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Messages posted by: LTPairs  XML
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So is my only option then really to manually enter in the paths?

Also it seems that this breakage is also creating an anomaly that the artist folder creation (which I have in the script) is ignored as well so all that happens in it's current form is it deposits the files in a single directory instead of creating /Artists/Album/ structure.
I am organizing my music by major genres, and for the most part this script works well:

 function ifnotempty(value,sep){
      return value.length > 0 ? value + sep : '';
  function ifnotempty2(value1,value2,sep){
      return value1.length > 0 ? value1 + sep :value2.length > 0 ? value2 + sep:'' ;
 folderseparator + genre + folderseparator + ifnotempty2(albumartist,artist,folderseparator) + originalyear + ifnotempty(album,folderseparator)
  + (disctotal>1 ? discno  + folderseperator : '') 

But for some reason this randomly does not work. It has happened on a few files here and there, and when it does fail it takes on the attributes of the current folder that it is in. So if I am on /Desktop it would create a new subfolder called /Desktop in the new location.

I thought this may have been corruption of a few random older files i had, but I just ripped a CD to my desktop, applied my changes, went to do my
*Save and Move* action and that failed.

In this case it was a compilation CD, but I use the same script for regular renaming, and I even tried with ticking "is compilation" off. Same results.
But the kicker is I was able to do this before without save and move. The save and move requires steps I never needed to perform before so it was far more automated.
So here is a prime example. This is on a drive called MB which has all my old music. In a normal scenario I would want to drag/drop these files from their existing directory (in this case /Volumes/MB/TIME LIFE) and ultimately want them deposited into /Volumes/MB/Music/{Genre}/{Artist}/{Album}.

In the past I could do this with any named volume. For instance I have another drive with music in a path called /Volumes/Music2Go/Music. I could use Jaikoz unaltered to do the same exact correct and move function.
Which exact settings do you need screens on. I can of course snag those.
Hmmm if I do the save and move method, it will just move the file to the root of the directory I point to, not the appropriate folder creation.

I know I had done this before with the 'correct sub folders from metadata'. I could work on different volumes, and each time I would update a file, I would first correct the filename from meta, and then do a move from meta. It would always find the root of the working folder I was in, then the directory 'Music', and then create the appropriate artist/album structure.

Right now it seems it keeps on trying to create a temporary base folder for each folder I am in (which is not the Music directory). So it never moves it to the proper folder.
My laptop crashed and I didn't have a backup of my rename masks. Bangs head.

Anyways I had a method where I was always performing a rename to a named root folder (in this case 'Music'). For some reason I cannot remember the syntax and every method I have tried results in some failure.

ifnotempty2(albumartist,artist,folderseparator) + ifnotempty(album,folderseparator) + (disctotal>1 ? discno + folderseparator : '') + ' ' + album

modified1 - complete error:
ifnotempty2(folderseperator + 'Music' + folderseperator) + (albumartist,artist,folderseparator) + ifnotempty(album,folderseparator) + (disctotal>1 ? discno + folderseparator : '') + ' ' + album
So trying to resolve this issue. In many cases when I do an autocorrect, the original year does not populate in the year id3 tag. The metadata does appear in Original Release Year, but it does not carry over to the tag all the time, and sometimes is populating with an incorrect year.

I am assuming I have a wrong setting in my properties (OS-X & v.8.2.1)
I am in the middle of restructuring my music, and one of the things I am doing is using subgenres in the genre field, and then putting those subgenres into the big genre folder. (e.g. Alternative Rock would be under Rock). Then I can build smartlists that can call genres that might be crossover genres (say Country Rock would live both as Country and Rock).

Is there a way to have Jaikoz pull the style tag instead of the genere tag?
Profile for LTPairs -> Messages posted by LTPairs [9]
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