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Not sure what it could be but none of my reports are generated in seconds. Usually 30 mins to and hour for about 2000 songs matched. It's probably system related. Not running the fastest Phenom II x4 b870 with 4GB on WHS 2011. Logs are being written to a 120 SSD system drive.

What usually happens when it starts creating the report is that it immediately completes about 3/4 of the report (on the progress bar) then then last 1/4 trickles slowly across the screen. When done I am presented with the Summary log.

Now on two occasions (including my last one that just finished today (20k songs) it errored out before it completed the report. I had the summary on the right hand side, but the left hand side was trying to reference an html link it could not find. like this

No webpage was found for the web address: file:///C:/Users/Administrator/AppData/Roaming/SongKong/Logs/FixSongsReport_00002_2013-02-20-18-01-18_index.html
Error 6 (net::ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND): The file or directory could not be found.

Also 'almost' every creation report I always get this:

Found xxx songs, xxxx have been checked before cancellation. And it's like just a few songs shy of finishing though I think it does.

One the prior occasion it just completely hosed up and the DB was no longer accessible (maybe corrupt) and I just deleted the DB and started over.

I still have logs if you need them.
Creating the report seems to take just as long as it does to fix, tag, and save items.

Does it mess anything up if I were to hit 'Cancel' during the create reports process?

I don't care too much about the report at the end unless I see errors, which I rarely do.

Or does this mess up the database by canceling during the create report process?

If not, maybe making it an option to create reports would be better? Or does the option already exist and I just missed seeing it?

Ok... sounds good, but I have a followup question kinda related to duplicates.

So currently I am scanning folders one at a time based off of my own genre. So I have like Classic Rock folder, Alternative folder, Country folder and am scanning these one at a time. All these folders are under a root folder called Music. Works great in fact, and I am very pleased with the results so far that I have gotten with SongKong.

So I am pretty sure I have duplicate songs residing in different genre folders. I do the duplicate check delete for each folder after the tagging, renaming process is complete.

With all that being said, will I or should I rerun duplicate check on the main folder (music) when I am completely done to see if there are any duplicates? I am assuming that SK does not compare duplicates in some database? rather file name based on folder scanned?

If so, did I just create 2x the time it takes to scan/scrape/tag and should I have just scanned my main music directory to begin with?

Ok... so now that I am back on track and using SongKong, I have a question regarding how it processes and deletes duplicates.

How does it choose?

Reason I ask is that when SongKong first processes my mp3's, it processes everything, so if there are dups it renames them for me like example:

There are 2 songs with the 7d6dc179-c042-466a-b4da-5ff4559f4fc9:dac96f18-121a-4cc1-8386-d948e189c466:08:96b4b513-6e95-4a41-b577-f33e726d0f10 key

Keep W:\Dups\Oldies\Neil Sedaka\Tuneweaver\Neil Sedaka - Breaking Up Is Hard to Do(1).mp3
Deleted W:\Dups\Oldies\Neil Sedaka\Tuneweaver\Neil Sedaka - Breaking Up Is Hard to Do.mp3

Now what I would like to do is keep the one that has bottom one and not the top with the (1). It does it fine on some and others keeps the wrong one I want. I am not sure how it decides which one to delete, but this would save me time from going back and locating those bad choices. Can this be impletmented in a future release? Or?


paultaylor wrote:
There was a regression introduced into SongKong 1.3 which prevented saving of mp4 files, so if you are using mp4s please try updating to the new 1.3.1 version.

Or could the difference could be that you have permission setup to modify files but not create/delete files. SongKong needs this ability for the reasons described, maybe Picard does not.

If that doesn't fix things can you email support@jthink.net your support files (Help/Create Support Files)  

Thanks for the quick reply. I am only using mp3 and do have 1.3.1 installed. I still haven't figured it out though. I just tested the latest version of MP3Tag and make sure I was able to directly modify the tag and save. Worked fine.

I also moved the files to another drive that is not part of the network share and it worked fine with SongKong. It's definitely a permissions issue with this drive, but I am accessing directly as a local drive with Admin account and UAC turned off does nothing to cure my woes. Admin account has FULL CONTROL and is owner of the folders in question. I'm not saying it's a SongKong issue at all but this is my first time running into a permissions issue with any program on my drives so far accessing them directly and therefore the solution is not popping into my head at the moment. I am running out of ideas at the moment, so anyone with suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Now I thought, well I could just move everything over to the non shared drive, let SongKong run it's magic then move them back over, but I believe the issue would still occur later and of course if I am monitoring folders with SongKong same thing would occur.

I'll send you the last log in email.

Update: I found a workaround that seems to work, i'm sure isolated issue with my setup.
Ok... this does clear some things up. I am running the FULL version, but I think I know why these .new files are being created.

Currently my music files reside on a WHS 2011 Server using FLEXRAID for parity and drive pooling. To Windows my drive pool looks like 1 big 10TB local drive. I am logged on directly on to the server as Administrator and running SongKong as Administrator as well, but for some reason (which I have yet to figure out) I was getting errors on all the music files and SongKong reported that it was not able to modify the files. Which was correct. I do have the Music folder network shared, but again I am accessing it directly as a local drive when running Songkong. I checked permissions and uncheck read only and applied to all file but yet the problem persists. It could be that I just don't know what I am doing with Windows drives and shares too Maybe something simple will fix it, but I don't have issues with other programs making modifications to the same files as I do with SongKong.

Here's the thing though, I only get this error using SongKong so far. I have used Picard and Magic MP3 Tagger and they both can modify files in the same location where SongKong tries and fails.

I am not sure where I am going wrong yet. Frustrating to say the least but I know it has to be something simple.
So I am trying to figure out how this works...

When I ran SongKong on a directory of some music, I could see that it created empty files that look something like Artist - Song -dslkfjds2345asdflj.new

I am assuming it is a place holder for a location referenced elsewhere?

Now going thru the logs I can see a folder called images with image names similiar to those referenced above.

Are they connected?

If so, is there a cleaner way of doing this?

Or would I just not select the Artwork option in SongKong and use something else to gather artwork?

I'd much rather just have the jpgs in the album folder itself.

Lastly, I only ran SongKong on a small portion of my mp3 collection, yet the DB is about 500MB and Images about 300MB, I am worried about the amount of space which may incur if I do scan my entire collection.

If there is a workaround for the Artwork cleanup using SongKong, do I need to reinstall SongKong if I wanted the location elsewhere?

For example, I did the standard install, but that went to a 120GB SSD drive. Would I have to reinstall to move the DB and Artwork to a different location?

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