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I guess it is better to have a well-developed product than a poorly-developed and well-marketed product. So it seems like you are assigning your resources best for the consumer.

I am impressed with the highly responsive programmers (both in response time and in depth and breadth of addressing user needs/wishes/requests/tweaks). That swift and direct personal feel, combined with the highly manipulate-able search algorithms, has given Jaikoz a unique edge over the other tools out there. It also seems that there is a shared interest amongst the programmers and users in proactively growing the tool in a focused, yet open-minded way.

Having used the Picard program, as well as the MusicBrainz site in general, I have come to find their results too broad and nearly unhelpful. But adding your search algorithms to the MusicBrainz database has created a powerful and highly useable tool. I think Jaikoz is the only way to make use of the vast amount of information in the MusicBrainz database in any functional manner.

I will say this though - when researching audio file tagging programs, and coming across Jaikoz, it was very difficult to find a single 3RD PARTY site which aggregated the comments and user feedback from the program.

I found over two dozen different portals for downloading the Jaikoz software, yet only a handful had user reviews, if they even had a single review at all.

It seems like user feedback drives dowload numbers pretty significantly. Dowload.com/CNET, which I consult frequently, had 4 user reviews, all of which were outstanding. With such a small sample size and all positive reviews, I was definitely skeptical. Plus, after reading the reviews on the Jaikoz site which seemed too good to be true, I searched even more.

Disaggregated across all those sites there were probably 5K downloads total listed and maybe 15 user reviews. Consolidated into a single location and compiling the numbers I'm sure would have a positive effect. To build awareness, for your sake, it might help to direct all traffic to one third party site to build a body of impartial reviews, which in turn propagates an increase in software downloads.

All in all, thanks for the great program. I look forward to partaking in it as it grows.
Great program, I'm surprised how long it has taken me to find it!

Here is what I am looking to do with my music collection (10K+ files). I would like to tag all of my music (mp3) files with the following two features:

1. If it is a studio track (which a majority of mine are) to tag it with the earliest studio album to which it was originally associated (disregarding all various artist compilations or greatest hits).

I am aware of all the algorithms present in Jaikoz to optimize this process. However, what would help me even more, is to have the "ALBUM RELEASE YEAR" field present in the Manual Correct Tags from MusicBrainz output window, and possibly the "RELEASE TYPE (Compilation/Album)" field as well. I know MusicBrainz has this as a field listing. That way, I can quickly flip down the screen and select the most pertinent album for the file in manual mode (if need be).

2. To add the highest resolution album art photos possible to the abovementioned album files. Currently I manually use a website (www.slothradio.com/covers) which is lightening quick and fast loading, and instantly provides several cover options. In "advanced options" it is possible to search "largest available", or large, medium, or small images. I believe the algorithm queries the public domain on the internet and pulls up images. I then copy/paste these into the tags. Definitely not the best approach, but the images look great on large computer screens.

I noticed that the album art that Jaikoz grabs all has a very low resolution and has small file sizes. Maybe that is because it merges the album art into the file as opposed to iTunes which puts the art in a separate folder (and you want to minimize the track file size)? Is there a way to either expand the album art file size permitted (greater than the 10 MB on Jaikoz) and/or piggyback with a similar search engine as the slothradio.com/covers site to generate larger album art files? There could be an option to save the art to another folder (a la iTunes) for people looking to minimize track size.

Again, great program, and one that seems to be unique amongst all others out there which I have researched pretty extensively. I am interested to hear your feedback on the above two points, and if those features might be integrated in the near future.

Thank you.
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