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I installed the latest version of songkong today. I tried to access the music I have stored on my NAS and mapped as a local share, M: drive. SongKong can read all the files, but it throws errors on every song saying that it can not modify them. It is a new NAS, so I decided to do some testing to make sure it was not on that end. I verified all the permissions. I even tested accessing and editing the same files in both Jaikoz and MediaMonkey, both were able to edit and move files.

SK, throws errors for each song. Logs show that the file "cannot be modified"

Any ideas why it can not edit the files? I will email you my support files.
Thanks for the update. Going to try a run of about 4000 songs and see how it does
In windows 7, jaikoz and songkong do not install just 1 instance of run and uninstall shortcuts, but multiple ones. I decided to take a look at it and see where they were being added.

Both songkong and jaikoz throw shortcuts in multiple folders. Jaikoz for example toss them here:

C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Jaikoz (64-bit)
C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Jaikoz Uninstall (64-bit)
C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Jaikoz (64-bit)
C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Jaikoz Uninstall (64-bit)
C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Jaikoz Music Tagger (64-bit)\Jaikoz (64-bit)
C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Jaikoz Music Tagger (64-bit)\Jaikoz Uninstall (64-bit)

I also noticed that the uninstaller does not always remove all of these, and that occasionally doing an update of the software will put in multiple instances of the shortcuts.

Could both jaikoz and songkong only place the shortcuts in the programs folder? So for jaikoz only in this one?

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Jaikoz Music Tagger (64-bit)\Jaikoz (64-bit)
C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Jaikoz Music Tagger (64-bit)\Jaikoz Uninstall (64-bit)

That will help keep things a lot cleaner.
Awesome! Thank you for the write up! I will give it a try.
or if trackno is not used in sk, you could define it, and list it in the help, but not pull out track in the code itself, so it doesn't break any existing masks. Allow both variables to be used?

What would i need to define ifnotempty to? Would it need a function created first or something?

Hmm, guess I will have to try it again. I know it was set to v24, but I am not positive that I may have overlooked it and had it set to Same as or v24.

Unfortunately I have uninstalled both programs from that PC as I am in the process of upgrading my home PC. Once I get windows setup on the new box, Jaikoz and SongKong will be some of the first programs to be loaded on. Then their user prefs transferred over.

I am excited for the next update on SK. Can't wait to test it on a catalog set, and then run it against my full collection!
I have different renaming masks in both songkong and jaikoz. I had to create a new one for songkong because my jaikoz one wouldn't work. I ended up liking the new songkong one I made better, but I also can't use it in jaikoz. Does songkong and jaikoz use different javascript interpreters or different naming conventions? Are the 2 programs naming masks not compatible with each other?

This is my songkong one:

 + ifnotempty(album,' ')
 + (year.length>0  ? '(' + year + ') ' : '')
 +  (mbreleasecountry.length>0  ? '(' + mbreleasecountry + ') ' : '')
 + (disctotal>1 ? discno + '-' : '')
 + track + ' - '
 + title

I tried just breaking it into 2 parts to use it in jaikoz and it is not showing it working in the example mask.

Folder shows empty if I try:

 + ifnotempty(album,' ')
 + (year.length>0  ? '(' + year + ') ' : '')
 +  (mbreleasecountry.length>0  ? '(' + mbreleasecountry + ') ' : '')

File shows empty if I try:

 (disctotal>1 ? discno + '-' : '')
 + track + ' - '
 + title

Any ideas why I can't use my songkong file mask in jaikoz?
Sure, the source music is a mixture of both id3v2.3 and id3v2.4. I did some media monkey updates previously that saved over some of the files converting them to id3v2.3. I have songkong and jaikoz both set to save files as id3v2.4 to keep everything consistent. I run songkong and it does it's matching and moving. I am assuming when it is doing it's updating that it is not saving every song that it checks. Maybe songs that did not have any new info found or did not get updated are not saved before being moved? So I then run jaikoz, on the sk completed songs, and I see that I have a bunch of songs that jaikoz wants to save again as they are still using id3v2.3 and have not been updated to the id3v2.4 version.

Could songkong work like jaikoz does in that it will verify that all songs are using and saved with the id3 version set in the user options?
I tried the latest version of SK and it seems to work better. It still failed on moving a non matched album. Also I noticed that it does not update the tags that are 2.3 to 2.4 when the save 2.4 option is checked. Would be nice if SK did a save before moving on ALL files, even the ones that it did not change so that they are all the same id3 version if they are being moved. Jaikoz showed a bunch of files that needed to be saved and the only reason was they were 2.3 and not 2.4.

I have emailed my sk support files along with jaikoz reports.

I am not getting the new version update popup from the last version. If i do a manual check for update, ill get a popup that a new version is available. Then i hit ok and immediately get another popup that i have the latest version without having even updated it
Thanks, Ill give it a try with that same folder set and let you know how it worked.
Sure thing. I will copy the same source files I used in this last test and send it over to you so you can do a direct compare between the two runs.
Ideally what I would like to be able to do is just point sk to all my music files and match and move all the complete albums.

It would be ideal if it had a setting where it would:

1. do its normal magic, ie fingerprint, look at existing album, artist, song, track# etc tags to identify the tracks/album

2. match to a musicbrainz release that has the exact same amount of tracks as the ones in the folder.

3. fill in any empty fields with discogs data.

4. move the matched albums to the move folder, but only mb match releases, do not consider discog match releases as a match if the search for discogs match is unchecked. Do not consider any old mb or discogs data that was already in the id3 tags if not obtained from the current session for match/moving purposes.

That way one can move all the albums that have been verified as complete and correct on musicbrainz and have all the latest tag info and artwork from musicbrainz with discogs filling in the blanks.
Just tried it again, this time doing it the way that worked in the last version. I cleared out all the mb and discogs info in jaikoz and unchecked the discog options in sk and even the long way that worked before is no longer working

It moved over 5 albums that are not complete.

Emailed you the support files at support@jthink.net
Installed the latest version of SK. Have only tested 1 scenario so far and it appears to still be doing the same thing.

I ran sk on about 4,000 files without cleaning them first. So a lot of them have old MB and Discogs data in them.

I have Checked:

Only allow match if all songs in folder match to one album
Only allow match if all songs in album were matched
Update from Discogs

I have Unchecked:

Search for a Discogs match

It moved over a bunch of files that were not updated as well as ones that were unmatched. Jaikoz should unmatched files as well as files that needed to be saved as they were not updated to 2.4 in sk.

Should this still be happening? Do I still need to have both Update from Discogs and Search for a Discogs match unchecked as well as cleaning out all the old mb and discogs data first?
As far as the discogs issue goes.

1. If I have the following Checked:

Only allow match if all songs in folder match to one album
Only allow match if all songs in album were matched

and then I have Unchecked the follow:

Update from Discogs
Search for a Discogs match

If I set it up this way, then songkong performs as I would expect it to and only moves complete matches that can check out in jaikoz as completed with no missing songs. All songs have a MB release tied to it.

2. If I do the same thing above, but this time I Check

Update from Discogs

The same files get moved from above, plus some additional albums. Even though Search for a Discogs match is unchecked, SK seems to still be trying to use the discogs info it got from Update from Discogs to make matches and move them.

Running a report in jaikoz will show albums that could not be checked as they do not have a matching MB release id.

It would be nice if this only did what the help description shows where it adds any additional info that is not already in the file that discogs may provide without overwriting the musicbrainz info. And SK not try to use this additional info to create a Discogs Match. It seems that should only happen if the option to Search for a Discogs match is checked.

I dont have the log files currently, but I did keep a copy of all my source files that were unaltered by SK, so i can reproduce any of this or test if you like or need those logs recreated.

Were you also able to figure out why it was doing the "folder ..none"?

Doesn't seem to happen to often. It seems to do it about twice per run of a few hundred albums.
I tried it again, this time unchecking even the add discogs additional info. It works as expected that way. It would be nice though if I could still have the benefit of using discogs to fill in any blank info that musicbrainz cant find and not break the match and move only complete albums.

Would be great if there was an option or way for it to ignore existing data as well. Seems a little redundant to have to load everything first into jaikoz and delete all the mb and discogs fields before i can fix it in sk.

So close to being a 1 click solution
I cleared out all the discogs and mb info before i ran it. I unchecked the match to discogs option, but i did have the option to add discogs supplementary info checked. Not sure if it added any info on those songs.

Would be nice if it is set to only match complete mb releases to only move the completed mb releases when it saves them.
I tried it again on the same group, this time making sure to delete everything but album, artist, album artist, song, track number, and date in jaikoz. I then loaded them all into sk and ran a fix and it still ended up moving 15 albums over that did not have mb release ids. Not sure why sk is seeing these extra ones as completed albums even though they dont have mb release ids and the discogs match is turned off.
I noticed when I have set sk to move only matched files and i dont have match from discogs turned on, that i am still getting some albums that are being moved over that do not have mb release ids. For example, this last run, moved over 217 albums, but only 201 had mb release ids and could be matched in jaikoz.

Does sk use only the current info that it has found in that run, or does it consider old mb and discogs info that was already in the tags when deciding what to move over as matched albums?
I noticed with sk that the artwork is being saved with a bunch of spaces after the name, so something like "folder .jpg" In the options I did a select all and tried to delete the extra spacing and no matter what I do, I can not remove the extra spaces in the options.

Also I noticed that on some albums it is creating a "folder ..none" instead of an image file. The files appear to be legit. If i rename them from ..none to .jpg they open correctly and are viewable as image files.

EDIT: forum doesn't show it, but in the examples above, there are about a dozen or more spaces between folder and .jpg which is how sk is naming all my image files. Instead of just folder.jpg
It can't hurt though. To be honest, that was one of the reason I bought jaikoz all those years back. It is awesome to be able to set the view to show every column. I use to group all the columns that I wanted to keep in the front of the sheet and all the ones I wanted to clear in the back of the sheet. Then I would just select the top left cell of the ones i wanted to clear and the bottom right cell and right click and delete. Then just save. Quick way to clear 10,000 or so files at a time in just a few seconds.

I found this useful at that time as I was getting music from multiple sources and sometimes there would be garbage that tagging software or other people put into them.

These days I use jaikoz for tagging all my music to add and fix those fields. I like all those other fields filled out with correct good info so that other apps I use to play my music can take advantage of it. A lot of players can use some of that info for better searching, recommendations, and sorting.
Tried it out in sk and it works really well!

I loaded the files into jaikoz (i like being able to visually see all the songs as well as jaikoz reporting) to see if i had any songs that were tagged to a mb release that were missing tracks and there were none. I really liked how I can then go in and only have to focus on manually updating the albums that were not matched in mb.

Can't wait to see this option in jaikoz!
Tried a few other things and still can not get SK to run. I emailed you my support files in case you get a chance to look at it.

That would be nice, or maybe even add the Missing songs report that jaikoz has to sk.

So I decided to take about 3k songs and open them in jaikoz and delete out all the MB and discogs info, but keep the basic stuff like artist, album, song, and album artist and load it into sk. That way I could run a fix in sk, load it back into jaikoz and do a quick visual on how well it worked.

Unfortunately, after I modified them in jaikoz and close it out, I started back up sk and can not seem to get it to run. I can select the folder, I click on the fix icon or the menu fix option, everything gets grayed out and i never get the popup box indicator showing what it is fixing or loading. All i have is just the main window grayed out.

I uninstalled it and reinstalled it but it does the exact same thing, even restarted my system. I can click on the grayed out menus and see the grayed out items within them, so the program is responsive and not frozen. Any ideas what is going on?
I find the reporting a little more confusing in songkong. Not sure how to verify this feature is working. I dont see a quick way to just see releases that it identifies but is missing songs on like in jaikoz.

I see a lot of songs that are listed under "Matched to Musicbrainz recording only" Not sure why there would be anything at all in that section with those 2 options turned on. Shouldn't be matching 1 off songs to a single recording and not a release. On the songs that it is doing this one, it is breaking the full release that is located in the folder.
Just updated sk and will give it a go. Haven't used it in a while as I am a hardcore jaikoz user

I will say though that I am already super impressed with all the work you have done on SongKong. It is laid out very nicely and the options are well presented. Running around 10k files while set to preview to get an idea of what it will do and will let you know what I find.

I noticed you have created this option in jira. Can't wait to try it!

I used another program to try to fill in missing lyrics and it really messed up all my meta data. Truncated my artist, album, and track names and erased all the other fields. So I need jaikoz to go in and fix everything once again! Luckily it didnt move any of my files or rename any of the folders so those are still in place from when jaikoz tagged everything correct the first time before this other program messed things up.

EDIT: I wasn't going to mention the name of the software, but upon thinking about it more, it would unfair for me to not warn others about something that can mess up years worth of tagging. So stay away from Zortam or at the very least make sure you have a separate backup of all your tunes before you try it out!
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