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Messages posted by: chillware  XML
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Ahh I only need 2% more, all seeders went offline
I'm d/l'ing now, will also seed.. thx!
I love when new releases come out, and my mouse fingers are itching to try some new Jaikoz.. Anything new in the works?
Is it possible to have an additional view that would show only complete releases? I think it there would have to be some logic written to look at the total tracks in the album and compare that against the amount i actually have.. and if they are the same show the album in the list.

This would helpful when I am sorting my complete albums from my incomplete albums, saving a ton of un-needed scrolling through the list of songs..
Hey Paul, what do you think about adding this option when deleting duplicates. It would be a "preferred folder" which i could populate with my base folder of my complete releases, so when I have duplicate songs that appear both someplace in a complete album and in my huge misc song folder, it would know i want to keep the song in my complete releases over the ones in any other folder it finds the song.

make sense? I think that would be waaay useful!

Good point .. Looking forward to the addition! Thanks!
Hey that's cool! I like it Does it hide fields that haven't changed?
Is there a quick way to view what Jaikoz is considering a change to a file before it saves?

For example, I often load some tracks and match them up to musicbrainz, jaikoz will math the track and show me the little save icon in the left column... great, whats the new info it added/changed i ask myself.. for most tracks one or two of the other columns will highlight indicating what changed. however for some song none of the columns will highlight..

My thought is maybe I should turn on ALL the columns to see whats changed but that seems clunky. Is there a quick(er) way to see what what the changes are? Maybe add an extra tab down in the info/summary area that could list them out? or am I missing something already in place?

make sure jaikoz is saving id3v2 tags in 2.3 format, windows cant read 2.4 format.
if you go in to preferences, i cant recall the menu off the top of my head, you can view all the auto correct steps and even change them to make it do more or less or a different order.
you got it
it seems to match to wrong album when the actual album doesn't exist in MB, then jaikoz is seemly grabbing something else that similar.. For example I have an album called 'Here We Go (Deluxe Edt)' when I selected all it's files and did a match to one MB release.. it tagged all the files for an album called 'Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush' .. I searched MB and the original album i selected doesn't exist there.. this seems to be the case w/ all the albums it's tagging incorrectly.. I've seen it do about 10 or so incorrectly like this so far
on 3.9.1 now, and 'match songs to one release' is matching a lot of albums to the wrong albums now..
sounds excellent! can you be more specific on what the improvements are?

I'm excited for 4.0! I want it now! lol
awesome, sounds good! Yeah, if it was just another button on the tool bar that was something like "Autocorrect by folder" that would be great!

Thanks for a such an awesome product tho! Its been fun watching it get better and better!
I don't know if just have an option set incorrectly or what, but what I am running in to is when I load say 100 albums that are each in their own folder and then run autocorrect from MB on all the files, I'd expect jaikoz to attempt to match each folder to an album on MB..

but that doesn't happen A LOT of the time.. i find that in a lot of cases it only matches some of the songs to an album and the rest either don't get matched to anything or a wrong album..

however if i select all the files in the folder and use match to one MB release all the files get matched to their correct release.. how ever it's a slooow process to select all files in each folder, wait for jaikoz to match to one release and repeat on the next folder...

Is there a way I can batch match 100+ folders to a single release?

agree, this would be fantastic!!
Anyway this could make it in to 3.9.3 final/beta 3??

This would save me TONS of time!! Thanks!
I'd LOVE to see this report updated to do this!! Ahh, Imagine the time I could save not having to manually compare the Track # column to the Track Total Column!!
that was it, thx!
uhh Beta 2 won't load any of my MP3's any more.. says everyone of 'em is unreadable and may be corrupt ??
Just wanted to see if there was a beta for the new version.. ad/or a release date for the next version?

I second this request, for the same reasons..
I would LOVE another option to Autcoorrect from Musicbrainz called Group by folder only! This would be fantastic!

I understand completly how Jaikoz attempts to match song to a release, not folders.. but we as users should have the choice to which way we want Jaikoz to look at and process our collections... each way of doing it has it's advantages over the other.. Why not let us use either / or ?

also thanks for the great work on 3.8.3, it seems to function A LOT better that previous.
is any one going to bother stopping this spam bot?
While the report is useful, it's not functional..

Here's my reasoning.. I, like many others using Jaikoz, are interested in sorting complete albums from the incomplete albums and being able to quickly identify which are incomplete or complete.

I'd like to load about 500 - 1000 folders of albums into Jaikoz, and let it crunch through the MB data. Then I'd like to filter all albums that are complete so that I can quickly select all, save and move them to my complete album folder.

As it is now I have no way to quickly grab all the albums that are complete and move them without looking through the entire list of loaded songs and visually count the tracks and compare with the total tracks #, then select that album and save/move it. This takes a looong time..

I love Jaikoz, it is proving to be extremely capable and useful. However, it seems it wants to be oriented towards fixing/sorting MP3 'albums', but album support doesnt seem to be quite there just yet.

It would be nice to be able to collapse each album in the display, and see a track count in the collapsed line..


+ The Crystal Method - Vegas Tracks: 07 of 10

Then you could click the plus sign and see the list of tracks for that album. And perform all the normal Jaikoz functions on those tracks.. Make sense?

This type of view would work lieu of a filter as you could quickly see which albums were complete, especially if it got an icon or a color to it.

I'd like to see a new filter added that shows only complete albums (with MB metadata), alternately an incomplete album filter would be nice in some situations as well..

I love the idea, agreed that the mockup is nice and would work, but is there a better way to see the changes?
that would be great! thanks
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