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I thought that the musicbrainz server address was no longer required since update metadata from musicbrainz uses the Jthink server, however, if there is no value in that field the function fails.
I don't use these button very often but I noticed today that it doesn't matter which one I click, both buttons move to the previous song. Just thought I should report it.
This may be one for the plugins list but I think it would be great if there were a button for pause and stop. I use a script to play a song with mpd/mpc whenever I click the play button and I can always go stop the playback in a terminal but it would be amazingly cool if I could modify that script to accept arguments such as 'pause' and 'stop'.

For me, all Jaikoz would really need to do is pass 'pause' or 'stop' depending on the button clicked to the program set as media player in the options.

I know this is different for everyone depending on the program they use for playback so I guess it would probably be better if there was preference options such as pause option, stop option, and users could just add whatever the appropriate command line argument was required to perform the operation.

Seems easy to me, but what do I know.

Any interest in this at all?

Fair enough. I'd be interested in what appearance is the default on Linux and what most people are using. I thought it was 'Cross Platform' which is probably my least favorite. I'd be surprised if that is the one that most people are using since it isn't very good. I am kind of warming up to the 'System' appearance but it scales everything based on the window manager settings and that would take some getting used to.

Here are a couple of screen shots. In one image nothing is selected, the other image shows the first 6 songs selected.

Update: I tested the other appearance settings and Linux Plastic and Cross Platform seem to work okay. Selected items are much easier to see. Selections using the System appearance are not discernible at all.

I still prefer the Linux setting and the System setting the most (of course, it had to be the two I liked the most) to the others, so it would be great if the selections worked better for these two appearance settings.
Sounds like it's a difficult problem. I'm open to whatever solution you come up with but I agree that there must be another way.

As for the selection colors, it's very difficult to tell what is and isn't selected.

I'm on Linux and using the Linux appearance in the settings. The problem seems to be that the rows have an alternating color for the recno column, regardless of selection status, every other column is a light blueish color (I think, I'm not so good with colors) and the remaining (even) rows are white. The problem is that the selected color is the same color, or very similar to this alternating row color.

I'm at work or I'd send you a screen shot. I can do it later.
Okay, after I posted it I thought that maybe it would be difficult and probably also a lot of effort since you probably use those song numbers throughout the code.
Any way we can quickly reload the current files because something has changed on the file system?
It would be helpful to me if the song were numbered relative to the filter. It's not a huge deal and I can often use the track numbers if they are consistent, but it might be more helpful if the numbers were indexed based on the visible songs and not the total loaded songs.
I usually hide a bunch of fields that I don't often need to see but sometimes I do. It would be great if there were a way for me to quickly switch between seeing only the fields I care about 90% of the time, and all of the fields. If you wanted to go one step further then maybe multiple column view configurations or allowing more than one edit panel (configured independently) could be useful.
On Linux, if you have an album, artist, or track name that starts with a period and you create a folder structure based from it, you'll end up with a hidden directory, as this is the convention for hiding files and folders in Linux. Can we prevent this? Just allow replacing it with another character. I use "_" but I guess it could be something else or user selected. Dashes are also a problem because many command line programs see a dash as the beginning of an argument such as -h for help. Neither of these things make the files unusable since there are ways to get around both issues, but it's still rather inconvenient.
Maybe I'm doing something wrong but I often get this message that I'm trying to apply an action but I only have one track selected. However, even when I then cancel all filters, and select my filters again, I still get the message. The only way to get passed it seems to be doing a select all.

Is the selection of tracks not affected by filter selection? If so, that seems a bit counter-intuitive to me. Though, it could also just be a user education issue too. When things don't work as I expect them to, I sometimes automatically assume it's wrong, then after a little bit of thought I figure out it's actually better, even if it will take some getting used to.

On a related note, it's a little difficult to tell what tracks are selected at a glance since it seems to only be a somewhat subtle color change of the actual id number and nothing else. One of those multi-select checkboxes might be nice to have as the header for the id column, if it doesn't interfere with sorting.

PatBateman2 wrote:
Worked for me. 

Yeah, me too. I got curious shortly after I posted that. I had to install a couple of programs that weren't already installed but after that it was easy.
If you're on Linux you can try:

I haven't tried this script yet but I've done basically the same process manually before with other types.

This isn't a concrete request for a specific feature but more like brainstorming in a post. Lately I've been finding a lot of little things that are missed by the auto correct for whatever reason. It seems that musicbrainz and discogs are great but not perfect, human review and intervention is still required. So, I set out to fix those remaining issues and discovered something along the way... It's hard work and very time consuming

It takes a long time to scroll horizontally through every album looking for issues. I suspect a combination approach of reporting and highlighting would be best but I don't want to jump straight to proposed solutions without clearly stating the requirements.

  • Ability to quickly and easily (at a glance) identify and (when applicable) correct inaccurate metadata or other issues (such as inaccessible or missing files).

  • To do this, on a large set of files without the need to scroll.

    I want to be clear that I'm not specifically proposing any implementation but, having said that, I guess I envision it as a full screen edit panel that shows one album at a time with the missing or inaccurate metadata displayed and editable. Perhaps a next button at the bottom to move to the next album.

  • Thanks, that's helpful.
    What's the difference? Just wondering where these values come from and if maybe I should be making sure the MB release id matches the original release id.
    Yeah, a plugin API is great idea.
    So I guess that means it can't happen at all? Even with a user supplied API key? You'd think that would put the legal responsibility on the user.
    How is it that the beet plugin does it then? As the documentation I posted states they Lyric Wiki, Lyrics.com, and Musixmatch. I've used this plugin many times and I didn't pay a dime for it, and as far as I know neither did they.

    Couldn't you at least provide the functionality dependent on the user entering their own API keys or other authentication information?

    For the beets plugin I registered as a developer on the Google Developer site and got an API key. This is the primary method for retrieving lyrics and includes the other sources except for Musixmatch.

    I suspect that most people wouldn't mind getting an API key and plugging it in themselves in the preferences.
    The lyrics plugin for the beets tagger also does this:



    It seems to work well. It's open source code so it might be easier to determine what it's doing and replicate it in Jaikoz.

    paultaylor wrote:
    Certainly the whitelist is coming, but can you explain to me what Last.fm gives that Discogs genres/styles does not.

    The main problem is that to access Last.fm I have to make more api calls that will slow things down a bit, and Im adding another 3rd party into the mix 

    Good point, it's just that it seems that it's the standard for genres these days and a lot of other taggers/players use it. Probably because the genres are just tags that are submitted by users and are ranked by popularity so the tag you'll get is the one that is the most popular and therefore most likely to already be the correct genre.

    I can probably get by with discogs too, it probably won't matter so much as long as I have a whitelist and at least one of the genres in my whitelist is also in the discogs genre field. I'd get the same result.
    I'm thinking of an incremental search filter like in Eclipse preferences, if you've seen that before. I swear I have to click every single tab every time I'm looking for a setting. Blame my aging memory
    Any chance we can get a "Fix Genres from LastFM" type of genre corrector. This along with a whitelist, as opposed to the existing blacklist, would allow me to tag using genres from LastFM but only ever using tags in the whitelist. I saw this method being used elsewhere and thought it would be nice to have in Jaikoz.
    I keep getting forum post reply notifications in my email and when I follow the link to the topic, there is no reply. Any idea what is going on?
    It would be great if I could set up my own regular expressions and assign each a name and then use them as replacers for metadata fields.

    This one feature would be like a Swiss army knife, allowing me to do just about anything I need to do to the metadata.
    I guess actually the only one I can think of at the moment is change base folder location. Though, I have thought of others I'd like to see on the list before.
    For example, the comments field. I'd like to have autocorrect just delete the contents of the field entirely every time.

    I think we discussed regex before but I was just thinking that a regex replacer would be really nice and could also solve this problem.
    Seems the audio analysis features are the only thing I use J River Media Center and so it would be great if these features were available in Jaikoz.

    This would include Replay Gain, calculating BPM but maybe take it even further and set tempo, mood, occasion based on bpm, and/or other data available.
    Thanks, I'll look at this.
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