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ok. I might need to open a new ticket but I've tested songkong and got loads of songs unmatched which seems unreal because they're all soul classics ...Any idea why this happens at all?
Hi Paul, I have been away travelling since our last talk but as I read it in your above reply you have sorted it all within the dev version of songkong so well done!
Let me know if I can help further

just sent you the screens as requested.

I've also recreated a new "songkong" but still same results...

Happy to run more tests if needed though, just let me know.
Hi Paul, sorry for the late reply, been quite busy the last 2 days...But I have a good news!!! the songkong/songkongdockerdev works!!! I can see my subfolders the the songkong directory!
what's next then? AM I allowed some sort of super tester licence?

paultaylor wrote:
Hmm, can you send me some more screenshots of the new shares permissions please. 

Sent to your email Paul
yes I have done all that Paul...

not sure what I could try next to be done because I have created a new share with a subfolder and even this it doesn't see...
same result with the newly created user...
here you go for the two screens.

The multimedia share is automatically created in qnap but as I remember you have to enable multimedia content during first instalation but don't take my word for it and do a bit of research on that if you need.
ok well at least we know where this issue is coming from which makes things move forward
I'll give that a try this evening and get back you for an update.

This is an interesting one https://blog.linuxserver.io/2017/09/17/how-to-setup-containers-on-qnap/

The guides advise to create a specific user for the container so that it doesn't use the root access and can be flexible in terms of access rights...

I am not at home at the moment so cannot test this but will bo when I go back. Maybe you should integrate this user creation within your guide to prevent any access rights issue
ok, report sent
I've just sent you another screen with the shared folder's setup so you can check it.

The music's folder is in the multimedia share, accessible by admin in read/write. How do I check the docker's permission on it?
Okay so you can actually connect and run it then but when you start songkong under the /music mount point it doesn't show any of your music ?  


Not sure whether you wanted the container o the actual songkong page so included both in the email


debuglogfile is:/home/songkong/songkong_debug%u-%g.log
userlogfile is:/home/songkong/songkong_user%u-%g.log
songkong:remote dbinit
songkong:remote started

paultaylor wrote:
Is it actually running ? 

yep. ran a report and the result is:

Status Report Summary
Summarizes metadata completeness of your songs, for each field it shows the percentage of songs that have this metadata. You can improve your metadata by using the automatic Fix Songs task

Song Metadata Completeness Summary
Selected Folder : /music
Unable to load any songs
recreated it and nothing's in the songkong folder...

paultaylor wrote:
Can you take a look in /songkong/logs and send me the files within it  

How do I get there Paul? I tried via the terminal and the file station but haven't found it...
however I am not sure I should have this 2nd config line, should I?

paultaylor wrote:
but what about setting up the port as described in step 16 ?  

Yes this is correctly setup (see attached screen)
For info this is what I set up during the container creation:

/music /share/Multimedia/Audio

paultaylor wrote:
No nothing else required, did you definently do step 16 ? 

Ok, the port was only added on the container and not the host for some reason...all sorted. thx!
It just doesn't show my file structure...only a "music" folder
Hi Paul, I wanted to test the songkong install on my qnap following your guide found here http://www.jthink.net/songkong/install_docker_qnap.jsp but do not seem to have access via myqnapip/4567.

Is there anything else that isn't in your guide that I should be doing? I've tried opening the port on my router but this doesn't work..thx
Hi Paul, so...If I remove the album part from the folder mask then it doesn't sort complete albums into their album folders which isn't what I'm aiming for...

If albums are complete with all of the album songs then it should sort these songs into one album folder named after the album title.
If found albums only have parts of its song list (like only 2 or 3 songs from this album) it should place them into a "Various Artists" folder.

This will result in having a list of full albums folders and 1 folder called "Various artists" containing songs of various incomplete albums.

I tried:
ifnotempty (tracktotal >3 ? album + folderseparator: 'various') + (disctotal>1 ? discno + folderseparator : '')

But the result gives me:

As I said I do not have any javascript knowledge...

ok thx Paul, I'll try that as soon as my current process ends and I'll send you a feedback

what I am after Paul is the a way to sort single files that might come from various different albums in a single folder as opposed to 1 folder per album and therefore per file which would result into many 1 single file folders.

Hoping that explains it better
Paul? Still there?
Hi there! Although I have searched the forum I couldn't find an answer to this ...
I am using the "correct sub folder from metadata" in Jaikoz to sort files and would like to know how to sort any non album (empty) or 1/2 songs albums into a "various" folder so that I don't find my HDD filled in with 1/2 songs folders.
I am sure this is possible but don't know anything about javascript so thx for your help!

HI Paul, I cannot seem to be able to update artworks from discogs where I know the artworks are as I actually have the corresponding vinyls there.

Can you please explain the procedure to get this going ?

Thank you
any news about this at all Paul? I love Jaikoz but the truth is that a Beatport integration is becoming a must ;)
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