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Thank you for looking into this; after trying a few things, I now believe the first issue was caused by me adding album artwork that was 200 dpi.

To replicate:
1) Remove artwork and year from any mp3.
2) Save.
3) Add the following 200 dpi artwork - http://www.alittledigital.com/catalog/images/flwrlace600x.jpg (a random pic I found on the net)
4) Add a year.
5) Save.
6) Reload and the year will have vanished.

Also, sometimes 200 dpi artwork does not save correctly, as an example: if you add the following artwork and then reload - http://www.lizmeyer.com/images/cds/The%20Storm%20-200dpi%20-%203x3.jpg (another random pic I found).

While on the subject of artwork, could you please look at any of the files located on http://www.wired.com/wired/archive/12.11/sample.html as the tag artwork does not load for me.

May I also ask how artwork is handled by Jaikoz:-
1) What size and resolution is the auto added artwork?
2) If artwork is manually added, does the size and resolution get adjusted; ie. if I add an 1000x1000 1mb jpeg, does this get scaled down by Jaikoz?
My music collection is organised by using the year of album, therefore, I make sure while tagging that all the files have year tags.
Because not all the entries in Musicbrainz include a year, I sometimes need to manually enter this information.
Today, I loaded some of the files I tagged yesterday, only to notice that the manually entered years have vanished!

As a test, I re-entered the year for one album, saved, closed and reloaded the files; unfortunately, the year information came up blank again.
I'm saving as ID3v23 (the files include BPM and gain information tagged via Jriver Media Center 12)

Edited to add... As a test, I cleared all the tag information including BPM etc. from one album, then after updating via Musicbrainz, I manually added the year and saved; upon reloading, the year was missing like before.

The other issue I'm experiencing, is after adding artwork manually, I use 'ctrl-c' to copy the artwork field, so that I can paste the artwork onto the other files; unfortunately, it will not copy the newly added artwork field until you refocus the field (if you do not refocus, 'ctrl-c' will not work, and when you use 'ctrl'v' you can inadvertently end up pasting artwork from an earlier album).

Thank you in advance.
Hi Paul,

The new features listed for v2.4 look good

The new Musicbrainz populated fields are a much appreciated addition; although, if possible, could you also please add the field 'discnumber'


Currently, I have to look for all my multidisc releases and manually insert the disc numbers.

Thank you in advance.

[Edited to add: After browsing the Musicbrainz forum, it appears that the MB database may not include the Discnumber the alternative suggested is to move (disc X) from the releases title into separate tags (discnumber and discsubtitle). ]
Version: v2.3.1

The tag field 'sort artist' remains empty after using 'manual correct tags from Musicbrainz'
(is only filled in after selecting 'update tags from existing Musicbrainz ID')
Jaikoz is the best tag editor I have used

Some ideas:

Musicbrainz total track matching
An option to increase the match score if the total amount of tracks in the folder equals the total amount of tracks listed in musicbrainz.
I used to buy first editions of albums (later editions can include additional tracks), if the incorrect edition is assigned to the file, it means the 'list missing tracks' button will no longer work correctly; it will sometimes list tracks as missing when they are not.
As an example of this, below are two editions of the Crush Album by Bon Jovi:

Option to display row spacers to distinguish between different sub folders
When there are hundreds of rows, it may help being able to see where one folder ends and a new one begins.
Folder A - File A
Folder A - File B
Folder A - File C
Folder B - File A
Folder B - File B
Folder C - File A

Tagging all files in a folder
Following from the previous suggestion... each folder spacer row could be right clickable; this might display a list of all album releases found in that folder; upon selecting a release, Jaikoz could try and match all files in the folder to that one release (there could even be an option to manually input a disc ID if none of the tracks matched up correctly)
Currently, I need to open up Picard Tagger to fix the incorrect files.

Create a folder.jpg
An option of automatically creating a folder.jpg if the folder only contains the tracks from one release.

Moving other files
If a folder contains other files, like a folder.jpg, include the option of moving these at the same time as the folder renaming process.

File Renaming Masks
Currently, the 'year' outputs the date exactly as entered, like '2008 -04- 09'
An option to set this to a four-digit year would be nice, so that folders are more uniformly named (currently you can end up having folders like Album A (2007) and Album B (2007 -02- 04)

Thank you in advance.
Profile for Sunee -> Messages posted by Sunee [5]
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