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Messages posted by: paultaylor  XML
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Okay, well that album failed to match to MusicBRainz/Discogs, click on the Not matched to release or song section of the report to see what could not be matched

So its not that it failed to write the folder.jpg, it just didnt match that album at at all.
I just mean explain particular issue, I have your reports but can you indicate an album that has Songkong has found artwork for but not saved it to the hard drive.
Hi Claude, did you sort out your unable to access Melco /volumes/share from Mac issue (that you asked alan about) ?
Hi Claude

Ah the Issue software is in the Cloud and they have updated it, you need to click on the '+' button in the left hand corner.

I just wonder if the issue is actually you have not enabled Save Artwork to Filesystem on the Artwork tab since by default artwork is not saved to filesystem, only embedded in the file. And perhaps the folder.jpg files you see were already there and not created by SongKong.

Embedding artwork is much more portable, but if using Wavs with Twonky it does not recognise embedded artwork, however MinimServer does.
Okay well please send me support files and an example
You have to login with username user, and password user, alternatively tell me the issue, is it not writing folder.jpg on meloc issue ?

Cladane wrote:

Well, don't know how to ensure that !! Actually I avoid this folder


Just put an mp3/or flac in the folder so alphabetically it is first, i.e aaa.mp3
Is this on the Melco ?
There is a known issue that if your Melco has been used to rip Cd's and retrieve that artwork from Gracenote then SongKong does not have permission to overwrite the artwork created by Gracenote, could that be the issue.
Hi Claude

SongKong can scan .WAV files, but I recently found a bug whereby if the first file SongKong loads in a Fix Songs run is a Wav file and it contains a ListINFO tag but not an ID3 tag then you can get a problem


This is fixed for next release, but in meantime you just need to ensure no wav file loaded first. Once the Wav files have been corrected by Songkong the problem should not reoccur.
It does support m4a and mp4 audio file, its clearly a tool for audio metadata and doesn't mention video metadata anywhere.

mjnnyc wrote:

This was/is EXTREMELY confusing and I consider myself reasonably adept with Jaikoz... 

I specifically asked if you had used Action:Match to Album:Match to Specified MusicBrainz Album and you said you had, so Im confused as to why Alfgs reply helped if you had actually used it before ?
Thats not the issue, try running File:Empty Database and if that doesnt work please run Create Support Files from the Help menu
Sorry Jaikoz is for audio files not video files.
Are you sure you clicked on Fix Songs not Watch Folder, please cancel and try again
Go to Advanced menu
Select Create Support Files, this will create a zip file and show you its path
Email me the zip file that has been created
Okay, well glad to see it is at least working for you sometimes, the Discogs situation will be improved.
Without results, it didnt do anything ?!

Do you have all your songs from all albums in a single folder ?

Or are you only testing against that one album, that I have already explained why it doesnt extract all the info you want.
Well the primary database is MusicBrainz because it is more accurate, however there are more/different releases in Discogs.

We do plan more improvements for Discogs but for now I would run everything against MusicBrainz/Discogs using Autocorrect and see what you get.
1. Click on the Edit button on the File Naming tab
2. Look at the Javascript Functions drop down at the bottom, is ifmultidisc missing ?
3. If it , click on the Add button, and paste i the following

 function ifmultidisc(value) {
       return value;
       return "";

4. Click on OK, OK again and then Start, it should work this time
Okay now I look at that MusicBrainz release again I see all the muscian credits are at release level not track level, Jaikoz is expecting them at track level that is why they are not being added.

We may improve this but thats the reason they are not being added in this case.
Hi, okay not all those relationships are currenlty filled in when matching from Discogs, but most are when matching from MusicBrainz so can you find the release from MusicBrainz and match to that instead e.g https://musicbrainz.org/release/c3c0e462-1606-40dc-9667-1b26b9fb44c5

The other point to consider is does your script put them in the same fields as Jaikoz, for example where did you put 'written by' or 'guitar', its possible there may be some differences.
Songkong doesnt create duplicates files you must have already had multiple copies of the same song, please run Create Support Files from the Help menu and then I can see what has gone on.
Yes, it is under consideration
Not in this case, yet. If you click on the link it only lists one proper release and that is the Japanese version, but there is also a Psuedo-release that lists the tracks in English. Jaikoz currently ignores pseudo-releases, but MusicBrainz is introducing a replacement for psuedo-releases that we will support.

Because there is a link from acoustid to MusicBrainz we ignore Acoustid user-submitted data as this is less reliable and has not been verified.

Related to this.

You can force to always use English artist name i.e Yoh Yamazaki rather than ??? by enabling Preferences:MusicBrainz:Format:Romanize non Latin script artist names whenever possible

You can encourage Jaikoz to match to UK/US releases by setting as preferred country in Preferences:Remopte Correct:Match:{Prefrerred Country of release
Hi, no Jaikoz does what you want it to do, i.e tracktotal always reports tracks on disc , not over all discs.

I can only think the issue is that Jaikoz has not matched it a two disc release, but to a single disc or download release. You can check by selecting a song in the rowno column and then going to View/View this Album at MusicBrainz
Have the songs in Multimedia folder had Fix Songs applied to them.

If not, then they wont have MusicBrainz Ids

If you have isn't it likely they have been matched to same song but different album, since many songs can be found on multiple albums.

If you send me your support files again and an example of what you think shoudl be deleted I'll be able to answer better.

Great, sorry about the typo.
Hi, okay for ID3 formats (mp3, wav & aiff) Jaikoz custom1-5 field use the COMM (Comment) frame for ID3 and the COMM frame additionally contains a language and a Description field.

Unfortunately there is a bug that the rename mask is outputting the language and description rather than just the comment itself, I've raises issue in bugtracker.

The workaround is to make use of Javascripts find and replace on the value returned by comments


 (albumartist.length>0  ? albumartist + folderseparator :(artist.length>0 ? artist + folderseparator : '')) 
  + (custom1.replace('English','').replace('Songs-DB-Custom1','').length>0 ? custom1.replace('English','').replace('Songs-DB-Custom1','') + '-' :'')
  + (album.length>0 ? album + ' [' :'') + (year.length>0 ? year + '-' : '')
  + (custom2.replace('English','').replace('Songs-DB-Custom2','')='HD' ? custom2.replace('English','').replace('Songs-DB-Custom2','') + '-' :'') 
 + (label.length>0 ? label + '-' :'') + (catalogno.length>0 ? catalogno + ']' :'') + folderseparator

mogodon wrote:
I noticed recently that the Grouping field on Jaikoz has switched from %grouping% to %contentgroup% when viewing.

When viewing from where ?
I think the change is actually in your tool due to changes to iTunes.

mogodon wrote:

I loaded up an album and I can see the old grouping field on the ID3tag tab under the column "Unknown list", an example if i open the display data box is: GRP1:Text="Rock";

So actually for ID3 formats the old grouping field is actually TIT1, and this was used by users to store things like genres. However when iTunes added support for classical music work and movements they decided to use TIT1 to store the work, and created a new field called GRP1 that mapped to their Grouping field.

So we now have the situation that most tools use TIT1 (also known as Content Group Description) for grouping, but iTunes uses it for Classical works and uses GRP1 for grouping, this affects Mp3 and Aif, there is not a problem with other formats.

Currently Jaikoz still maps the Grouping field to the TIT1, it hasn't changed. But if you are matching Classical the Remote Correct:Classical:Copy Work to Grouping field option can choose how you write to GRP/TIT1 field.

But it is certainly confusing, and I really wish Apple had not done this - http://blog.jthink.net/2016/12/itunes-add-new-grouping-field-but.html

Hi, its a bit unfortunate that you deleted your old reports however I still have your logs.

So on 20/11/2017 12:49 you ran against your ...../iTunes/Music/Miles Davis/Kind Of Blue and looking at your current option it looks like of the six songs, one was already matched to MusicBrainz and the other five were not, and hence we only looked for a search for the remaining five and matched them to https://musicbrainz.org/release/e7ba3cb7-a074-45ee-870f-3baeb6d3e8bf, and it looks like the other one was already matched to https://musicbrainz.org/release/d6a1f166-8a02-4608-849b-9d623912c3e5 - could that be possible ?

Also in the report you have you have the option Nur dann Entsprechung, wenn alle gruppierten Songs einem Album zugeordnet werden k├Ânnen (Only allow match if all songs in grouping match to one album) option disabled, this allows Songkong to break a logical grouping if it cannot find a match for all songs in the grouping so I wonder if this is what originally caused the issue, generally its a bad idea to disable this option if you are interested in albums.

So songs 1-5 are still in ...../iTunes/Music/Miles Davis/Kind Of Blue, Im confused are these the files you cannot find, or is the the one track you cannot find ?

I assume this option is not visible to your Melco, so when you say they you cannot see them isn't it because you haven't copied them over to your Melco ?

I don't this issue actually has anything to do with the IS_HD option
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