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dkoh wrote:
Saving - it's kinda misleading - means you're done tinkering, so it closes. What do you mean you "hit save to test"? Are you referring to the "U2 - Boy" example, cos those change dynamically as you type (or maybe when you tab out of the box you're editing). 

I did not notice the example which was a help in starting out but the example is limited and I have to use my data to test with.

Here is what I wanted to test, which is working now.

album + (custom1=="ALBUM" ? ' [' + (catalogno.length>0 ? catalogno : asin) + ']' : '') + folderseparator + artist + folderseparator + album + ' (disc ' + discno + ')'

Once I make a change and I want to test on my data, I have to hit save, which closes the preference window. I then hit "Correct sub folder from meta data". If it is not what I want I have to the open up the preference window and go through the sequence again.

Would be nice if there was a way to "Save" my changes in the preference window but not close the preference window.



4.3.0 pro beta

When I action/match to release/match songs to specified MB release

I get a popup window that says it matched to discogs release. See attached screen capture.

Is there any way to keep the preference window open after hitting save.

I am working on fixing my "Rename folder from Metadata" and when I hit save to test the window closes, which means that I have to go through the steps to reopen.

This can get kind of tiresome.


Under my old version of Jaikoz I had a "MB Unique Id". I do not see this in the 4.3.0 beta pro version.

Was this replaced with a new field or just removed.

I did search for the string but could not find any hint to my questions.


TimeMachine to the rescue.

I just reloaded from an know date and then upgraded and things look OK. Maybe it was me.

When I upgraded to 4.3.0 pro I lost all my settings.

Is this suppose to happen?

Any way to at least go back and at least make snapshots of what I had.



I second greengeek. I have been using this software for several years (more than 4). It is great software, the support is next to none and I have never heard any rumblings about any upgrade fee.

So for me if £10 or $(1.X * £10) will keep the software support continuing, and a little change left over for a pint, it is well worth the cost to me.

Thanks very much for the product and time you have put into it.

If you use a Mac, you might want to look at


Maybe this is a moot point but see the attachment below.

I have found several time when I try and get the Acoustic ID for songs I see something like

"Checking X Songs" at the top of the popup window then in the middle of the window I see "X+1 songs processed so far" and then it just kind of hangs. I have to click cancel to break out.

In the case of the attachment there were only 108 songs so it is saying that it has processed more songs that I have submitted.

Other than hanging nothing seems to be a problem. If I cancel out it stops with an error message in the console window, which I forgot to capture.

If we are indeed moving to a new acoustic fingerprint system, probably not worth putting any time into this

Just letting you know.


I submitted a new album to MB that I want to add, which of course would not have the MBID. Is the following telling me that it was submitted to MB and is awaiting a MBID to be assigned?

Jul 3, 2011 4:07:35 PM: INFO: Submitting 2 Musicbrainz / AmpliFIND pairs
Jul 3, 2011 4:07:35 PM: INFO: Found 0 songs containing Musicbrainz / AmpliFIND ids
Jul 3, 2011 4:07:35 PM: INFO: Completed submission of 2 songs to Musicbrainz / AmpliFIND

Is there anything else that I need to do?

I was trying to get information Tschaikowsky Ouverture 1812.

The auto match never worked. Would pick a different CD.

I finally found the MBID information by doing a manual match.

MB Disk ID = d2d13229-c7d5-4383-8e67-05315eb22e6b

I picked the selections form the manual list. Now in the column browser box under Artist I get "Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky" in Cyrillic yet under artist I have Peter Tschaikowsky. See attachment.

Where is Jaikoz getting the Cyrillic name from.

When I drag and drop a second album artwork instead of adding it overwrites.

How can I add a second image without having to go into add artwork form.
I see that you have a several Match Songs to ... but I do not see a to Match Songs to ASIN. Is it their and I just do not see it or is it not available.

Some times I can find the song in Amazon but only have the ASIN to try and match in MB.


paultaylor wrote:
Your release and the individual songs on the release already have ids

i.e the first song has id : 5be38b58-ba9c-4041-bf71-fb5f04574874


They are already in the database, so if you use Match to Specified Musiocbrainz Id and enter the release id of 24cb0d60-c6ce-4418-8891-2384a9001732 you can match your songs in Jaikoz to Musicbrainz.

However, Autocorrect wont work immediately because the search indexes don't instantaneously match the database becaase the search indexes are updated every four hours.

Musicbrainz itself doesn't store artwork , but if you can link the release to an Amazon Id or a Discogs Release using Advanced Realtionships within Musicbrainz Jaikoz can follow these links and retrieve artwork.

Likewise things things like composers are added as advanced relationships between a release (or recording) and an artist.

The Musicbrainz Wiki contains lots of information about the how data should be entered http://wiki.musicbrainz.org/Style , and when your release is added it can be seen and moderated/commented on by other users.



Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. Actually doing it, with your help, I have to say "by gosh I think (s)he's got it".

I will look at the wiki as you have provided.

Thanks again.


When RIPing classical songs i iTunes I notice different ways that classical song, titles and album name are formatted.

some time the title will just be the name of the song other times it will have the composer: in front of the title. Same goes with the Album. Sometimes the composer is left off.

If you look on the binder of the CD jewel case you, this is how it it listed.

What is the preferred way. I ask because I just submitted a new CD to MB.

Does it not make a difference when trying to match songs?


paultaylor wrote:
Sorry , someone else reported the same issue about the same time as yourself. But yes I think it is the same issue. 


It was the UTF-8 problem.

I made your changes and uploaded my information. I had to do some character correction as some of the character were not recognized. Not sure why.


This is the url to what I entered.

What happens next?

When does the songs that I uploaded get assigned a MB Unique ID per song?

Where does all the tag for album artist, composer,.... get entered or where is it located. I do not see the connection. Where does Jaokiz get the information?

Where can I enter a picture?

I have been reading the MB doc but still not obvious how this all works.

Thanks for all your help.


Again thank

paultaylor wrote:
I received your file and found the issue, my form is not telling Musicbrainz that the data is encoded as UTF-8, because of this it decodes the unmlautted u in Flurstück incorrectly. So Add Release will not work correctly if there are any values that cannot be stored in ISO-8859-12 charset. Fixed for the next release in the meantime there are two clumsy workarounds:

1. Edit your data in Jaikoz to temporily remove the non ISO-8859-1 data before submitting, then you'll have to correct it again within the Musicbrainz Editor.
2. Edit the html file created by Jaikoz and after





I did not send anything to you, but my data does has umlaut a in the album name.

I am also attaching the URL file you requested. I could only see a flash of something but draging it into a browser I saw the "send" button.

Also when i "vi" the file I could see all the information and the id="form".

I will give your suggestion a try and let you know.


paultaylor wrote:
Firstly Jaikoz works of diigitised files (i.e mp3s) not directly from CD's, so have you already ripped the CD or not, if not you need to do so.

Ensure yo have put your Musicbrainz Username and Password into Prefeences:MusicBrainz:Submissions to Musicbrainz.

Once you have the files loaded into Jaikoz, filter so that only the files from the CD are listed and ensure you have basic information such as release, track titles and trackno entered.

Then just use Action/Remote Correct/Submt New Release will then open the MB Release editor within your favourite Web Browser prepopulated with the info in your files.  


Thanks for your reply.

I RIP'd the CD but I RIP all my albums as Apple Lossless.

When I try Action/Remote Correct/Submit New Release I get the following from MB "502 Bad Gateway" "nginx/0.7.65".

My console does not show any errors.

Could trying to upload an apple lossless file be the problem.



I have a CD that was purchased in Saudi Arabia in 1984. It has a TELDEC 8.42203 ID but no barcode. After many hours of searching I found one reference on the web of someone trying to find a copy to buy.

Enough of the history of the CD. I would like to enter this information in MusicBrainz data base.

After much reading of the MusicBrainz documentation I am no closer to figuring out how to do this.

I did read the forum article where Paul gave 3 steps about how to do this but I still do not see it. As on of my old meteorology professor said "It is obvious once you understand it." It is still not obvious to me. Maybe all those years baking my grey cells in the Saudi sun.

I would like to add this with this album as an exercise but need some help.

I have created my MB account and have created ampliFIND id but not sure how I get the rest of the data into MB.

Anyone have any "how to" document who have done this before.

pschonmann wrote:

Antonin Dvorak > Antonín Dvo?ák Works
Drum n Bass > Drum and Bass doesnt ?

I save the artist name as part of my filename. Int he case of Dvo?ák when I created the file name it would have Dvo?ák.

I resolved this by going to

file and folder correct and creating a replacement as

Dvo?ák Dvorak

So now I have Dvo?ák in my titles but my file name has Dvorak.

Is this your problem.
Humm. I thought I remember that we could put a special character in front of the mask name, like %xdiskno (x being the special character) to pad the number. I guess I was thinking of something else.

In reply to Johan, it is not something that I have to have. Every once in a while it would be nice to force padding in the file name so things sort but it is not that often that I have disc numbers greater than 9.

If it is something that is easy to do that would be great if it is a major rewrite then not that important to me.

My disk number are padded with zero but when I create the rename mask it removes the padding from the disk number, but not from the track numbers.

At one tine there use to be a way to tell the rename to leave the padding for the disk number but now that is gone. Any way to get this back?


I am not sure if this will help you but look at


This is a neat script that runs in iTunes that will look for music that is not in the iTunes database.

I have Jaikoz iTunes auto update turned off. When I am finished working with the songs in jaikoz I move/save the file in my iTunes music directory.

I then run the MFFNA and it shows me files that are in the iTunes music directory but not in the iTunes database.

I can then say add, and they get added to the iTunes database.

First before going any further, I want to say that I find Jaikoz to be an excellent program, and your support is also excellent, and all for one low price. I have gotten my money worth and more. I have spent way more money for far less quality product.

Now the question.

The way I use Jaikoz is that I will collect 20 to 30 songs over the course of a couple days.

I then run these songs through Jaikoz to tag and then save the songs in my iTunes folder.

I then run a third party software that will look through my iTunes folder looking for songs that are not in the iTunes database and install into iTunes database.

I also use another third party software to weed out duplicates songs.

If I am only working with 20-30 songs in a session where does Jaikoz look for duplicates or does it only look for duplicates in the 20-30 songs that I have loaded.

I looked at the help about the "Database Folder" and it only sounds like it on caches the data for the loaded songs. I assume that once I save the songs that the cache information is removed?

Can you explain how this works or should I be doing this different?



What does MaxPermSize control?

<string>-Xms150m -Xmx500m -XX:MaxPermSize=150m</string>


Would it not be better to first run Retrieve Acoustic Ids before anything else

I guess I was under the impression that the Acoustic ID helped in getting some of the other IDs.


Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo
Processor Speed: 2.16 GHz
Number Of Processors: 1
Total Number Of Cores: 2
L2 Cache: 4 MB
Memory: 4 GB

I was saving and moving about 1100 files and it seemed to be gong slow.

So I timed 500 of the moves and it took 7 minutes. The disk is connected by USB2 and I am reading and writing on the same disk. You would think that moving a file to a different location on the same disk would be just moving pointers.

Does the time seem reasonable?


How is the best way to get you a music file for testing?


Intel iMac OSX 10.6.1

I submitted a similar problem on 30/07/2009 23:07:27 (not sure how to find the tracking number) which you fixed.

After upgrading up to 3.3.3 I am getting the same error and wonder if the same problem has crept back in.

Here is what I do.

1) I open up Jaikoz 3.3.3

2) PROBLEM 1- I drag file xxx.mp3 into Jaikoz, at which time I get the screen shot 1.

I know this file xxx.mp3 is good as I can import it into iTunes without any problem.

4) I click on ok.

5) PROBLEM 2 - I drag file xxx.mp3 into Jaikoz again, at which time I get screen shot 2.

to see if it was the artwork problem from last time, I imported the file into itunes deleted the picture. I then deleted the file in itunes and saved it to the trash and moved it to another directory. I then tried to import into Jaikoz but got the same errors.


I did some further testing and found that the problem is only with the "&" sign.

I did a test with words, "#" and other special characters and they all get replaced correctly.

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