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Oh... Guess I should have paid more attention to the release notes and your newsletters
I am running SongKong Pro. Just re-installed my Music Brainz server, and cannot seem to find the page in SongKong where this configuration information (new IP address) is updated....
Yep, it worked this time.
I have Song Kong Pro 3.16 Build Version 1054 (17/06/2015). The past few updaters will not install. The installation program reports that it is installed, but when running the program it is the same old version - and I'm reminded to update it.
Recently needed to restore a music library. I ran SongKong's delete duplicates and was told that, "Problem with delete duplicates: Unmatched braces in the pattern." What is that and how does one fix it?
I updated to 6.02, and the system was able to find the applescript directory BUT.... Now it is unable to find configuration file:D:\Users\settings.jai.

I'm running a relatively small SSD as my OS drive, and install all programs on the second (D:) drive. Most programs will install on that D: drive automatically (I made the appropriate adjustment to the registry for that to be the default drive), but not Jaikoz. I had to specify that drive manually when installing. Is it still looking for files on the C: drive?
Thank you, Paul. For now, I'm using Jaikoz on the machine I'm using to connect remotely, loading the music files found on the client machine. Look forward to the latest revision.
Jaikoz 64-bit cannot start. I get an error Unable to create:D:\Users\Applescript. (I don't use ITunes.) I'm accessing the computer on which Jaikoz is installed remotely - I hope that this isn't the issue, or that there's an easy work-around.
Now that works extremely well - far better than the previous version through the batch file! Thank you!
I followed the online help link from the program....
Got 5.0. Looked in the help file for how to get the memory increased with the exe file. I think I read this correctly - you change the shortcut properties. I've done so, to this:
"D:\Program Files\Jthink\Jaikoz\Jaikoz64.exe" -Jmaxheap=4096000000
But it still runs out of memory when I reach about 30,000 music files....
Thank you! Will get this right away.
Sorry to ask this again, but lost my working Jaikoz.bat file and I've forgotten the parameters. I'm using the batch file because I would like to load all of my 118,000 flac files at one time to correct tags, and the usual Jaikoz.exe runs out of memory.

What should go in that batch file?
Unfortunately, Jaikoz will not load all of my files at one time, making it particularly difficult to locate duplicates (which may not have been loaded). I've tried increasing the amount of memory allocated to Jaikoz by using a batch file, but still no luck.

Of the things that need to be done, finding and removing duplicate files is perhaps the least important - and it can be done in several different ways. I will employ at least two of these on a fairly regular basis MusicIP and EF Duplicate MP3 finder).
I have nearly 111,000 songs in my music library. Jaikoz seems to choke on loading all those files. What is the practical limit to the number of files that can be loaded at one time? How does one delete duplicates when not all files are loaded?
I have a drill when I download or burn music files. First I run Foobar2000 to add Replay Gain; then Jaikoz to get everything it offers; then MP3Tag to clean things up a bit and add missing artwork; then I move the files to my audio library; then I run MusicIP (yes, I know it's old, but Spicefly Sugar Cube and Squeezebox use it). Music IP does a first run at duplicate file deletion as well, and because I purchased the product, it will select the "lower fidelity" files to delete. Finally, once a week or so I'll run EF Duplicate MP3 Finder to remove more duplicate files (missed with MusicIP).

I suppose the easiest add-on for Jaikoz would be Replay Gain information, and that would save me at least one of these steps. As to the rest of these things, perhaps I could do them with Jaikoz - I just haven't spent the time to learn how.
Jaikoz reports that it cannot find the Amplifind Server. I've tried several times - always the same result. Hope this isn't pemanent.
I increased the debugging level to -m3, as you suggested, but it turns out I didn't need it. I also incresed the other parametersto allocate 4 GB of ram and this time it worked! Thanks for all your help.
Loading has seemingly stopped at this....
I am praying that this resolves the problem... But I put a hyphen before "Xmx2400m" and the program runs.
Here's my latest try....
@echo off
java -Xms150m Xmx2400m -XX:MaxPermSize=600m -jar lib\jaikoz.jar -l2 -m2 -f

And the result... And one more issue. Jaikoz is not recognizing 64-bit Java. It tells me I have no Java, and offers to take me to the Java website to install it.
You were right.... I hadn't realized it, but I was running 32-bit Java. I uninstalled that, ran the 64-bit IE, installed 64-bit Java, and.... We'll see. Not working as of this writing....
Guess I'll need to do some troubleshooting then - it doesn't run.
Here's that .bat file:
@echo off
java -Xms150m Xmx=2400m -XX:MaxPermSize=600m -jar lib\jaikoz.jar -l2 -m2 -f

How do you run it?
Here's the line I have in the shortcut that starts Jaikoz -
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Jthink\Jaikoz\jaikoz.exe" -Jmaxheap=3072000000
Does that increase available memory to 3GB? If not, what am I doing wrong? If so, I'm still running out of memory when trying to load 74,000 songs....
I have 8GB Ram - and can let Jaikoz have as much as it needs. I've got Jaikoz set at 1GB currently. Let's see how that goes....
What is the worst thing that could happen using the delete duplicates function? Should I wait until the end of the year to take advantage of this feature?
Jaikoz uses 400 MB of memory by default, and that is supposedly good for 10,000 songs. Is there a "rule of thumb" on how much more memory to allocate when the song library is bigger than that - i.e., so manymore MB of memory for each 10,000 additional songs?
Does Jaikoz overwrite the MusicIP tags? What happens if you run MusicIP and "validate" the songs after saving them Jaikoz "Autocorrected"? Does that in some way "undo" what was done by Jaikoz? How about volume leveling and and "signatures" done by Media Monkey? Are all of these things saved in differnt places or does one overwrite another?
Profile for rlyster -> Messages posted by rlyster [29]
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