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That option is enabled in the last few release, and I'm hoping that if I do http://jthink.net:8081/browse/SONGKONG-519 then there will be less requirement to ever turn that option off

That would be great !

If you want to further get away with always enabling "whole folder" maybe some kind of heuristic can be used if you have an edition with more track than MB. If say you have track 1-12 matched to track 1-12 of a 12 track MB album but on your local folder you also have track 13-15 that have the same album name as track 1-12. Then what ?

- Maybe keep original album title (it was determined to be consistent and may include Special/Limited/Deluxe edition mark)
- But match the rest as an album match for the 15 tittles ?
- If 15 on your side, 12 on MB side is acceptable, is 20/12 acceptable, 30/12?

I don't like that idea, too complex, i think either you only want a complete match or you don't mind a partial match

In theory I do see a difference in matching 10 files out of 12 and matching 10 file out of 40. In practice I'll give you it don't happens that often. But there are sinkholes waiting to happens like that 240cd Japanese monster: http://musicbrainz.org/release-group/0eb70f80-7d09-4554-8b54-ebc157098ab6

a key thing about Undo is that it still works if you close SongKong and restart it.

a key thing about the "Report" menu is that you can get any recent report and it still work if you close SongKong and restart it

I believe the thing is, if I catch something fishy, I'll assume I need manual correction, then I want to the before/after to see which one is easier to edit to correct information.

Most of the time I might want to reverse only album name, album artist, track #, disc #. This kind of relate to your first link about which field are track related and which are album related.

As for the feasibility, can you accept a working directory as a command line argument on a future build? Maybe also support path that are url-escaped (like %20 for space)

So okay I think I get it, you have Chinese album but you know the tracks by the English translation of the titles but MusicBrainz only has a version of the release containing the Chinese titles.
What do you think ?

Maybe upon a match, conditionally merge Artist, Title, Album Name if they are mostly of the user approved alphabet. Other fields can be merged as is.
sort-name can be used instead of name where it would make the result compatible with desired charset.


In Format > Multi Disc Release
Add disc number to the title if disc has title

I check this option in case each disc has a particular thematic like

Cuba: I Am Time
CD 1: Cuban Invocations
CD 2: Cantar En Cuba
CD 3: Bailar Con Cuba
CD 4: Cubano Jazz

However it the disc title is basically the disc# I'd prefer to ignore it.

A point can be made that with that many disc, it's useful to keep them as separate entries. However (disc 1: Volume 1) (disc 2: Volume 2) is just ugly. Maybe it's the "disc n:" prefix that need to conditionally go.


Small UI suggestions:

Do not have the focus set on the "STOP" button in fix song progress window.
Sometime I wake from the screen saver (auto turn off of the screen) using spacebar and at least once it has accidentally stopped the matching process.

Artwork > Save artwork to filesystem
That textbox is strange, it auto pad the text with space to the rigth.
so the saved artwork are named accordingly
"folder .jpg"

It alwais puzzle me when "# completed" tracks is greather than "# loaded"

I guess it is because the 3cd box set is not in musicbrainz, but the 9 cd set is, could you check this for me ?  

Exactly. MusicBrainz is a good database perhaps one of the best, but still incomplete. The whole point of my intervention is heuristic to avoid catastrophic failures. First time I launched SK, i forgot to set the "whole folder" tag and about 20% of the song in the library got remaped from unknown compilation (to musicbrainz) to various very incomplete CD.

That's another reason I propose Complete Album as a separate option. If the user collection is a such a mess that folder structure cannot be trusted (Or a new user don't really know the effect of doing the match on the whole library) Then at least don't introduce more mess. Only match when you are pretty sure a match is good.

Or Scratch that Complete Album idea, make it a configurable minimum trust level. "Only match album when at least xx% tracks are matched". The complete album would be the special case xx=100%. 25% or 50% could be a sensible default. I'm pretty sure most user would consider less that 3 track our of 12 a false positive.

This is easy enough for a one cd release, but if you have a cd release do you store each disc in a separate folder or not, if they are in separate folders it can be awkward to realize that multiple folders refer to one album but SongKong does try and do this.

I'm a bit inconsistent on this. If I feel each disk has a thematic each will have it's own folder. If a feel it's a question of storage then all in the same folder.

But I do see your point I have a 3CD box that has been remaped to 3 1CD box. I don't care that much because track order and everything is the same.

Then "Whole folder" match really should be "whole subtree" match. I suppose a deep of 1 could cover most case (Ie when some condition are met go up one parent folder, then match all subfolder)

Example of some condition to check initiate multi-disc subtree check
> Metadata indicate disc > 1, with no disc "1 or <empty>" in the directory
> Heuristic on folder name: contain "CD nn", "C.D. nn", "Disc nn", "Vol nn", "Volume nn"

Then check that parent folder is indeed a multi-disk release.
>All music of subfolder of parent have the same album metadata or
>All music subfolder have the previous heuristic with a proper sequence of nn

accept "/release volume 1, /release volume 2, /release volume 3"
accept "/foo (CD 1 of 4), /bar (CD 2 of 4), /gnu CD 3"

In the case of "/disc 1, /disc 2, /disk 3, /extra" then maybe cluster the 3 "disc" together and have the "extra" a separate release

refuse "/foo CD 1, /bar CD 1" (Cluster as two release)
refuse "/foo CD 1, /bar CD 3" (Cluster as two release)(??)
accept "/foo CD 1, /foo CD 3" (Cluster as one with missing cd)(??)
refuse "/disc 1, /Volume 2, /cd 3, " (Cluster as three)

In case of doubt refuse (do not agregate) that would imitate current "whole folder" behavior.

you could just then select one of your sub folders and undo 

Does it work backward too ? The worst thing SK can do to me is to split an album to 10 other and spread them all over the place because of different artist. Can I undo on the source folder, or i have to process each destination ?

I dont really understand what you mean by SongKong protocol  

SongKong communicate the change to the user by the mean of an HTML report. So i tough a natural place to process undo is from inside that report. Now how to launch SK from an html page ?

Enter protocols. "http:" "file:" "ftp:" "mailto:" "irc:"
The first one (http) tell to open a web page. However "mailto:" will open a email client with the specified email to contact. "irc:" will open a chat client with the specified server. "ftp:" can be handled by browser or an external ftp client.

You can register your own protocol "SongKong" and register yourself as a protocol handler. I believe they are cross browser and cross platform. If anything only because how old are the needs of "mailto:" and "ftp:". If you say you already support per folder undo then it would only be a matter of encoding the folder path in in a base64 compatible url from inside a link in the report.

It what way does it 'not work very well'  

Copying 100 track from a different drive to monitored folder resulted in about 15 track being caught by the monitor. Track where large (flac) and copy was slow (across drives) that's why i think race condition. They where then successfully tagged by a full library "Fix Song"

Right, are they just one out it shouldnlt do that, I assume you are actually running SongKong on Windows,noy on linux then looking at the songs on Windows ?

Yeah SongKong on window only. I discovered i can "unlock" a file with a too long path by renaming the parent directory. (But explorer complain if i try to rename the file rather than the directory). So maybe they where created in the first place by renaming a directory.

>some release list all artist separated by semincolon
Do you have an example

mostly classic music, moslty comma separator


>Also the "replace non ASCII character" option do not work very well.
what you would like the option to do in this case.

Ok an example

that album (not on musicbrainz I beleive)

first track

Title (MBz): ??
Title (own tags): Playing with clouds
Title (Allmusic): Playing with Clouds

Now the original title is mostly correct, and musicbrainz data is worst than no match for someone who do not read Chinese.

What I would like is probably before the file naming stage.
Maybe allow the user to select from a mix of "latin/ russian/ greek/ arabic/ asiatic/ ???" alphabet and if most character from MBz answer are not in acceptable alphabet, refuse MBz match. (if possible try to get alternative name)

For example if latin is the only alphabet selected then
"Playing with clouds ??" is acceptable but " ??" is not.
I have a library in pretty good condition. About 40k file, and 8k that does not match to musicbrainz (with wholefolder match only).

My problem now is that "all song in a folder match to the same album" is not a condition sufficient enough.

In front of me i have a 3cd box set that has been matche to a 9cd mega box set. Or a 1 cd album that has been matched over a 2 cd set. I tough about giving specific example, but really it's the case of local copy match larger subset.

What I would like is an option "only match to complete release" so together with "whole folder" it would only match 1:1 corespondence. (In the matched report xx songs of yy, only match when xx==yy)

The reason i propose a different check box is that checking this option, but not the "whole folder" option would allow the use case of "many complete album in a folder" and "many source folder to a complete album"

The undo operation is a bit scary. Most button will do the " Main > Setting > Execute" Workflow. And this button goes Main > Execute directly without telling the user what it'll do. I have no idea if it undo only last change, all changes, will it keep fingerprint ?

Anywais, after I spend 8 hours of processing, I most certainly do not want to undo everything. I beleive a great way to handle this could be to register the "SongKong:" protocol and have "SongKong:undo?b83ea2bb-fa1c-45af-b66d-030b6c3940b5" like links a bit everywhere (once per folder & once per song?)

At worst, make granular SongKong undo part of Jaikoz if you beleive that's where per item manipulation belong to.

BTW monitor folder don't work very well when window is busy copying files to that folder (think 10+ minutes of copy, 40Mo files) maybe SongKong is trying to process the files when they have not been fully copied

When using default renaming mask, SongKong can generate file too long for the file system (or so explorer.exe complain) . They are a pain to deal with because Explorer refuse to move, delete or rename them

One reason this happens is because some release list all artist separated by semincolon, coma or slash. Those could be truncated at first separator.

Also the "replace non ASCII character" option do not work very well. Especially for asiatic / arabic characters. I'd love an option to reject musicbrainz title if it's made mostly of non latin unicode character.
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