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Messages posted by: dkoh  XML
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Author Message

greengeek wrote:

I use either subsonic, http://www.subsonic.org with the isub iphone app or ampache, http://ampache.org/ to stream my music. I can then browse my full collection on my iphone, listen to songs or albums, or create playlists. Or I can use the web interface and do the same thing from any computer that is hooked up to the web.  

Ha! That's sweet. I'm checking them out now. Thx.
I was just about to start a new thread on this.

For me it's Force Save that gives the error; regular Save still works fine. It only happens to me on a handful of files, and it's always a complete album. On a couple of them I ran AC and they Force Save fine, the others still give the error. I tried clearing out some of the "User Defined" and "Unsupported" fields and it didn't help. I can;t find a correlation.

Console states:
Aug 4, 2012 12:17:12 PM: SEVERE: Unable to save song 9 with filename Terrorize.mp3 because of the following error: class java.lang.NullPointerException

I've sent one of the offending MP3s to support, let me know if you want my logs.
Things seem to be working much better now. Thank you again for all your work.

FWIW, I tried the Genre/Grouping format and it didn't work properly in XBMC. In fact, once I scanned them in I couldn't even find them through teh genre searches.
Ctrl+U isn't bringing up artwork again.
You can't just use the renaming right off the bat. You must first correct your files, as the renaming uses the other artist/album/etc fields. You don't need to correct and file in one pass either; you can correct>save>close then reopen them later and file them.

First you need to go to Prefs>General tab>Base Folder tab and set the path to where you want everything to be. You don't need to set up a Read Folder unless you want Jaikoz to open those files every time it starts. "Include Sub Folders" should be checked.

Then you need to go to Prefs>File & Folder Correct tab>Rename Folder From Meta tab and choose how you want things formatted. Do the same for the Rename File From Meta tab.

I would recommend you temporarily turn on "Folder", "Sub Folder", and "Filename" under Prefs>Table>Columns. This will let you see how things are going to be before you commit them in the Edit pane.

So, to start off I would recommend:
STEP 1 - Correct you files by whatever means. Not all 10k yet, maybe a couple albums (or copies of) 'til you get it figured out.
STEP 2 - Save. This way you can experiment and "Revert to Saved" without losing your corrections.
STEP 3 - Use Action>File and Folder Correct>Correct Subfolder and Correct Filename either from the toolbar or the RMB context menu.
STEP 4 - Check the "Folder" and "Filename" columns you turned on earlier to make sure they're saving how you want them. If they look funky, go back into Prefs and adjust. Rinse. Repeat.
STEP 5 - Save.

Once you get things ironed out you can add these to the AutoCorrector and do your editing and filing at once. Just make sure you put them towards the bottom of the AC list or you will be filing to yet-uncorrected fields.

Make sense?
Yeah, I missed it too and just posted here:

...although I'm getting some files to load, just not all of 'em.
I think I'm seeing something similar, with 4.6.1.

I drag folders in to Jaikoz but certain albums won't load. This is what it says in the console:
 Aug 2, 2012 4:58:53 PM: INFO: Started to load files from E:\Goatwhore
 Aug 2, 2012 4:58:54 PM: INFO: Counted 31 files that could be loaded from E:\Goatwhore
 Aug 2, 2012 4:58:54 PM: INFO: Completed loading of 10 songs from E:\Goatwhore
 Aug 2, 2012 4:58:54 PM: INFO: 10 files are loaded

I already emptied the cache and deleted jaikozdb but it didn't help. These are all MP3s. I mailed the ZIP to support.
Thx Paul. I've been encumbered by a bunch of life's little annoyances and haven't even been able to look at music for a while. I'll check out the new version, do some force saving, and see how it goes.

I'm using Aeon Nox SVN at the moment. I like MQ3 (and is 2nd in my book), but didn't finish getting it setup so I stuck with Nox for the time being. You know how skins go, 8 hours of fine-tuning and you don't want to do it again. MQ4 looks slick though.

And yeah, it's mainly the characters. I have too much to weed through to fix them manually. The main problem I have is with CDArt Manager. I've already dealt with him briefly for a solution, but me playing with v24 kinda screwed things up.

What do you mean by "streaming server"? How I'm setup now is just a bunch of SBM shares through multiple PCs and wireless for the living room. I don't dare point iTunes to my main drives, so it's drag-n-drop through iTunes for devices.
Not yet, I was out of town.
Hey, sounds good.

Thx Paul.
Yes, the normal version works on all, and even different ones at once (up to 3). That means you can use it on your Linux desktop and them move over to your Macbook on the same license.
Apparently the separators are being worked on in XBMC right now.

You're right. Unfortunately, no multiples are coming up now on anything, with 23 or 24 using various settings. Maybe I shouldn't have done a Force Save with 24 and then revert back to 23.

I've been playing around and have some thoughts (not necessarily issue related, just throwing things at the wall). BTW, this is similar to what I'm looking at:

1. 24 is not compatible enough for me, I hope to stick with 23. Device support is spotty and even W7 won't display the tags. Everything below is playing with 23.

2. I've somewhat given up on sorting out the iPhone. Besides, it works well enough to get around without genre tags. It's also the wife's, she'll have to live with it.

3. It looks like ";" is the most commonly used delimiter. I've been playing with files and putting one long string in as one genre value works. "Test1;Test2;Test3" will be split up into 3 separate genres. Changing the delimiter isn't possible in Jaikoz, but can be accomplished using an Excel formula and copy/paste.

4. Adding Test1, Test2, and Test3 as separate entries will only return the first - both in display and in searches.

5. I can change the delimiter in XBMC, except null characters and XML files don't really work. Other posts state that \0 and 0x00 will not work, still reading.

6. If I can get a null separator to work in XBMC, I still have the issue of the (nnn) genres interfering, as there's no separator in the string "Rock(23)Metal" and will be returned as one value. Even if Jaikoz used semicolon delimiters this would still be an issue.

So that's where I'm at and I don't really know where to go from here. As things are now, the Excel formula is the answer. Removing the numbers altogether and using a null in XBMC would be an ideal solution.

I know I'm pushing the issue, but... any thoughts?
This is hard to answer without seeing what it looks like, and everyone has a different approach, but here's my approach.

Drag them all in there. 10k is a lot, but not too much to work with. I often work on 3k-6k at a time.

Chances are they still have some info in the tags. Hit the "Album" column header to group albums together. Select what looks like a release and RMB>Action>Match to Release>Match to One MB Release. You may have some luck opening only files from one album using the sort columns in your file manager. Your main hurdle (read: goal) in this process is grouping the releases.

If it's a match, use Action>File and Folder>Correct>Correct SubFolder from Metadata and it will put those files in its own folder.

After you do this and weed out the complete releases, you'll have a pile of randoms left. Empty out Jaikoz (if it's not yet) and add only the randoms back in. Clear out all the "Album", and all the "MB<anything> ID" columns (don't save yet) and see what Autocorrect does. This should fill in most of the gaps. Save the releases that look correct and file those folders.

In my experience, there's always some stuff left behind that you thought was complete, but really wasn't. This part is up to you, if you want to fix that or keep it that way and file them.

To answer your other question: No, there's no "smart import", only what you manually open or drag in.

paultaylor wrote:
Okay thanks for letting me know, I guess you understand that is a problem with iPhone not Jaikoz.

I assume the script crashes are unconnected with Jaikoz as well 

Yeah, I understand on both, just a heads-up. I believe the XBMC crashes are caused by unknown characters/tags - it's come up before and it was working fine with v23. They set up the scanning for n00bs without Jaikoz . I've also noticed blank properties in Win7.

So... is there a 4.5.8 in the works, or should I convert everything back to 23 for usability for the time being? No rush, just wanna plan my workflow.

Thx again.

dkoh wrote:

paultaylor wrote:

When they are split as in v24 can you search on the 2nd or third genre, or just the first. 

Yes, all of them are searchable. This works on the iPhone also; not using iTunes, just dumping MP3s over. 

Correction. v24 isn't working on the iPhone. It's only showing the first genre. XBMC seems to be scanning them in fine, but now I'm having some script crashes.

paultaylor wrote:

When they are split as in v24 can you search on the 2nd or third genre, or just the first. 

Yes, all of them are searchable. This works on the iPhone also; not using iTunes, just dumping MP3s over.

paultaylor wrote:

Thinking that maybe I should change V23 genres to work like v24 genres even though not standard for V23 as it would make more sense, and I forgot that if you want access to all the genres you can still get them via the grouping fields whicj just stores all genres as a single semi-colon separated string. 

Yeah, I played with that at the beginning of this whole genre expedition. I also tried a single semicolon-delimited string in the genre field, but neither worked how I wanted.

This is reason for the allmusic.com lists and wishlists that have come up from me, greengeek, and tincanfury. We want the search functionality with a predictable and consistent database. Does it make more sense now that you know whet we're doing?

paultaylor wrote:

I think maybe you are right about problems with more than one genre, so would you prefer it for ID3v23 if it was written so most players just saw the first genre, or saw a string containing multiple genres. 

In my case, I don't really care what is displayed by the player (the first genre is fine). I'm after the functionality of searches. My main focus is XBMC. When you scan in a bunch of music, it builds a database with the ID3 info. This needs the genres to be separated to that I can pick them out individually.

So when ID3 contains this:
Pop/Rock;Heavy Metal;Grindcore;Speed Metal;Hardcore Punk

the way it was being displayed in XBMC with v23 was as one big string:
Pop/Rock(137)Grindcore,Speed Metal,Hardcore Punk

which is useless to me cos it only returns releases with that same exact string.

Now, playing with v24, it looks like it's splitting them up properly:
 Heavy Metal
 Speed Metal
 Hardcore Punk

Now I can select just one genre and it will return all relevant releases. It's similar to visiting a movie rental site, where you can pick "Comedy" and it brings back everything containing Comedy, even though it may also contain Romance, Drama, whatever.

IIRC, this was behaving properly in v23 as long as the number wasn't introduced. The spec isn't clear on how combine a text entry with number entries, but I'm assuming the absence of a null in "Pop/Rock(137)" is causing it to be treated as one object. Maybe it's acting like it's a refinement, even though it's really the next entry.

No in V24 Jaikoz actually null separates values, this is the correct thing to do, but then it exports to spreadsheet it separates by ; instead as null seperator would be confusing (and only applies to Mp3s anyway not flac ecetera) 

Right. I saw this afterward in the hex.
Well... I had a long winded response here and then realized that I turned iTunes Friendly off with 24... not that this one's any less windy :)

With Friendly on and 24, things seem to be saving properly now. I'm still playing with it and I'll let you know if it's still not working right.

To expand on your previous post; I realize that genres will probably never be sorted between devices/players, so I abandon the (n)=(genre) concept. All I'm after is the straight text to be written with no number replacement.

It looks like I can now batch-open and force save to replace the numbers with text.

paultaylor wrote:
So I have implemented additional genres as refinements for ID3v23, and if the genre is a standard genre (i.e < 125 and hence known by iTunes) then I use the number rather than the text because otherwise the spec is unclear how to separate multiple refinements 

Does this mean you're leaning towards more incorporation of the numbers? Do you know something about the numbers that I don't, cos to me they seem pretty useless. I don't think I have one player that supports them correctly.

I can't find it now, but somewhere I saw the list of null separators and how to use them. One of them was semicolon-delimited, which is what Jaikoz uses. How I have it set now (24 and Friendly), Winamp is seeing only the first one - which is good cos it means that it's separating them out. Before, if there was a number, it looks like it treated TCON as one long string. I'll play with Apple and XBMC tonight and see what it looks like.

Thx. 8)
It was 23, and yes 24 seems to be working. Thanks a million Paul. I'll do some batches and see how it turns out.
I should clarify something...

I don't put this whole string into the genre field:
Pop/Rock;Death Metal;Heavy Metal;Black Metal; 

I use the genre dialog and add them individually. The code box above shows what an XLS export shows.
Yes, TCON has the numbers, looking at both hex and in notepad. If I reopen that same file in Jaikoz, it still shows the text value(s) (Death Metal).

As greengeek suggested, I turned iTunes compatibility on, and it reduced the quantity of the number conversions, but it still happens. If you look at the link in my first post, you can see my results. The code boxes are pasted straight from notepad.
Something to note: If you want more accurate matches, it's best to open an entire album. This depends on the album, but it will narrow the search down from VA, Best Of, and re-issue releases.

AutoCorrecting just a couple tracks will still work and will fix your filename/caps/artists/etc, it just may return some strange release info cos it won't know which one those tracks belongs to.
No matter what I change in Prefs, I still get some form of number replacement with "standard" genres.

When the Jaikoz field says this:
Pop/Rock;Death Metal;Heavy Metal;Black Metal;

TCON and players display this:

Even though it should be writing plain text, there is still some conversion happening.
Paul, I don't know if you saw this or not, but I've been playing with this to the point where I think it's an issue:

Is this how genres are supposed to be saved?
Trust me, once you get the hang of it, you'll wonder why you ever used anything else.

Without knowing anything about your collection it's hard to know what you want. Your file structure is also important, so your workflow will vary depending on how you have things sorted.

You should probably start off with the Autocorrector. You can drag folders/files directly into Jaikoz. If you have your files in <artist>\<album>\<track> format then you should be able to hit the autocorrector button (the clipboard/pencil button up top) and see what happens. If you have a pile of files under a single artist folder, things can get messy. You can try to group them using the column headers to try to sort, or you can select files of a known album and [b]RMB>Autocorrect[/b] and see what happens. It may be wise - depending on the mess - to use AcoustIDs (red music note button up top) before any autocorecting, as this will try to better match with some pre-existing data.

If you have a pretty structured system, you can drop several thousand files in and have the Autocorrector work on them while you do something else. Keep in mind that nothing is saved until you hit the 'Save' button. As a beginner, browse through all the highlighted fields (purple by default) and confirm that it's doing what you want. If things are matching funny, you can select a release and [b]RMB>Action>Match to Release>"match to one MB"[/b]. If you know it should be something else, you can look up the release ID at Musicbrainz and [b]RMB>Action>Match to Release>"match to specified"[/b]. You can always [b]RMB>Save>"Revert to saved"[/b] to take you to where you started.

If it doesn't bring up the artwork you'd like, you can select the files of that album, find an image on Google, and drag it into the bottom pane where it has "Summary|Info|Musicbrainz|etc" tabs and it will replace all the art in those files.

Don't go changing things under Preferences unless you know what they do. I've fallen for this several times, where you make a lot of guesses on what you want, and then it pukes something back entirely different. Then you have to remember what you changed to switch it back the way it was.

Read the errors. Jaikoz gives you some decent info. You can usually look these up in MusicBrainz and see what the problem is. Aside from some DB errors, it's usually a problem with your files not matching what MusicBrainz expects. Don't just click through like it's some BS Windows dialog.

You'll find yourself dealing with details you never knew existed. iTunes:PlayDoh::Jaikoz:Erector Set. It looks very complicated at first, but it will get much easier.

Try it out and post back with some results.
This may not be for you, but a few of us are using the genres from allmusic.com. This allows genre searches to be very predictable and consistent. However, the process is excruciating.

I've been manually tagging these and saving off lists here:

The way allmusic handles them is with a set of predefined genres/styles. You can see the main genre list at http://www.allmusic.com/genres, click on one of these, scroll down a bit and you'll see "subgenres and styles". If you look at an album, on the left you can see how these genres & styles are applied, along with moods and themes.
Looks like you've made a decision, but I'll throw my vote in there.
I have tried everything I can think of, and the only possible solution is to paste the entire "Pop/Rock;Metal;Hardcore" string in the genre field as one entry. I have not tested this to see it they're searchable, but it's a whole 'nuther step to add to my already-tedious workflow that I'd rather not do.

Paul, is this just a limitation? Is Jaikoz supposed to work this way?
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