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yes indeed I don't want it to do any thing because nothing is selected.

It happens frequently that I hit the save and move button but forgot to select that first column.

Music is then moved to the different location, where my already checked music is. I then have to manually sort out my mistake.

I would prefer a option to override this behavior, or that a highlighted column is enough to trigger only that row and not all rows to be saved and moved.

Normally you only do one time select all save and move. If you like me check manually every song one has to highlight the first column every time, which is prone to error.

Another thing is the warning: you selected only x rows can we not turn this warning after the first time off?

Kind regards
Hi There,

I would like to see a option that get's rid of the default behaviour that save every file when nothing is selected.

No music tagger is perfect, and I took it upon myself to check every file manually.

When I click in a row and hit play the song is played. This is expected behaviour and in general chosen among different programs(foobar2000,vlc etc).

Jaikoz deviates from this path when hitting the save button. When notting, or not the first column is selected everything is saved and moved.

I hope that there's a hidden setting that to save a move a selection needs to be done.

Kind Regards
I'm using musicbee and I have also running madsonic on a server
I found them ...

Jaikoz moved them to


This directory didn't existed before..

Song per song it goes to the correct directory \\QNAP\Qmultimedia\MusicChecked

albeit with a error mesage that it can't save the song there.

But when I inspect the song is moved.

Maybe Jaikoz has difficulties with network path

Guy Forssman
Hi there,

When I didn't selected a song and pushed the "Save and move" button I notice that Jaikoz started to move everything.

This was not what I wanted. I do this normally song per song and Jaikoz always gives me a notice that the song isn't saved but it is. THIS is for 1 song at the time.

I looked in my "saved directory" but noticed the songs 1347 wheren't there.

The console claims otherwise, but that's not the case.

Where are they?

Mar 12, 2018 7:24:09 PM: WARNING: Started to save and move 1,347 songs to \\QNAP\Qmultimedia\MusicChecked
Mar 12, 2018 7:24:09 PM: INFO: Started to save changes to all modified songs
Mar 12, 2018 7:24:09 PM: INFO: Song renamed from C:\Users\guyf\Documents\musictagged\Adam and the Ants\Prince Charming\06 Stand and Deliver.mp3 to \QNAP\Qmultimedia\MusicChecked\Adam and the Ants\Prince Charming\06 Stand and Deliver.mp3
Mar 12, 2018 7:24:09 PM: INFO: Song renamed from C:\Users\guyf\Documents\musictagged\Adele\21\01 Rolling in the Deep (1).mp3 to \QNAP\Qmultimedia\MusicChecked\Adele\21\01 Rolling in the Deep (1).mp3

paultaylor wrote:
There have been a few posts about this issue so I'm just going to summarise how I see it.

In Jaikoz 380 (beta) if you set Preferred Release Date to Earliest Release Date Jaikoz will normally match Jaikoz to the song with the earliest release date, but there are two cases where it will not.

1. Your song is a better metamatch to a compilation
2. Your song is in fact a later version of a song, different to the original song that you want it to match to, normally identified by having significantly different track length.

Currently you can get round <1> by setting Prefer do not Match to Various/Single Artist Compilation , there is no way to solve problem <2>

Going forward I have had the following requests.

1. For compilations continue to match to the compilation track but put into the Year field the release year of the original song.

2. For compilations continue to match to the compilation track but put into Original Release Time field (ID3 only field in current version of Jaikoz) the release year of the original song.

3. Match all fields to the earliest song you can find even if track lengths dont actually match.

I don't like (3) firstly because its just wrong for Jaikoz to match to a song that it knows is incorrect, and secondly because it could cause problem for Musicbrainz, if having matched to these songs you send Musicbrainz Ids/Puids back to Musicbrainz you are in fact corrupting the Musicbrainz database.

It turns out that normally people want <3> just to get the correct release year, so the best solution is <2> because then the metadata is perfectly correct and it gives you the information you require. <1> is not quite correct either although its not going to corrupt Musicbrainz, of course if you really want to put the original release year into the release year field you can do that easily in Jaikoz using Prepend to Left.

Technically finding the song with the earliest release date would take forever on the current version of Musicbrainz but with Musicbrainz NGS it is alot more feasible because the same track (known as recording in NGS) can be on multiple albums so quite easy to iterate through the releases to find the earliest release date. So if you do want to keep your compilation metadata you can then use this method to get the original release date. However when the track is a different version it will not be the same recording so we cannot use this method, but we could to a more exhaustive metadata search to find tracks with same name but different lengths if not necessary to do it for every track. We can also make use of track A is an earlier version of track B relationships within Musicbrainz, those there are fairly rare.

In the interface there would simply be another match option called Do extra searches to find original release , it would also complete the ID3 fields Original Release (which would become a field for all formats) . That way you are getting the extra information you want without losing any information.


If I want to get the earliest release date found in the Original Year tag How do I proceed?
For instance "Hunting High and Low (remix)" from A-Ha

I did a CTRL+SHiFT+5 (Manual correct Metadata from MusicBrainz) and pointed to the 1985 year.

It was filled in correctly , but the question is can't Jaikoz do this automatically for chosen songs?
I'm a pro license user but can't find the Do extra searches to find original release

Kind Regards


Discogs has more info regarding a cd.

Take the cd New Beat - Take 2 (http://www.discogs.com/release/330125
Musicbrainz has less info regarding this title.

It would be nice if info like Written-By is filled into Composer for instance.

This isn't the case wright now

Guy Forssman
ps I lost my old login to the forum so I made a New one
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