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And bump...
OK next issue...

I've gone through a good number of music folders that I have, and for the most part everything works well. Most of my music is in the "Artist/Album/Track" format although sometimes the music is originally improperly named. For the most part Jaikoz cleans everything up nicely.

Sometimes JK has No idea what to do. Examples would be in some of my folders where it's simply "Jim's Music Folder 1" and has 5000 or so songs in no particular order. Most music Jaikoz'd comes up with at least something in the Artist or Album field. I can then manually search to fill in the blanks.

Occasionally (maybe 1 in 10 times) it returns nothing. And I mean
. No Artist, Album, Album Artist etc. What gets me is that under Summary I can see what easily is the name of the Artist and the name of the Track. Examples would be...

F:/Music/Jim's Music/MessyFolder1/Prince - Let's Go Crazy.mp3


F:/Music/Jim's Music/MessyFolder1/Quiet Riot - Cum On Feel The Noise.mp3

Is there a step I'm missing to point Jaikoz to re-scanning and tagging music based on the info provided in the filename? I can then manually check if it's correct after Jaikoz has at least added some info. If I manually type in info to the Artist and Track it's found.

Any ideas?
After you scanned your library and everything came up correct, you then changed a few Artist and Albums to "various". Did you "File and Folder Correct"/"Correct Subfolders from Metadata (Ctrl-9)? That way the folders are categorized into Album Artist/Artist/Album/Song etc. Not sure if that will help you or not but we can start there. If you're looking for more knowledgeable expert answers be prepared to wait a while. I posted a question last week and am waiting for it to be approved to be seen on the forum. It's a fantastic program but the learning curve is freaky high.

This is one of the links I found here using the "Search" function...


My intent is to clean up some of my "Mixed" folders (Jaikoz'd/cleaned files are within the folders but are basically 1000 mp3's in a folder) and save them into the "Artist/Album/Track" format while keeping my existing mess of various folders in case anything screws up. I then highlight, use the "Save and Move" action, and that's it?

@ Paul

I'm not sure how you are with members dropping links to other indie developers, so I thought I'd ask here first before I give links.

I use a little program that I found a few months ago (kind of like how I found yours) that does nothing but organize your music into a folder structure of your choice. Nothing fancy, you simply

1. direct it to a source folder
2. Direct it to an output folder
3. Choose whether to copy or move the files.
4. Choose the structure you want it to look like (artist, artist/album, year/artist etc).
5. Press "Organize"
Big buttons, user-friendly.

I've been using Jaikoz on a buddy's music library and I finally have the 5000 songs (except for about 50) with artist and album info now. Next I will re-run Jaikoz again and fill in some blanks. I will then run the organizer to create a copy of the library but in a new folder structure. That way buddy can look in "Unknown Artist" folder and tell me some more info...


Just purchased the Jaikoz Upgrade key this weekend. After I paid, it was sent instantly. After using it to clean a couple of thousand of my 130,000 song library all I can say is...




Ottawa, Ontario
Perfect Paul, and thanks. Will send for registration key tonight if I have time...

Here's the deal...

I found Jaikoz about 6 months ago while looking for a tagger that didn't lock up my older computer-slash-server that holds all my movies, music and tv shows. I made the mistake of spending (aka "throwing away") money on Tune Up a couple of years ago. 'Nuff about that fiasco. Been hesitant to shell out money for all-in-one programs since. I then tried Jaikoz 5.6.0 and used it for the trial period. WOW! Went through a few hundred songs, 20 at a time, and these are some seriously clustershmucked groups of songs. Found pretty well all of them.

Finally got some time now to play with my 60-70,000 song library and want to clean it up.

Here's the question. Do I uninstall 5.6.0 then request the registration code? Do I install 6.1.0 fresh? Register 5.6.0 then upgrade to 6.1.0? The quicker Paul answers the quicker Paul gets paid jk...

Profile for WJW -> Messages posted by WJW [8]
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