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Well, actually two:

Adding an "Album Artwork Exists" match score will greatly speed up the process of finding cover art. Those of us that use itunes and ipod's cover flow prefer having artwork over extremely accurate album tags. Thanks
I would just like to add one more thing to that:

The option to display album art in the manual match dialog box. Sometimes the search pulls up multiple albums for the same song. I would like to choose the one with the album art vs. the obscure "Greatest Hits" album with no artwork.
about the metadata look up: I'm using a program called FixTunes. I think is uses various databases and, by comparing the results, gives the user a percentage of accuracy. All percent above 80% are seperated into an "Identified" catagory and the rest "Unidentified."
I'm going to use this software to look up the songs that jaikoz hasn't found. I'll post my results to see if it is helpful.
2) There must be a bug then. After intalling, the external application path was blank in Preferences. At this point, right click/run external app would open window media player, but not load the song. Now, I have enter the path of window media player and nothing happens when you click Run external app. Shouldn't the Run external app oopen media player and start playing the song?

3) During the manualmatch session, Jaikoz looks up 10 songs at a time and displays them in a dialog box for the user to select the appropriate match.
a) The right click/Run external app doesn't exist. For me, this is the is acctually the perfect time to be listening to a song. Listening to the song while i match helps the me identify the song, big time!
b) We should have ability to modify (manually type in) the Artist, Album, Track, etc. fields in the manualmatch dialog box if Musicbrainz has not displayed any of the correct choices. Then, when the user unclicks or hits enter after typing in the correct album name, jaikoz will:
1. erase all the possible choises under the song
2. query musicbrainz for more possiblities with the new song tag info. (ie. new album, same artist, same track)
3. and display the new possibilities taking into account the new album that was entered.
4. Ah, now, a 88% match was found! I select it and move on.

I've got to say I've never had a develper/programmer be so attentive to the users comments and so quick to fix bugs. You're doing an amazing job!
ok when i get home tonight
Paul, Do have a suggestion for a good mp3 m4u file repair/diagnostic program?

I'm sure there is something wrong with the file headers being corrupted. I could spend 3+ hours looking are for software but I rather ask the professional.
My suggestions:

1) I think the genre combo pulldown box should automatically scroll to the appropriate genre as the user types in genre field box. I think this is called autotype or autofill and is similar to what iTunes does. Less characters need to be typed in to find an appropriate match.

2) Playing songs in jaikoz would be nice, especially during manual matching. Sometimes it is necessary to listen to the file before making a decision. Note: It would be really cool if jaikoz could play a preview of the various manualmatch options by using the amazon id or open the appropriate amazon web page to play the song previews.

3) During Manualmatch: The ability to manually change metadata fields. After the user has finished typing and hits enter or unclicks the field box, jaikoz should query musicbrainz for more options for the changed song. Especially helpful if the user sees an error and wants to quickly fix it. This would give the user almost realtime musicbrainz info to select from as they're manually editing.

4) An option to query various metadata music databases (ie, Amazon, CDDB, etc.) in the Remote Correct menu. This of course will be used as a last resort if the file can not be matched using musicbrainz. (I know that the musicbrainz automatching threshold can be adjusted, but even during manual matching, some song don't appear to be in the musicbrainz database. Although less accurate, CDDB, amazon etc., I think, have many more songs in their database.)

5) I see you're already working on the ability to backup metadata. Nice!

This program is a godsend. Keep up the good work.
I get a list of 30+ files that jaikoz cannot loaded during startup. Is there a way to get a list/report of all the files that Jaikoz cannot load at startup? Even better, It would be nice if jaikoz could give you the option to move all unloaded audio files to a specified folder for fixing.
Same bug here. It's the last artist's album artwork that gets added to almost all my files. After saving, it doen't show up in in jaikoz, but if you close and restart the program the library reloads with the incorrect embedded art.

I love the program, but I see this as a major bug.
Profile for streets97f -> Messages posted by streets97f [10]
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