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paultaylor wrote:
Adding this should work
 + (disctotal > 1 ? discno : '')

I accept what you say about the difficulty of the Javascript syntax, if you can suggest another scripting language that is more user friendly it may be possible to add it. But the javascript syntax does allow you to do pretty much what you want.


Why not just use the POSIX regular expressions that we all already know and love.
I think that it just uses what is in the trackno column. Ensure that those are zero padded by setting "pad numbers with zeros" under Preferences->Save->General.

paultaylor wrote:
Had a reply, there was an issue one of their servers, should be resolved wiithin the next couple of days 

They had a server issue that has lasted weeks and is still ongoing? I'm not buying it. They may have had server issues but that is not the cause of this issue. I still think it is a bug of some sort. It would make sense if acoustic ids could not be generated for any file but a server outage doesn't explain why some would work and some do not.

I'm trying to debug the process locally. It looks like genpuid starts mipcore with an "fp" option and then soon after mipcore runs with an analyze option that produces output in /tmp

I've also noticed that the mipcore process hangs a lot. I sometimes have to open a shell and kill mipcore because it is running long after jaikoz has given up on ever getting an acoustic id. In fact, it appears that if I cancel the process and close Jaikoz mipcore will continue to run indefinitely until I kill it manually.

The hanging of this process can make it appear as though acoustic ids are not working for any files because if it is hung it will not allow other files to be processed.

It seems that more and more newly released albums are failing to get acoustic ids. Usually I can tell when it will happen because it hangs for a very long time. However, if I leave it alone long enough it will eventually report:

 Apr 4, 2011 6:17:37 PM: INFO: A new acoustic fingerprint has been
 submitted to AmpliFIND for song 1 file /home/mark/music/Britney 
 Spears/Femme Fatale/09 - Trouble For Me.flac, wait 24 hours before 
 retrieving acoustic id.

Guess what? There will not be an acoustic id available in 24 hours, or ever.

This has happened on three albums recenty:

The Strokes - Angles
Avril Lavigne - Goodbye Lulabye
Britney Spears - Femme Fatale

and some others I can't remember.

I don't know what is going on but I don't think it is simply a matter of no acoustic id available.

paultaylor wrote:

That would be easy enough to do, but if course Id have to add ANOTHER option to Jaikoz which I'm hesistant to do unless there is a good reason, is there a particular reason you wont this (such as compatability with other software) or does it just fit it worth what you consider is correct.

Both really. I find I have to clear these values for just about every disc I run through MB. Honestly, I would do it anyway because as you say I think it correct but it also does cause Squeezecenter to show the now playing track as 1-1, 1-2, etc.

paultaylor wrote:

These come from Discogs. occurs when artwork is not labelled properly within Discogs When Musicbrainz match has an ASIN we already get the artwork from Amazon, but Artwork form Discogs is usually higher resolution , you could try changing the settings so that you only overwrite with Discogs artwork if you have no artwork already, by default it will overwrite if higher quality. 

I'll give that a try, thanks.
I would love it if there were some way to prevent the discnumber and disctotal from populating from MB unless the album is a multiple disc set. I don't want the value of discnumber to ever be 1 if the value of disctotal is also 1

Artwork from MB is sometimes weird pictures of the disc itself and such. An alternative way to get album covers would be great. I find myself constantly opening a browser to go get better artwork from Amazon.

Great, I thought we had already discussed this and you said saves would need to be performed. Good to know.
I noticed this wasn't on the todo list but thought surely you have considered it before. Is there a specific reason why or has no one ever asked?
It would be great if I could setup a save as the last step of an autocorrect but still know that all of the steps of the autocorrect would use the data in its current (but yet unsaved) state. For example, if the previous step corrected the title field and the next step is to correct the filenames from the title, this would not require a save between the steps.

LateBloomer wrote:
I wouldn't be a Jaikoz customer unless I at least somewhat obsessive about getting everything 'just right'. 

So true.

I've taken to converting my flac tracs to an image with an embedded cuesheet. It works well with squeezebox server. I rip to tracks, tag with Jaikoz, then I have shell scripts to do the rest. The process goes like this:

1. Open, retrieve, and verify all tags I need are set (MB and Acoustic ID, etc.)
2. Add replay gain, extract tags to file in format TAG[TRACKNUMBER]=value for track based tags just TAG=value for album based tags
3. Convert tracks to a single joined wav file.
4. Convert .wav file to flac file.
5. import tags
6. import cuesheet as both a tag and flac block data.

Squeezebox server can read both the tags and the cuesheet block data. The process isn't as much work as it appears to be since it is mostly automated. Using Jaikoz is the most labor and time intensive of the steps but it is worth it.

I think in windows there are free programs that help with some of this (flacattack, something else I can't remember). You should give it a try with an album to see if it is useful to you.

LateBloomer wrote:
Thanks markfaine, that's a neat tip.
Still won't help me find the differences any quicker though and sometimes differences can't be found... I'm starting to suspects I need to delete all but one tag format. I think my song would have data stored in different ID3 versions and that might be where the conflicts hide.  

It will eliminate the need to find the differences. Of course, this depends on two things:

You categorize your music into folders by album
You know which values are correct.
What I do is:

copy one of the entries that is correct
Right click the column header for the column and select "Set Value"
Paste the previously copied correct value.

This makes sure that all of the columns that should contain the same value do indeed contain the same value.
Can't get any acoustic ids anymore.

...bunch of debug dump info
*** buffer overflow detected ***: /opt/jaikoz/genpuid terminated

No big deal - at least not to me, but I thought you might like to know that I started Jaikoz from the command line in the foreground and noticed that the derby log file was not being written because I had installed using sudo to /opt/jaikoz - which means that directory is owned by root. It might be better if it were written to /home/<user>/Jaikoz/logs like the other log files. Again, not sure that it matters but thought I should mention it just in case it is useful to you.

Is it possible to get the old version installer - at least one version back would be nice. I've already deleted my old installer and so I don't have access to a 3.9.1 installer anymore. I wanted to test for a possible regression but didn't want to go through a lot of trouble. If it works in the old version then it may be a bug but if not then my files are probably to blame.

I've been trying 3.10 tonight and I'm not getting any amplifind IDs. I checked the process and it seems to be hitting music.predixis.com on port 80 which does seem to be responding though I can't say if it is responding correctly. I can't call this an issue yet but I'll wait and see if it continues. However, it got me thinking that if there is a network timeout or some other connection issue with any of the external servers that Jaikoz uses it should report this to the user so we know what is going on. Is this possible?


Jord wrote:
I never use the view pane... I just use the edit pane and have added a number of columns to it. You can reposition the columns anyway you want. Would that be your fix? 

No. I understand that you can rearrange items on a pane but I'd like to actually combine panes.

Shepardos wrote:
The problem here is that I have still the MP3 APE tags left.

How can I delete all formats (idv1, ape) and only leave idv2 on the files? 

Use a tag editor (nearly any will do) and remove the apev2 tags. Then re-tag the files with Jaikoz (for best results). Try one that says it supports all of the tag types. EasyTag, MP3tag, Tag&Rename, etc.

If you using Linux I'd be glad to recommend some ways to strip the APE tags but I'm not familiar with APE command line tools at the moment and not inclined to be unless there is a need.

One sure-fire, bullet proof solution would be to re-rip from CD. This is also reminds me of another benefit of keeping lossless audio. If you had lossless audio files you could just go back to .wav files and tags would be gone.

I don't know about mp3 but you are probably correct. It is most likely a different version of tag data left over. Jaikoz can fix this - look on the save tab of preferences. Also, do a full rescan of the database just to be sure.

Also, with flac files you can do this:

 metaflac --export-tags-to=./tags.txt filename.flac

Then edit the tags.txt file and do this

 metaflac --remove-all-tags filename.flac
 metaflac --import-tags-from=./tags.txt filename.flac

I've also noticed that with squeezecenter if you import a cuesheet into a single album image flac file but there are no other tags, it will read the values from the single cuesheet tag:

 metaflac --set-tag-from-file="CUESHEET=./cuesheet.cue" --no-utf8-convert filename.flac

Hope that helps. I didn't check so I might have flubbed the options - sometimes I get them wrong. Use metaflac --help to check.


I'd like to be able to combine the view and edit pane into just a series of tabs on the same pane. In fact, I'd like for it to be possible to reposition any of the tabs on any pane by just clicking and dragging but I'd settle for just having a merged view and edit pane.
I guess audio metadata is read dynamically and is probably not part of the database or it would be a lot easier. I don't know what OS you use but take a look at shntools.

Try this on linux (assuming no spaces in file name):

 shntool len -tc  *.flac | awk  '{ print "\""$9"\"""\,"$1 }'

What do you know about libmusicbrainz4c2a? It appears to be a new version of the MusicBrainz library but then again it isn't. What is the state of MusicBrainz development and how did we end up with a version with a 4 appended that appears to be based on version 2? Thought you might know something about this having worked with so much and for so long.

paultaylor wrote:
Okay, but its very much an archival thing then because once the files are converted to this you would n't be able to use to modify the individual songs, so I dont think it fits in that well with Jaikoz but could be done with a plugin in the future .... 

That's what I thought too but apparently there is some sort of indexing that flactag employs that seems to be recognized in squeezebox and perhaps some other player software (haven't tested fully). For example look at the attached file containing tags written to an album image.

Ok, thanks anyway maybe the plugin API will be the answer. However, not really a niche request. Not a lot of gui programs that do it on Linux but Windows has has a slew of programs for this as it is becoming (if not already) the de-facto standard for CD archival (FLAC Image w/embedded cue). I wouldn't be surprised if you eventually started getting +1s on this post.

I've recently started moving my music collection to Squeezebox and as a result I'm either re-ripping or converting albums to FLAC single image with embedded cuesheet. I'm been looking for tools to assist with this process and came across FLACTAG (http://software.gently.org.uk/flactag-1.1/).

Do you think you could consider copying the functionality that is present in FLACTAG? I can image Jaikoz being able to handle direct conversion to/from album image to individual files well, even while maintaining metadata.
I guess I was thinking of just passing some bit of information that Jaikoz had available - folder path in this case.

The particular use case I had in mind was to add replaygain values when I run auto correct. I have a shell script that uses metaflac to do it on all the files in a given directory and I was looking for a way to add this to the list of tasks but I can see many such applications other than this. Just about anything you can imagine you can script - the question is what parameters could Jaikoz pass to the script.
I'm sure someone has asked for this already but it would be great if there were a way to run custom scripts. I can imagine it as part of the auto corrector list of available tasks.

Select "Run Custom Program"
<browse to program>
Repeat as necessary.
Save preferences

I like the correct sub folder from metadata feature. I use it often but I don't like how I can't set the template to use an absolute path. The path is always relative to the starting location.

I'd like to be able to enter something like:

 /media/music/%bestartist%%folderseperator%%album%$if(%discno%,%folderseperator%Disc %discno%)

or if this is better:

 %folderseperator%media%folderseperator%music%folderseperator%%bestartist%%folderseperator%%album%$if(%discno%,%folderseperator%Disc %discno%)
I have an issue with XBMC thinking that several albums are various artists albums. One of the developers from the XBMC forum has asked me to provide him the exact tag that is being used for album artist.

I'm guessing it is "ALBUM ARTIST" or ALBUMARTIST?


Personally, I don't like the fact that it even tries to figure this out for me but you take the good with the bad I guess.

paultaylor wrote:
You need to use 'Paste All Values' rather than just 'Paste'
As has been noted before it would make more sense for Paste to paste all values and add a 'Paste 1st Value' option but that hasnt been done yet. 

Yes, I've tried both because I wasn't sure what was correct. Paste all values just pastes the first value.
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