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evilcartman wrote:

From what I can tell the actual info in Music brains mixes up the track artist and the sort artist. I'm really new at this program and I don't really see how the above instructions will fix my problem.

No MusicBrainz/Jaikoz does not mix these up, they are separate fields:

Sort Artist
Album Artist
Album Sort Artist

Remote Correct is the mechanism by which Jaikoz identifie and updates songs from MusicBrainz/Discogs.

Please try out what I say by running Action:Autocorrect, if it doesn't work for you then explain in more detail.
Sounds like a previous tool has been putting the sort artist in the artist field

Just add all fields except Artists, Album Artist to Preferences:MusicBrainz:AutoFormat:Never Modify these Fields and Preferences:Remote Correct:Discogs:Never Modify these Fields then run Autocorrect.
Sounds like you just havent rescanned your library on your Melco, since the files have been modified you need to do a rescan on your Melco. If you have done Undo it probably has Undone changes but the issue is the file modification date has changed so you still to do rescan.
Not yet.
Is this an mp3, some mp3s have issues that mean file length is not calculated correctly, so different approximation techniques have to be used and in this case seems like VLC's method is better than the one used by SongKong.
Currently if you use Jaikoz before adding your songs to Roon it will greatly increase the number of matches that Roon is able to make, and it will also give better metadata for releases when Roon couldn't find a match.

However we dont currently add to the PERSONNEL field that Roons uses. This is Roon specific, we do plan to support it and have been playing with Roon quite recently but the work is not done yet.
Hi, its because Jaikoz has incorrectly considered this album to be a classical release, and therefore applied the Classical options, one of the classical options is Add Composer to start of Album Title. The Database doesn't tell Jaikoz if a release is classical or not it uses a heuristic algorithm to decide.

There are a number of ways round this you can simply disable the Classical matching by setting Remote:Classical:Automatically Identify songs that are part of Classical releases and apply these options

If the only issue is adding composer to album title then you could just disable this option.

if you want the classical functionality but some are incorrectly identified then you can resolve this by adding them to to the not_classical_release.txt file. You cannot currently edit this within Jaikoz itself, if you decide to edit you need to edit the version in your Jaikoz data folder not your Jaikoz installation folder.
Seems okay, but it ID3v24 maybe your Samsung only supports ID3v23, try setting Save:MP3 Metatag Version to v23, run it though SongKong again and see if that fixes it
Remember in Jaikoz there are separate masks and tasks for renaming the filename, and renaming the subfolders. So like a filename mask and hence wil have no effect on subfolders, and will only be called when you do Rename Filename from Metadata. Subfolders will change when you do Rename SubFolder from Metadata.
Im not aware of any issue with mp3 files, but if you email me such a file I can test it.

claas wrote:
And that field can be indexed by MinimServer and shown in Kazoo?# 

Yes, you can configure MinimServer to index any custom field as long as you use the appropriate custom field standard for the audio format being used.

claas wrote:

And, please, make it optional.
I do not want files that I only modify but have added to the library earlier to have that value changed.

Yes of course [nearly) all fields are optional in SongKong, but I dont quite understand that sentence, please clarify exactly when you do/not want it set
Okay well I would add to as new DateModified field or similar
If you just run Autocorrect Metadata from MusicBrainz or use Autocorrect with defaults then it doesnt rename.

But you can rename by using Action:File and Folder Correct:Correct Sub Folder from Metadata and Action:File and Folder Correct:Correct Filename Folder from Metadata

You can see the complete filename by enabling BaseFolder, SubFolder and Filename fields, the file will not be actually be renamed until you do Save Changes

these will use the masks configured in Preferences:File and Folder Correct

You can also add renaming to the Autocorrecter in Preferences:Manipulators:Autocorrecter
Ah, if iTunes is moving it that is the problem since Jaikoz doesnt know that it has been moved. If you have Jaikoz configured to inform iTunes of changes and iTunes has its Reorganize Music Folder option enabled then it will move songs if the metadata affects their filename.

Its difficult for me to resolve this since it does seem to be impossible to actually find out if iTunes has the option enabled, and even if we knew we dont know exactly when and where it is moved by iTunes. A solution may be possible but the best workaround is to either disable iTunes reorganization option, or disable Jaikoz iTunes option and then just update iTunes when done by selecting all files in iTunes and selecting Get Info, this will work fine as long as you don't rename files within Jaikoz itself.
I didn't realize that it didnt do that, how are they being moved ?

But I raised https://jthink.atlassian.net/browse/JAIKOZ-1212 to track this
This is pretty much https://jthink.atlassian.net/browse/JAIKOZ-92
There was technical reason why this couldn't originally be done, but Im sure it can now and there is already an issue assigned to this https://jthink.atlassian.net/browse/JAIKOZ-576
I dont know why this is happening for you, if they all have the same MusicBrainz release id then they should all be updated with the same metadata

I dont have a good for not having a wishlist section. But your suggestions sounds sensible, Ive added https://jthink.atlassian.net/browse/SONGKONG-1422 but probably I would add it to a predefined field in the first instance, what field do you use ?
Sorry I have looked at the screenshots but don't understand the issue, if you are updating from the same release as the orginal match wont it just update with the same data again ?
I'm not clear why doesn't Manual Match from MusicBrainz work for you ?

Another approach you could try is deleting existing album artist, album and trackno metadata before matching if this existing data is for compilations. In that way Jaikoz will be more likely not to pick a compilation.

volt26 wrote:
Hello everyone,

I tested Jaikoz today and I like it quite a lot but some songs were tagged with a compilation album. I want to avoid that.

With Musicbrainz, I can right-click that song and find similar songs. I will get a list of all matches and I will be able to pick the correct album easily.

I didn't see a similar feature in Jaikoz. Is it available? If the answer is positive, can you tell me where to go please?

Hi, yes you can use Action:Remote Correct:Manual Match to MusicBrainz.

Also, it's possible to tell Musicbrainz to favorize albums rather than compilations (altough that feature doesn't work well for me). Is there a similar feature within Jaikoz that would allow me to get less of these bad tags?

Generally Jaikoz will take existing metadata into account so if your existing metadata is for a compilation album then it will more likely match to that, if it is an original album it should match to that. You can filter out compilations album further (but not completely) by enabling Preferences:Remote Correct:Match:Prefer do not match to Various/Single Artist compilations

Finally, if I can find a solution to this minor issue, I plan to buy Jaikoz because the trial showed me and prooved it does what I need. I tried SongKong but all I got was some html page with no clear results. So I'm much less interested by SongKong, am I missing out something? 

The SongKong page defaults to a summary showing percentage of matches but clicking on the various items on the left handside can show exactly what has been matched and what metadata has been added, the spreadsheet link opens a spreadsheet with a Jaikoz like view of all the metadata that could be added. So perhaps you just need to explorer the report a little more ?
There is also Preferences:Table:Columns
Hi sabvr, I am now thinking about allowing some manual editing in SongKong .
Hi, I cant see picture (unfortunately forum can have problem with images), instead please email at support@jthink.net

By default Autocorrect does not rename, in Preferences:Manipulators:Autocorrecter you need to add the Correct Filename from Metadata and Correct SubFolder from Metadata tasks.
On the Basic tab you need to set Rename files based on metadata to something other than No, it will use the rename mask configured on the Filenaming tab. Note there is a mask called [Plex Music Scanner] at the end of the list that you might want to use.
Not possible at the moment.
Heh, no Jaikoz does not do that, but if matched to a MusicBrainz Release it will add to the MB Release Id field, so you could use that for identifying automated matches, or make use of the 5 custom fields for marking when you have finished editing a song.
Hi Jaikoz does already have an Orchestra field, visible by enabling in Preferences:Table:Columns, also if you enable View:Show Detail Pane it is on the Classical tab with many other Classical fields.
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