eliminate dupes because with "extra" tracks in the folder, all having the same title, release-based matching gets confused. For example, if there are 14 tracks in the release, and one duplicate track, Jaikoz is looking for a release with 15 tracks.

Whatever options you decide on for identify/delete duplicates are fine with me, it's clear you understand the issue.

paultaylor wrote:

mcammer wrote:

Manual correction results sometimes need mousing over to be visible.

Manual Correction hasn't really been changed, only enough to use the Webservice 2, still needs an overhaul. 

Assuming my display issues are local, the results still don't seem right. MC doesn't seem to be in a usable state right now.

On the other hand, auto correction seems to be really good. I'm finding I have be more rigorous about deleting (or at least segregating) duplicates first, but then it's amazing.

paultaylor wrote:
Do you have Preferences/Musicbrainz/Automatch/Do extra searches to find Original Release enabled, this is reuired for the nest (but slower results). 


paultaylor wrote:

mcammer wrote:

Disk number is seemingly always assigned to be 01 of 01.

I'll have to check this, thought it was working okay. 

seems like it's getting messed up because mult disks are now assigned to the same release.

paultaylor wrote:

mcammer wrote:

Do we need more options for "delete duplicates" now that there are releases & release groups? I vote no.

No I dont think so, we are looking for duplicate recordings not albums. 

Right, but can't the same recording (i.e., w same MBID) now be part of two diff releases? As I play with this, it seems like this could cause trouble.
I can't tell you how long I have been anticipating NGS and how happy I was to play with the beta this weekend. I apologize for being terse and for asking so many Q below. Thanks Paul!

------using Mac version 4.0.0---------

Manual correction results sometimes need mousing over to be visible.

How does Jaikoz choose between releases of a release group? What is the relative priority of track number, recording length, media format, number of tracks, release date and country of release? Which user options affect this? Is there a way to select "no preference" for country? How about an option for official releases only (or no promo, no bootleg)? I say this because auto correction and manual correction don't give identical results. Manual correction also shows many repeats of the same recording (same release ID & country) with slight variations in score. It would be nice to be able to display the field for media type with manual correction results.

Searching for original release is much improved but still occasionally gives results that don't match to what the MB database shows.

Disk number is seemingly always assigned to be 01 of 01.

Do we need more options for "delete duplicates" now that there are releases & release groups? I vote no.

it would be useful to have track length displayed in the "Edit" window (even though it cannot be edited). If I can't convince you of that, how about letting us display basic data (title, artist, album, track number) in the "View Audio" window?
Wow, it can't be the most fun part of your job to figure out all these picayune issues. Anyway, simple enough to work around. Thanks, as always.
OK, I'm still having this issue after a fresh restart and loading beta 3. Here's what I see, trying to update genre for example:

copy cell (command-C) with desired value

select range of cells to overwrite

paste value (command-V) into range

all cells except the last selected (generally the bottommost cell of range) get pasted value. The last selected cell remains unchanged.

Using OSX.

could be just me, but....

1) seems to be writing Sort Artist into the Title field

2) won't paste into last cell of multiple cell selection
I saw as much from putzing around on the NGS test server. However, my cursory investigation also showed the MB database is far from consistent or complete in keeping such data.

Like I said, it would be nice to have both the date of the actual release and the date of first release. However, there's no point coding that into Jaikoz if there's no way to record that in files or display/search for it in players. Sad, I was hoping otherwise.
What is the difference between "Year" (recording time) and "Release Time" and "Original Release Time"? Does MB keep that info and is it accessible? A quick look at my files shows only the year field populated.

It might be nice to distinguish between the date of a greatest hits release and the original release date. That would especially help when making date-based playlists.
Looking forward to that very much.
yup, your workaround does the trick, so long as I "undo" genre right after.

I can't get Discogs styles to "add to" or "replace" the grouping field if there is already something entered there. If the field is empty, Discogs styles show up just fine.
Would it be possible to make "Media" one of the columns displayed when returning results from Manual Correct from MB? Reason is that I'd like to be able to choose CD/vinyl releases as appropriate.

Additionally/alternatively, could media be one of the preferences factored into scoring? For me, I'd prefer "Album" release type, then Earliest Release date, then "CD" media type.

Don't know how implementing any of this would change when NGS goes live, but that's what got me thinking about this.
Column width settings for results don't get saved. Width reverts to default settings with each new batch.
That looks absolutely lovely!
wow, you're right. ITunes is now behaving exactly as you say.
good news is that it doesn't seem to matter what the delimiter is in iTunes. Searching is quite literal.

A search for "pop euro" or "euro pop" does not match Euro-pop or euro, pop. However, search terms are combinable so "pop" and "euro" works.
seems to me there are two main options needed:

write all Discogs styles to genre (sub option, only write first style) (sub option, use Discogs genre if Discogs style field is blank)

write all Discogs styles to grouping

if append rather than overwrite is a problem then that can be worked around (by column swapping, etc.). I'll try some delimiter experiments tonight with iTunes and see if there's an obvious choice there.

the option "never populate" genre or "write only if empty" would still be there, so that's nothing new

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