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Would it be possible to add a "memory low" warning and/or a memory available counter in the status bar?

Just now I got an out of memory error after making quite some chances to 20.000 songs after which Jaikoz just exits. Not funny

I've set the maximum memory to use to 1.4GB which seems to be the maximum allowed. If I set it to 1.5 jaikoz won't start anymore (4GB system)
V1.11.1: I really like that you apparently managed to turn of the dynamic sorting. The speed when deleting large selections is lightning fast now

There is one "side effect" A lot of the time, but not always, the deleted text stays visible on the screen until you move your mouse over them.
For me it's a minor issue for the gain in speed
Maybe this is related to one of the other already mentioned issues but when I select a field in the "unknown list" and press control+d to delete it I get an error popup stating:

Unexpected problem with Jaikoz

If I right click and select delete, the field is deleted.
When you edit records when you have opened a large number of files , roughly more then 5000, the speed goes down dramatically.
I tend to sort on a column, select what I consider junk (for example a genre tag of other or misc) and hit ctrl+d to delete them.
If you do this with a large number of open files this can take several seconds to minutes. Also when the screen appears as updated you can't do anything for a number of seconds.

I don't know, but I think this is largely because of the dynamic sorting.
Jaikoz sorts again after every change. If you delete a field the record is moved to it's new sort location immediately.

Would it be possible to build a (test)version where the colums are only sorted when you click a header? To check if this improves the speed.
Maybe it is already possible but can you add an option to paste just one item in a selection of multivalue's?
What I mean:
I do a manual musicbrainz check on the numbers of an album, the fields are (hopefully) filled BUT musicbrainz does not have a link to the amazon cover.
I check amazon for a cover and find one.
First I update musicbrainz with the cover info!
If I then do a "update tags from existing musicbrainz id" I still don't get the cover because the change has to get approved first.
The only option left is to paste the asin value in jaikoz but the only way to do so is clicking a record paste the value in the amazon id box, click the next record etc.

I would like to do this just for the first record and the copy paste it to a selection of records.
Could you add a next and previous button in the dialog that is shown when you open a multi value tag?
Now if you want to "walk through" the records to add/check for a value in a multi value field you have to click the tiny little number in font of the tag, do your thing, close the dialog and double click the next tiny number. It would be easier if you could just press a button "next record/row"
I would like to have an option to open/view the artwork in a fullsize window(i.e. if a picture is 540x540 show it as a 540x540)
This could help in identifying the albumname. Now most of the time I just can't read the title/artist on the cover because of the resizing.
I would also prefer something like this over the current view.
This would also make it possible to start the manual correct when you go to work in the morning and check the results in the evening when you get back. Instead of stopping every X potential matches.
It would also be less "confusing" to look at imho.
I also have this "problem". It's not with all images, just some.

I thought to be smart and write a 0 to the track field to solve this "no bug, but bugging" thingy. This does not work, apparently the track nr must be non-zero. Adding a comment also does not work

But now at least I know the reason why it's happening. Thanks
I will simply change my preferences for the V1 tags
Is there a way to change the order of items in multi value fields?

It's nice to be able to put multiple items in the, for example, comment field, but most programs just display the first one (winamp etc).
I'm now adding the whitburn rating as a comment tag, but some files have already usefull info in the first row which I want to keep.
So I would like to know if there is a way of rearranging them that does not involve copying and pasting.

On the other side: Is there a player that handles multiple comments???
I just had a track nr field with the following in it

Makin' Faces At The Man In The Moon - Ben Selvin & his Orchestra; v_Eddie Walters (1931)

For some reason it din't fit in the standard size box
are there any more ? 

Normally? Not a lot. But since Jaikoz is my first tag editor that shows,nearly, all fields I have just found out how many garbage is actually in there.
Players/other taggers seem to write a sometimes sizable amount of text in different fields. People use a url fields to put the last part of the title in that didn't fit in the v1 title tag. Other fields are used to put the year of the track in (to protect them from being overwritten by that silly album year).
Sometimes the url is just longer then others or people put comments in other fields.
I would like to just click such a field and determine if the contents is useful or not.
Normally this isn't such a big issue, you just make the column wider. But because I'm almost starting from scratch I have all fields turned on and if I then just make them all wider I will be scrolling left to right until next christmas

For me it just seemed handy (at the moment) Thinking about it, for normal use you don't really need it

Unrelated question: Is there some place where I can set my timezone on the forum? Now I'm sending messages from when I was pretty sure I was asleep
I suspected as much. But I don't want to wait for a couple of weeks while musicip creates signatures of the remaining 77.000 songs
Well once it gets past the unrecognised tracks they say it will go faster.
Would it be possible to get a tab in the details panel that just shows the content of the currently selected field?

I mean something like the comments textbox. So that when you click on a cell that has more text in it then you can see directly in the table view it is displayed in that textbox?
Now I keep changing the column width.
What I mean is: Are the complete tags rewritten from scratch or are just the changed field written?

The reason I ask is because at the same time I'm editing with Jaikoz I also let musicip run to generated the "other" signatures and by doing so, if I understand correctly, add them to the online database.

Now I wonder is it wise to do so? Won't they bite each other?
i.e. musicip adds it's signatures, Jaikoz when I press save maybe erases them. (or the other way around)
I have done this several times already without problems...

I tried because when you open a directory of files a number of files appear directly as modified (the version field has changed). However when I save the files, close the files and open the same directory again the version field is again marked as changed!
You can view the bitrate in the table view. Just go to settings->table view and select the fields you want to see!

I my case I selected them all. You will be surprised by the amount of data there is in tags you never saw before
Yes it is possible, from the Word Replacer Settings you can create new Word Replacers such as an Artist Word Replacer or Album Word Replacer, each containing a seperate set of words. From Artist Settings you can then specify the required Word Replacer. The same applies to Word Seperators, Word Removers and Punctaution Removers.  

Ah!! Now I get it. Maybe something to add to the manual. If you add a 'rule' it is shown in the, for example, word replacer settings together with the standard rule.
But here is the trick (I believe) Only the highlighted rule is active!
I was trying to remove the default rule here
Thanks , perhaps you would might like to add a review when youve time, it isn't a very well known tagger at the moment.  

If I felt comfortable enough writing in english I would.
But I will surely 'spread the word'

Yes it is possible, from the Word Replacer Settings you can create new Word Replacers such as an Artist Word Replacer or Album Word Replacer, each containing a seperate set of words. From Artist Settings you can then specify the required Word Replacer. The same applies to Word Seperators, Word Removers and Punctaution Removers.  

O.k. I am going to give it another try apparently I missed something.

From Musicbrainz the release information is only available for the release (album), if you adjusted the album to the original album you would get the year information you wanted. I am going to add an option to choose original albums if possible when looking up from Musicbrainz.  

Most of my music is from the 30's - 50's I'm already glad if it is in any database at all, let alone the original album...

At the moment when you double click on the cell counter you can edit all values but they are displayed in rows rather than columns, but it doesnt give you the spreadsheet like copy and paste stuff. The multi values fields are there because mapped to ID3 in the new version of jaikoz the default edit tab will have separate columns for these multiple fields , so you will only have to use the popups if you want to edit additioanl attributes of multiple-attributes fields. See screenshot for preview:  

Great! Basically I'm checking just this field for any user added 'garbage'
When will 1.11 be out?! Just kidding.
Great program!! Finally a tagging program that does almost everything I want it to do.

Couldn't have said it any better

* I could call it Jaikoz Mp3-Tagger, i cant make up my mind what do others think?  

I agree. Despite the unique name it isn't very descriptive. As far as I am concert, you could call it Jaikoz "THE" MP3-Tagger!

* I dont display the View Panel by default because although I find it extremely useful it does take up screen space and is not strictly necessary for using Jaikoz. Adding as 'Original tag view panel' as a title to the collection of tabs would use up more space but might makes things clearer, Im unsure.  

Make it 'Org. tag view' or something, but I also had to look at the (extensive!) manual to see what it does.

Maybe it is already possible, I haven't played around with it enough yet but I would like to see more word replacement "sets" So you can have a different word replacement for different fields. For example I would like to remove any leading "The "'s from the artist name (The Shadows -> Shadows) But I don't want to do this in the title field, but I would like to remove some other thing. Now you can just enable or disable a single replacement rule.
A big request I think would be the possibility to work with regular expressions, so you can for example just remove/rename whatever words that are on the beginning/middle/end etc.

All my filenames are of this format:
Artist - Songtitle (Version)  

Good to see. I was starting to wonder whether I was the only person in the world that collects songs instead of the apparently almighty album.
My personal rant is that the year field is set to the year of the album release instead of the year the song came out. So instead of Bing Crosby - White Christmas showing up in 1947 it shows up in for example 1999 because it was on the coca cola disk you got at chritmas time at your local grocery. Who cares! I want to know if I have the 1947 or the 1954 version of the song!

Removing spaces at start and end is on the todo list  

Is there a place we can look at that 'to-do' list??

Well, I would want to use a different colour as it means a different thing, I think you are asking for any characters within the field that have been changed to be marked, or do you only want this for capitalization, this request needs a bit more thinking about. I don't think it should be on my default as it could make the display too confusing/messy but it might be a useful optional feature. 

I also would like to see the actual changes in changed field. Good idea.

At the moment i'am checking my collection of about 90.000 unsorted songs which will probably will keep me busy for a long, long, very long time .
The spreadsheet layout is great, but it is somewhat of a pain editing those multi-valued fields. Would it be possible to make an option so that you can double click a multi-value column and you get a new spreadsheet window that has all values of this field in separate columns? Hope you get what I mean.

I'm sending them to support@jthink.net
I'm getting some "Copy constructors not called. Please type cast the argument" and "Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service" when saving changes in v1.10
Any ideas what could cause this?
This is my first post and I'm only using jaikoz for a couple of days. So if I say something stupid: Sorry

A great feature of jaikoz is that it shows, nearly, all tag fields and even highlights leading and trailing spaces.

I would like to see an option to automatically remove those spaces.
And while at it remove any empty fields.

I also seem to have quite some tracks with duplicate genres. Maybe it would be possible to dedupe multi value fields?

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