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Messages posted by: Alfg  XML
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Yes, I also noticed this wrong counter a long time ago.
The heck with it!
I have uploaded to MusicBrainz
Memphis Rockabilly Band with Jeff Spencer - Bertha Lou
But when I use "Update Metadata from existing MusicBrainz ID" I get only the artist: Memphis Rockabilly Band and not Jeff Spencer. This happens with
"Match songs with specified MusicBrainz Release" too.
This is reproducible.
It seems to me that this happens with feat. also, but I have just no example by hand.
This never happend to me in Jaikoz 6.2
on the website http://blog.jthink.net/2014/08/jaikoz-7-introduces-self-hosted-discogs.html you wrote:
In the next few months we intend to self-host MusicBrainz data as well,...
I hope you add a switch to use the original MusicBrainz database to add new releases and to retrieve then the just assigned new data like MB-RecordingId, MB-ReleaseId a.s.o
What is your method?
Oh sorry, I'm blind. Now I found the icon.
I'm missing an icon for "Play Song" in the toolbar
If you want to delete information in ID3 tag you don't like, you can reorder the columns in the ID3-Edit window in a way that all columnes you don't like stand side by side and then click the left top cell and shift click the right lower cell. Then in the context-menue click "delete" or use the shortcut of that command.
I would love the option for it to switch to the normal apostrophe. When I see this happen, I usually just go in and delete the apostrophe and the uppercase char and retype them in with the apostrophe that is on the keyboard and the lower case character.  

I agree with greengeek and do the same when I see a typographic apostrophe
Paul take a look here
and here
maybe here too

Some users changing the typewriter apostrophe hex 27 to typographic apostrophe hex 92 in many recodings in MusicBrainz.
And that is too bad for me because of the Windows 7/8/8.1 problem. Maybe they're using a Mac and there they have no problems.
In my case (Windows 8.1) I get garbage in Windows Explorer at that point in the line where the typographic apostrophe exists, if the folder is a Music-folder (with colums like artist, title, album etc.)  
The first case with the m (in lower case) and not M (capitalised) after the parantheses is - I think - according to the MusicBrainz StyleGuide.
Style / Titles / Extra title information: http://musicbrainz.org/doc/Style/Titles/Extra_title_information
"Titles of mixes/versions are formatted according to the appropriate language's guidelines; the other parts of this extra information should be in lower case except for words that would normally be capitalised in the language."

The second case I aggree with you.
That is, when the function "Local Correct" changes a typographic apostrophe ? at 0x92 to a typewriter apostrophe ' at code value 0x27 (39).
In my case (Windows 8.1) I get garbage in Windows Explorer at that point in the line where the typographic apostrophe exists, if the folder is a Music-folder (with colums like artist, title, album etc.)
I hope Paul will solve this problem sometimes
I don't know.
When I add a new release to MB, which is a CD, it is all fine.
But now assume you want to add the LP belonging to the same release group, but another label, CatNo etc. (bear in mind, the edits of the CD in MB are open).
What I do, deleting the column MB Release Id and MB Recording Id and submit the whole LP release to MB. Changing there the release group (because its empty), the label, CatNo etc on the Release Information page and go further to the Tracklist page and then to the Recordings page. There should be a match to the recordings just added as CD-songs. But there is no match!(''''); (The acoustid in Jaikoz 6.0.7 was not changed between the CD add and the LP add)
Going through the Release Editor Edit Notes and then Enter Edit, we have now two recordings in MB for exactly the same song! (and that for the whole CD/LP)
Is that an issue of Jaikoz or MB?
Do you have installed the latest version of Jaikoz?
Using Autocorrect the first time for a new album, which is registered in MB, with the tasks
-Local Correct Track
-Retrieve Acoustids
-Correct Metadata from MusicBrainz
- etc

the Autocorrect does Local Correct and Retrieve Acoustids and ends.
Only when starting the Autocorrect a second time, it finds the album in MB.
I'm missing the "Separator" in the "Available Tasks" of the Toolbar. I use four of them and I like to use a fifth one, but can't find anymore.
sorry, I'm wrong.
All is perfect.
I added in the preference -> Toolbar -> Toolbar Tasks -> "Correct Metadata from Filename"
but the icon in the menu-bar says: "Correct Filenames from Metadata" and it does so
Sent you the new test-results with the test-release
Support file _1 and _2 sent to you for further investigation
new support file sent to you
Supportfile sent to you
Using the task "Retrieve Acoustic Id (acousticid) using Acoustid server" gives me the message:
Retrieved 221 Acoustid fingerprints successfully
Completed retrieval of Acoustid fingerprints and Ids for 0 songs

And the columns of Acoustid Fingerprint and Acoustid Id are empty
Set this task in your Autocorrect Tasks
Preference -> Manipulators -> Autocorrect
If you would use the apostrophe hex#27 then Jaikoz changes with the command Action -> LocalCorrect -> CorrectTitels the case

07 - I'M Home After 9.mp3 to 07 - I'm Home After 9.mp3

At least with Jaikoz 5.4.0 I use.

see http://www.jthink.net/jaikozforum/posts/list/1888.page

Alfg wrote:
in MB the title is written with different writings of apostrophe
(copied from MB)
We Just Couldn't Say Goodbye Hex 27
We Just Couldn?t Say Goodbye Hex 92 !!!!!!!

Look at http://musicbrainz.org/recording/91f0f512-14bb-45af-bf6d-9f16a413fcc6

There are many cases in MB where apostrophe is written with hex92 and a discussion in MB-Forum. 

take a look with a hex editor into the mp3 file and see what hex code your "apostrophe" has.
So, take a look at MusicBrainz http://musicbrainz.org/release-group/39b22944-7503-3937-8bba-09b17281cc6a , how many releases of the album Born to Run exists. Click on Tags in the Menu (above Wikipedia) and you'll see all the genres for this release group, which the uploaders assinged to the albums of Born to Run. You'll find this information for every song and the genre for the release group and a single title of the album(release) must not be the same.
What genre Jaikoz uses is adjustable in Prefrence-> MusicBrainz -> Format 2 If this works correctly, I don't know.
If you login to MusicBrainz, you can add a new genre or raise a usage count of an existing genre.
And you used Discogs to get the genre .....

You see, it's not so easy.
Sorry, I can't help you to explain, why you get different genres
You'll find this information in the Edit-Window, columne MB Release ID. If you don't find it, you can add this columne with a click on the little icon above the right scrollbar in the Edit-Window.
Try: Preferences -> Save -> Save genres is an iTunes-friendly format
Maybe it helps.
Have all songs of this album the same MB Release ID?
I have the same problem to get multiple artwork.
I set in Preference -> Local Correct -> Artwork Correct -> Maximum artwork images that can be added to song = 2.
But I get only the front cover, however MusicBrainz has the back cover as the second image too (linked to archive.org).

paultaylor wrote:
Not sure, we need to find out if the songs actually have been given acoustids by Acoustid.

If song has Musicbrainz Id, could do the following:

View/VIew this Track at MusicBrainz
In browser click on Fingerprints tab
Are any acoustids listed ?
Send me link

Send you two examples.
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