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Also it should tell you on the top bar of the app.


Jaikoz Audio Tagger 10.0 NGS Pro Licensed To:<You Email>
Cool. thx for that.

springdream wrote:
I am going to get a 3years one then... ;-) 

Can you still buy a 3 year license? I was going to the same but I don't see any option other than 1 year.

springdream wrote:
I am going to get a 3years one then... ;-) 

Can you still buy a 3 year license? I was going to the same but I don't see any option other than 1 year.
I'm not against paying for upgrades, however doing it on a yearly rather version basis relies on the developer actually making new versions within that time frame.

For example had I bought one year of upgrades for Jaikoz this time last year I would have only gone from v9.3 to v9.4/9.4.1. Not really a massive change in functionality.

However Songkong has gone from 4.13 to 5.13 in that time period and has added a tonne of new features.

Do you have a roadmap of Jaikoz releases for the next year to date to help me decied how to proceed?
I've just installed this over 9.3.0 which was saying that I needed to pay for future upgrades, stupidly thinking that meant starting from v10 so I now have 9.4.0 running in temporary trial mode.

Is it possible to downgrade back to 9.3.0 to restore full functionality without losing my settings?

paultaylor wrote:
There is not a separate field for V0 but I guess you could use Javascript substring function to extract the info you need from the %codec_profile% field 

Cheers, I'll give that a go.
Apologies if I've suggested this before, I couldn't see it on a search..

I was playing about with Foobar2000 today and I noticed a few field names available on the file functionality "move to"


When put together you can get strings like
MP3 275 VBR V0
MP3 192 CBR

I presume these are taken from the lame/xing header.

I've been looking for a way to add the bitrate to my folder names for a while, basically to see what needs re-ripped in better quality.

I'm pretty sure it's already possible to do this on Jaikoz as long as all tracks are the same bitrate and are CBR. However for VBR I would likely create 10 folders for an album of 10 songs if I just used the bitrate.

Could Jaikoz pull through the codec and the -V0, -V2 setting rather than the individual track bitrate?


U2/Boy (1980) [MP3 -V0]\01 - I Will Follow.mp3
Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but this is exactly what I'm looking for. With the exception of Bliss I can't find any artwork manager/tagger that can tell me if I have multiple covers for the same album and highlight or fix the issue.

Would be great if Jaikoz could identify those scenarios.

Also the ability to filter for albums with covers less than or more than a certain dimensions would be good. I know Jaikoz will resize if the cover is larger than the defined preference and ignore if smaller when tagging, but I don't think it can identify those that are smaller than the minimum and already embedded.
I seem to be having a nightmare with screenshots, I tried to attach one to the original post and it kept crashing on submit, and then you can't see the hosted pic either!

Anyway, I did a manual match as suggested and yes it updated the track ids.

No problem.

Ok so take for example Avi Buffalo's self titled album from 2009.

As you will see from the screenshot here https://www.photobox.co.uk/my/photo?album_id=5281980424&photo_id=500657959349, my files currently have the musicbrainz release ID:

When I click update metadata from existing musicbrainz, I get the "no map..." warning.

Interestingly the "no map..." references musicbrainz release ID:
368288f8-5960-4ef4-ac0c-d33db0f70b1c and not the ID in the tag.

Both of these releases exist on musicbrainz

Although only the second one is available if you just go the artist page and click the album link. They look to be duplicates tbh, anyway....

My question is two fold
1) What does this warning mean?
2) Is there an automated option to fix or do I have to manually delete the metadata and rematch?
Whilst updating the Musicbrainz and Discogs data on my collection I often see "no map between song... and release...." I presume this is where either the original Discogs URL/MB Release ID has changed or the IDs have just been copy and pasted manually in the fields.

Is there any automatic way to remove the MB/Discogs Release IDs for those in order to rescan and find a proper match, or do I have to do it manually?
I'm going through my my Various Artist compilations and updating tag info from MB and Discogs.

I note that some albums are being "mangled" and on further inspection it's clear that it's because the albums in question have more than one unique MB ID and/or Discogs ID.

So my question is, what is the easiest way to fix these? I have around 100,000 tracks to go through, so I don't really want to do it manually.

I thought of just stripping all of the discogs and mbids and retagging but that seems a bit extreme as I'm sure there are plenty tagged correctly.

I guess I could export the tags to a spreadsheet and use the album name vs MB Album ID / discogs ID to remove dupes and then check for any that have more than one listing of the album.

Before I do so is there something obvious within the app that I'm missing?
Excellent, cheers.
Not strictly a Jaikoz question but I can't for the life of me fathom it out.

So I tag a FLAC album in Jaikoz and then convert it to MP3. *
I then Load the MP3s into Jaikoz to check the tags.

The following map across:

Disc No
Track No
Album Artist

However Sort Artist, Sort Album Artist, Grouping, Musicbrainz, Discogs tags all sit under User Defined Text Info rather than the Jaikoz fields.

I'm guessing this to do with the mapping from FLAC Vorbis Comments to MP3 ID3V2 tags.

I'm looking to convert a large library of Jaikoz tagged FLACs to MP3 but don't want to have to retag the MP3s once converted.

Any hints?

*Using DBPoweramp with Default DSP ID Tag Processing Set
Same result using Foobar

Thanks for the explanation, although I must admit I'm still confused.

Probably doesn't help that I don't use iTunes.

For reference when i was referring to Grouping vs Contentgroup, I was viewing this tag in MP3Tag and was basing it on the field name in those apps rather than the ID for the field. While I tag the majority of my files with Jaikoz I still use mp3tag for the odd more stubborn match.

Files which I tagged with jaikoz last year have my discog genres in the tag called GROUPING and files that I've tagged recently have them in the tag called CONTENTGROUP. If they both map to the same field that's cool.

To be honest I use Plex and Kodi to play music neither of which use the grouping field, I just figured at some point in the future one or the other might allow it to be used.

I noticed recently that the Grouping field on Jaikoz has switched from %grouping% to %contentgroup% when viewing. I'm sure there are reasons for this, so not too fussed.

I want to update all of my existing media so that the %contentgroup% field now has data (in my case Discogs Genre) and then I want to delete the old %grouping% field.

I loaded up an album and I can see the old grouping field on the ID3tag tab under the column "Unknown list", an example if i open the display data box is: GRP1:Text="Rock";

All fine and good but I can't copy that field to the new %contentgroup% field (or any field for that matter). I also wanted to check if I could remove the old %grouping% field, so I went ahead and selected empty column, which removed the data in that column and saved.

Closed Jaikoz and opened it again reloaded the files and the Unknown List/GRP1 tag is still there.

Now I could go into mp3tag and just copy from %grouping% to %contentgroup% but I'd rather do it in Jaikoz due to memory limitations. Not all of my media has tags derived from discogs/mb, but they do all have a grouping so I can't just use update discogs data to populate the new field.

Am I missing something obvious?

Apologies for the delay. The issue seems to have ceased. I think Windows was losing the drive map to my NAS and that was causing Jaikoz to close.

Ever since I updated Windows 10 to the latest version, Jaikoz has been crashing on me.

No errors as such, it just disappears a few seconds after "auto-correct songs" is triggered.

I'm running:
Windows Home 10.0.15063 Build 15063
Jaikoz 9.2.0 NGS Pro (64 bit)

Anyone else having this issue?

NCF wrote:
I'd like to see a new filter in Jaikoz: by file last modification timestamp. Sometimes we process some tracks and just forget an action (capitalization, for instance), so it's easier to go back and select the files to review based on the file modification timestamp. 

Would it be possible to customise the existing 3 filters to select exactly the fields you'd like filtered. This would be useful to see which fields were empty other than Artist.Genre.Album.

paultaylor wrote:
That is the purpose of Save and Move if Matched 

That was badly explained. I mean where say musicbrainz hasn't been matched but discogs has, or all of the necessary main tags are in place.

paultaylor wrote:
Since your folder structure groups songs by their original album rather than the overall collection Jaikoz will always try to match to those smaller grouping rather than than the overall release, and for most people this would be the correct behaviour.

Making use of the Match to Song to Specified MusicBraunz/Discogs[Album option or Match to One MusicBrainz/Discogs Album would be your best solution. 

Makes sense thanks
I've recently discovered that I can move folders that have been updated by Musicbrainz using "Save and Move" which is great. Would it be possible to combine that with the rename folder/file masks so that any tagged folders could be renamed and moved to my music directory in the form I like while leaving the non-tagged items in situ for manual intervention?
I notice that Jaikoz struggles with a collection of albums sold as one package, more often than not naming the original individual albums rather than the overall collection.

For an example I've just tagged UFO's The Complete Studio Albums 1974-1986 using the auto-tag function. As the collection does not exist on ,the tagger has tagged the individual albums as the originals. However the collection does exist on Discogs (https://www.discogs.com/UFO-The-Complete-Studio-Albums-1974-1986/release/6771341) but the tagger will never look for that as it already has the associated individual discogs urls from the musicbrainz releases.

For reference the folder structure as it stands is:

Artist - Year - Album/Artist -Year - Original Album1/Track - Title
Artist -Year - Original Album2/Track - Title

I had the same problem with a Talking Heads album collection where the folders were a little better

Artist/ Year - Album/CD 1 - Original Album1/Track - Title
CD 2 - Original Album2/Track - Title

Is there any way to correct this behaviour other than a manual match to specified discogs release?
Yes, sorry.

I presume that the "/" between 01/02 for instance is causing Jaikoz to reject the track no?

It's fine I'll just rerun mp3tag to format the track no back to two digits. Mp3tag it's clearly not splitting the track no / track total to separate tags when using it's numbering wizard.
In that case it's probably mp3tag being non-compliant. I'll send the screenshots via email in any case.


It used to change the /u0000 to a square on tab, but now it just deletes the value and leaves nothing in it's place.

I'm also seeing behaviour where in mp3tag a track has a tag of:

TRACK - 01/02

However in Jaikoz the track is blank and only the total tracks is displayed.

I tried to attach a couple of screenshots explaining what I mean, but the forum keeps timing out.

For reference this is happening on FLAC tags

I like to use multiple genre tags on my music files which I've set Jaikoz to pick up from Styles on Discogs. This all works as expected.

I'm retagging some old music which I think I did on Mp3Tag. I had the genre separator on mp3tag as \\. Where it worked the genres map to a tag each and display correctly in Jaikoz

i.e. mp3tag

GENRE: Indie Rock
GENRE: Alternative Rock
GENRE: Pop Rock


Genre: [3]Pop Rock
*The others being underneath.

However some of my files just pull through as a single string:
GENRE: Indie Rock\\Alternative Rock\\Pop Rock

I seem to remember I used to be able to search and replace on Jaikoz using the unicode \u0000 to split entries, but it won't accept that as an entry anymore. Is this by design or a bug?

v9.10 Build 1160

Works a treat.

One other question, "move associated files" only moves from the folder level that holds the music files. Is there any way to get it to move a subfolder too (or the containing files) where the stricture is something like:

Albumx\01 - Song.mp3
Ah, that makes sense. Ok I'll give that a shot. Cheers
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