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Messages posted by: rovertag  XML
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Author Message
When an album is opened via "Manual Correct from Musicbrainz", the track#s for the matching MB release are always displayed inaccurately, incremented by +1. Track 1 = 2, Track 2 = 3, etc etc...

The tracks are updated with accurate data if the change is applied, so the issue seems to affect only the display and not the downloaded data.

This happens %100 of the time on my system. OSX, Jaikoz 5.3.0.


paultaylor wrote:

rovertag wrote:

With groups 9/10 times I see errors "release requires X tracks, but has Y" even if "only match complete releases" is *disabled*. The function is much more reliable if one one track is selected.

Usually only a small percentage of a users songs are not in MusicBrainz, but can be found in Discogs.


That's about %20 of my library. I must have odd taste in music

So could a "track-by-track" (non-grouped) option be added to the autocorrector?

I've noticed some issues with Discogs matching on Jaikoz in OSX. I'm wondering if the behavior is intended:

- "AutoCorrect from Discogs" usually fails on group selections, but works with individual selections.

With groups 9/10 times I see errors "release requires X tracks, but has Y" even if "only match complete releases" is *disabled*. The function is much more reliable if one one track is selected.

It seems like Discogs is hardwired to only match releases. I prefer individual Discogs matches since I primarily use Discogs for track-by-track Genre / Style info.

- "Match to one Discogs Release" seems to match more reliably than "Correct Metadata from Discogs". If an album selection does not match with "correct", I'll try again with "match" and often (%50) get matches.

So it seems like Jaikoz isn't grouping tracks properly during autocorrect.

Idea that I think would be awesome:

Instead of customizing the matching options (which fields to replace, which to ignore, etc), perhaps Jaikoz could just grab *all* the field data from the server, display it in the editing window, and highlight the non-matching fields in a different color (similar to Picard).

- light / dark orange for minor / major MB differences
- light / dark blue for minor / major Discogs differences.
- purple when a user elects to replace local with remote data.

The users may then replace (update) data by rows, columns, or selected fields.

This way we don't have to worry about customizing things like "ok, this time i want to replace the year, label, artwork, but i have the sort artist / album just the way i like it - so i want to skip those"... and so on.

All they have to do is select some / all tracks and click "update". This pulls and overlays the remote metadata. After the data is updated, the user can scan through the highlighted changes in the edit window, select the desired updates, and click / right-click "Apply Update [from MB or Discogs]" or something like that.

This seems more flexible and user-friendly to me.

Other components:

-- In the Details window, display the original and server data for comparison.

-- Let us "lock" fields (turn grey) so even if someone selects "update column from Musicbrainz" it will skip the locked fields in the column.

paultaylor wrote:
Do you mean an easy editing task, or a task that could be fully automated and added to the autocorrecter ?

The best way to do this at the moment would be:

Drag Custom 4 column to the right of Original Year column
Right click on Custom 4 column and select Empty Column
Select fields in Original Year and Custom 4 Columns
Select Edit/Append to Right  

I'd like to have this be an editing task - ideally something that could be automated. I would use this for adding Original Year and Label to custom fields.
Is there a trick to getting multiple artwork images to be downloaded? Jaikoz keeps only downloading the cover even though MB and Discogs have several images linked to the release.

paultaylor wrote:
Im not sure I follow.

If I select a field on row 0, the detail panel shows the details for row 0, if I then move to a field or row 1 the detail panel then shows details for row 1. Any selection in the rowno column is ignored.

I don' think this has changed from previous version of Jaikoz has it ? 

I'll double check this when I get back to my workstation.
I found it confusing when the song metadata details remained on the selected row when I was editing details in other tracks. Previously the details would change with the selected field.

Aside from adding a better visual indicator for the selected row (outline, color, etc) it would help if there was an option to link row selections to field selections. The desired behavior being that clicking on "artist" field in Song No 10 would also select that row.

eg "Row selections follows field selections".
All of the options in my "View" menu are enabled, even if the seleced track has no MusicBrainz / Discogs info and thus should have a disabled View option. If no MusicBrainz info is present, selecting "View this track online at Musicbrainz" does nothing.
I'd like to have a task that copies the value of one field to another field.

Eg. Copy "Original Year" to "Custom 4", always replace.
Copy "Label" to "Custom 5", Replace if empty

And so on.
Sorry, I should add that this is more of a question than a bug report. Is the proper procedure to select "rows" (eg, song numbers?) instead of individual fields? (In the past I used the contextual menu exclusively to process selected tracks... This is the first time I've tried selecting Song No). If so, it may make sense to highlight the entire row when a Song No is selected.
"[JAIKOZ-611] - Make menu options intelligently decide whther to work on all selected records or all visible records "

I am not seeing this behavior in the Edit Pane. If I select a single cell and click "Manual Correct from Musicbrainz" or "Update Metadata from Existing..." (toolbar or menu) Jaikoz will process all visible files.

Additionally, the Context Menu options for cells have changed significantly. When right-clicking on a cell I only see "Edit" and "Capitalizer" along with copy/delete/paste functions. Right-clicking on the Song No displays a autocorrect/play, delete, action, view online, and save options.

Lastly, a Song No selection is persistent. It is not de-selected when fields in other tracks are selected.

Jaikoz 5.2 build 1118
OSX 10.8.3
I need a mask to search for specific text in comments / grouping. Can someone help me with this? It must apply an operation if the text *contains* something, but is not exactly equal to something.

Eg. Comments: "Classic Rock, Live Performance, Guitar: Les Paul,"

The mask does this:
"if comments contains 'Guitar: Les Paul', then do this : otherwise do something else"

I only know the arithmetic operators (< > == and such). Not sure about the operator for "contains".

Is it possible to add the ability for Jaikoz to rename the files after a unique ID such as an iTunes Database ID? This would allow them to be rsynced regardless of the metadata changes. I'm not sure if there is a non-iTunes equivalent.

Yate displays something called a "PID" and "Unique File ID" but i'm not sure where it gets that data.

This would greatly simplify the process of rsyncing files from my DJ laptop to my central music server.

I've been using SuperSync for this, but aside form the fact that it barely works, it only syncs a small portion of the metadata. It can't "replace original files with modified files" which is what I need.
Yeah, that's what I've heard. Not a big deal though - I get that Jaikoz is a tagger and not exactly an iTunes Library manager. The one odd thing is that some of the tracks *are* rated with 5 stars. I'm not sure where that is coming from. Very few of my tracks are 5-star rated. Most are 2-3-4.
Awesome. There may be a similar issue with folder renaming. I *think* possibly maybe that adding sub-directories may break links as well... or it may have the potential to break them... or something. I noticed it when I was trying masks that added "Disc 1", "Disc 2" folders inside of the album folder. iTunes was complaining about some of those tracks.

I'll have another look when I get some spare time.
My comments as a simple end-user...

"Fix the ID3v1 / ID3v2 Files (some can be done from file/folder name some will need some other method) Album, Artist, Trackname, Track Number, Genre, Year etc "

- yes

"Add Album Art to every file."

- yes

"Create Folder Structure eg Artist\Artist - Album\Track - Artist - Trackname.mp3 based on the ID3"

- yes

"Remove all other files in the folders .txt files"

- yes, in theory. While it does not remove non-media files, it does allow media files to be moved or copied to a new "clean" location.

"Remove all useless information from the ID3, comments etc"

- yes

"Create .pls for each Album"

- not sure

"Automatically watch a folder for new folders and apply the above rules then move to a different folder, eg /Jaikoz-Complete"

- yes, you may even elect to have it move only the files that have been matched. It's not fully automated or anything. The user must manually initiate the autocorrect process, but after that is done it can automatically correct, rename, save and move the media files.
I think this was already requested... but it lieu of autocorrect profiles (or in addition to them) it would be great to be able to update only the fields I have selected.

so basically a more granular way to autocorrect or update certain parts of songs without having to reconfigure my autocorrect prefs.

eg. I want to import fresh sort artist data for a few albums. or perhaps I want to update + replace just the genre or release types.

Update Selected Fields
- From Musicbrainz (overwrite / replace if empty)
- From Discogs (overwrite / replace if empty)
When I correct a filename to remove various illegal characters (like replacing "&" with "and"... or when accents are replaced with "?" (Dondé = Dond?) iTunes will not be able to locate the file new file. This does not happen with simple text.

"Sam & Máx" will break iTunes link when renamed to "Sam and M?x"

"Fate of Atlantis" re-links just fine when renamed. Even with a complex-ish mask like "02_13 - Fate_of_Atlantis-LucasArts-(1996)"

With iTunes Updates + Keep Playlist of Changes enabled...
iTunes 11.0.2, OSX 10.8.3, Jaikoz 5.1.1
Is there any way to get Jaikoz to recognize existing iTunes track ratings? They currently show up as unrated.
I just spent about two hours re-writing my javascript rename masks in TextEdit on OSX. When I pasted in my final changes and clicked "Save", Jaikoz hung for a second and reset the masks to their previous state (2 hours earlier).

Jaikoz was "Idle" but I was I frequently copy/pasting text back-and-forth between Jaikoz and TextEdit to test my changes. So it was sort of being used and in focus during the idle time.

The last messages in the debug log are from 5:43pm when I started working on the masks. I clicked "Save" at about 7:48pm.

Deeper in to the OSX Console, messages from ~ 7:48 include:
"JavaApplicationStub[3846]: CPSSetForegroundOperationState(): This call is deprecated and should not be called anymore."
"JavaApplicationStub [3891]:NSDocumentController Info.plist warning" (etc etc... I reported this before).
(Last message repeated twice)

So again it looks like the only flag that went up during that time was the NSDocumentController Info.plist warning. I'm not sure if this is really relevant to the problem I noticed... However, if it is, and if this is somehow related to preference changes being ignored, it would explain a LOT of the inconsistency I've experienced.

Any chance that this issue can get resolved so I can test it in the next beta?

Thanks, and have a great weekend!
nevermind - user error. works now
I am seeing this error in Jaikoz when I try to update metadata from my local MusicBrainz slave server...

com.jthink.jaikoz.manipulate.musicbrainzhelper.MusicBrainzServerQuery:doQuery:SEVERE: Problem doing Musicbrainz RESTQuery:IOException:Connection refused
java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused

Any advice?
It would be nice to have more flexibility when dealing with alternative punctuation and such. But I think basically all letters after : , - . ; should be capitalized. So that would work.
What about tweaking the options in Capitalizer to add "Capitalize First Letter in Titlecase After..."

Add: ": "
Add: "- "

and so on...

paultaylor wrote:
Okay, you didnt tell me you had configured a deletion folder that Jaikoz moves files to rather than actually deleting, by default files are just deleted.

So maybe this is the issue, but Im unclear exactly what the issue is now ?


That isn't really an issue for me. I mentioned it because it was not consistent with the behavior you reported.

The bigger issue I have been wrestling with is the inconsistency with how the iTunes database is updated after Jaikoz performs file and folder name corrections. There may be many contributing factors such as the depth of the new sub directory, special characters in the folder / file name, iTunes configuration, Jaikoz configuration and/or buggyness with the prefs.

I'm still trying to find a consistent formula that reproduces the issues.

rovertag wrote:

19,895 songs in database vs 5948 files in default read directory. Can I somehow purge the database of old songs?


Nevermind... I just noticed the "Empty Cache" option.

paultaylor wrote:
Ive checked it, and in fact the preference is not cached. I also tried it and worked as expected, when the option is checked the track is removed from iTunes, when it is unchecked the track remains in iTunes and when clicked on in iTunes complains it cannot find it and asks if you would like to locate it.

I tested using OSX 10.8.2 and iTunes 10.

I'll upgrade to OSX 10.8.3 and iTunes 11, if still works
may need some more testiong at your end 

I'm on OSX 10.8.3 with iTunes 11.0.2.

If I disable the 'remove from iTunes' preference and delete a file in Jaikoz, the track does stay in iTunes as expected. However, iTunes still plays it and shows that it is now linked to the file in the Jaikoz deleted items directory.

I see these messages in OSX Console when launching Jaikoz...

4/25/13 5:37:06.797 PM JavaApplicationStub[1595]: NSDocumentController Info.plist warning: The values of CFBundleTypeRole entries must be 'Editor', 'Viewer', 'None', or 'Shell'.
4/25/13 5:37:06.797 PM JavaApplicationStub[1595]: NSDocumentController Info.plist warning: The values of CFBundleTypeRole entries must be 'Editor', 'Viewer', 'None', or 'Shell'.
4/25/13 5:37:07.631 PM Finder[202]: CFPropertyListCreateFromXMLData(): Old-style plist parser: missing semicolon in dictionary on line 1. Parsing will be abandoned. Break on _CFPropertyListMissingSemicolon to debug.

Odd database info:
"17.40.57:com.jthink.jaikoz.data.AudioFileFromDirectoryAndFilesLoader:run:SEVERE: Load Songs:Endatabase song count:19895"
"5:40:58 PM: INFO: 5,948 files are loaded"

19,895 songs in database vs 5948 files in default read directory. Can I somehow purge the database of old songs?

paultaylor wrote:
It saying you have a tags field (i.e genre) but no actual genre data, I don't think it is a problem although I'm a little unsure why you have empty tags fields seeing as only Jaikoz creates these types of fields, and shouldng create them if the field is empty in the Jaikoz UI.

So there may be a minor issue that I'll look into to. 

Does Apple Lossless (ALAC) vs. AAC matter? Half of my library is ALAC.

paultaylor wrote:
Hmm, someone else reported a simiiar problem but I don't have the problem myself.

So you are saying you go into Preferences, make some changes and select Save, then open Preferences again and the changes are lost. Or that they are kept but on closing Jaikoz and restarting they are lost ? 

No %100 consistent behavior, sorry. Generally the UI indicates that the preference changes are remembered after saving and re-opening preferences. But the software doesn't always seem to be obeying the changes. Eg, if I disable "remove deleted items from itunes" and delete a file, Jaikoz may still remove the item from iTunes. But if I relaunch Jaikoz it will obey the preference change and leave the deleted track in iTunes.

(Oddly this seems to dynamically re-link the iTunes track to the new location of the file without affecting any of the metadata... eg "date added" stays the same, but "Get Info" on the track shows that it is pointing at the track that now lives in the "deleted items" folder... It'd be great to have this same behavior with tracks that were simply relocated instead of deleted.

I also once had all of my MusicBrainz matching options revert to an earlier state... this may have been after the computer was idle / asleep for a while, or after relaunching the software. I don't remember.

Again, it's not a super-consistent issue which is why I'm wondering if there is some way to verify in real-time if the preference changes are acknowledged. I have been going through the applescript logs and checking to see if the scripts have been doing what they should be doing... But I don't know if that's the right approach.

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