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Loving the new features, excellent upgrade in usability.
Yep, therein lies the problem.

As is standard when iTunes organises your files the folder structure is /Artist/Album/Title. After running SK I have since re-enabled iTunes organise.

The changes made by SK are logged under the original artist (the way my iTunes organised folder strutter is laid out). I don't remember the original artist so I can't find it without clicking into all of them and manually searching.

Several things could solve my issue. Removing frames from the report so it is one long page and I could use Safari search. Somehow searching the HTML file with a text editor or viewing the source code, but I have tried this and couldn't find where the data is stored. Any way to do either of these, or are there other methods?


SK has made a change to the artist of one of my songs. The title is correct. Using the SK report how do I figure out what the old artist is? Because in the report it will be filed under the original artist and I can't remember who that is. I am trying to avoid having to click into every one of thousands of artists.

Am I missing something obvious?


I have sent you the support files you requested, I hope they help.

I thought my files did have ID3 tags already, but I can't be sure so you may have a point. I have since copied the iTunes data into into ID3s as I mentioned in an earlier post so I can't be sure.

I'm running SK again in preview mode and now my songs definitely have ID3s so it should be interesting how it comes out. It may take a while so I will probably have to get back to you tomorrow with any results.

SongKong wont just delete information, it will only modify it. i.e say you had entered a barcode and SongKong matched your songs to an album without barcode information it will not delete your existing barcode, but if instead it had matched to an album with a different barcode then it would replace your barcode. Now if you disable the Update Genres option it will leave genres alone completely so I don't think you have a problem here. 

Okay. I need to delete information now because SongKong has written incorrect ID info into my songs (see the mix up list below). I can't run SongKing over again because it is going to overwrite my the manual changes I have now made. It will misidentifying my songs again.

1. Since you are using iTunes I assume your songs are organized one folder per album. Therefore at least with the default options SongKong would only match songs to an album if EVERY song in the folder was matched to an album so if your songs from an original album were in one folder no songs would not be broken up and matched to different compilations albums unless you have disabled the Only allow match if all songs in folder matched to one album. In which case you could re-enable this option but if songs have now been moved to the incorrect compilation folders you could also load the folders into SongKong and select Undo to move them back to where they were and revert the incorrect modifications SongKong made (although your manual edits for these songs will also be lost) 

Most of my songs are singles as opposed to whole albums. So it's not that SongKong has split those up, rather it has identified a lot of them from compilation albums. iTunes on the other hand correctly picks them out when I right click and select 'Show in iTunes Store'.

I'm not clear of the relevance of Keep iTunes Media folder organized to getting artwork, you could use Jaikoz this gives you the fine control you need and the trial version lets you save changes to twenty files in a session so you could try it out. But I'm hoping that my answers above show you can use SongKong to do what you want. 

Yeah I didn't make that clear, I was thinking out loud as I was typing. They have nothing to do with each other. Two separate issues, the filenames and the artwork. I have solved the filename issue by consolidating my iTunes library, but the missing artwork is still outstanding.

Cont. on second message because it's too long.

Cont. from previous message.

It does it on the Album Id, so the artwork is linked to the album that has been matched in Musicbrainz/Discogs rather the acoustid which could link to many versions of the recording on different albums. Album name is not sufficient as often different versions of the same album have different covers. So changing the album title would have no direct effect on finding artwork but it if SongKong is rematching the songs it would make it more likely that they matched to the correct album (because the album name is considered in the matching algorithm) and therefore getting the right album. But of course it cannot match to the right album if it does not exist in the MusicBrainz database (which is freely viewable and editable http://www.musicbrainz.org 

I now have an issue where SongKong has totally misidentified a number of songs. I don't know whether it's SK, the matching algorithm, or mix ups at MusicBrainz/Discogs. Now I have gone through to manually correct these I don't entirely trust SK to get it right if I run it over again. You can see I am going through alphabetically and I have picked up quite a few mistakes by the letter 'C'. All of the following were correctly titled before I started SK, then SK changed them to the wrong title. Format is (artist) / (original and correct title) - (the incorrect title that SK applied).

Adam Sandler / Ode to My Car - Crazy Love
Basement Jaxx / Where?s Your Head At - Get Me Off
Billy Joel / Honesty - Say Goodbye to Hollywood
Billy Joel / Uptown Girl - Pressure
Billy Joel / Innocent Man - The Stranger
Billy Joel / The Longest Time - The Entertainer
Billy Joel / Just the Way You Are - The Entertainer
Billy Joel / Only the Good Die Young - Say Goodbye to Hollywood
Black / Wonderful Life - Paradise
Blink 182 / Every Time I Look For You - Time to Break Up
Blue / Signed, Sealed, Delivered I?m Yours - Taste It
Bob Marley / Jamming - Natural Mystic
Bob Marley / Three Little Birds - So Much Things To Say
Bobby Darin / Splish Splash - Reason to Believe
Boyzone / When the Going Gets Tough - I Love the Way You Love Me
Bryan Adams / Summer of 69 - Straight From the Heart
Buddy Holly / All I Have To Do Is Dream - Listen to Me
Buddy Holly / Everyday - That'll Be the Day
Chuck Berry / You Never Can Tell - Reelin' and Rockin'
Corrine Bailey Rae / Put Your Records On - Trouble Sleeping
Culture Club / Do You Really Want to Hurt Me - Miss Me Blind
Cyndi Lauper / Time After Time - I'll Kiss You

I hope this information help you improve SK.

Does this mean I need Jaikoz?


I missed quite a few genres. eg. The Killer's album Sam's Town, tracks When You Were Young, Read My Mind and Bones were identified in MusicBrainz but not Discogs. So I understand why they are not there.

But I have now gone through in iTunes to fix heaps of ones like this, but eventually I wanted to run SongKong back over to add artwork and change filenames. Looks like I'm sh*t out of luck on that one, I don't want to lose all the manual work I have put in. The reason I did it this way is if I ended up changing the album I wanted the correct folder path and artwork.

I tended not to like some of Discogs genre settings too, they were illogical in some cases (I understand this is out of your control). I have changed all these manually too.

There were also a number songs which linked to the correct album in the iTunes music store, but MusicBrainz linked them up to a different release like a compilation (I get that there is no way for SongKong to know which version it is). I have changed all these too.

So what I need I guess is the ability to run SongKong and only load artwork and change filenames.

Thinking about it as I type this if I re-enable 'Keep iTunes Media folder organised' (currently disabled as per your advice in the manual) and find some other program to get artwork, that will work won't it? A feature I really liked about SongKong though was being able to set a minimum and maximum artwork size.

When SongKong pulls artwork does it base it on the AcousticID (or some such) or on the album title? After my manual corrections I would prefer it to be based on the album title.


I see that another new user has just started a thread and I considered posting there but I really don't want to hijack.

I use iTunes on OS X and several other Mac devices and want to continue using iTunes for simplicity. Am I correct in understanding of the behaviour that neither SongKong nor Jaikoz actually writes to the iTunes database, rather they edit the ID3 tag?

I am assessing the trial versions of SongKong and Jaikoz. I got burnt really bad after paying for TuneUp. If anyone reading this is considering buying TuneUp, don't it's crap.


- The report. Is that the only format it can output in so I can check changes? As it is it's pretty unusable, having to click into every file is way too laborious.

- The average song has something like 35 additional fields added (all the song ID stuff). Is this what it's doing? Can I turn this off, I don't want heaps of extra stuff added that may one day cause me hassles.

- In the 'Not matched to release' section are some songs that have been successfully matched in Jaikoz. Why?

- It doesn't fix genre's, does it?

- The file rename mask for iTunes looks wrong to me. Shouldn?t it be AlbumArtist/Album/Title? But I can see how to edit it.

- Assuming everything has been matched correctly (can't check because of the poor report formatting), I'm missing about 12% of my songs. This isn't too bad. Will it improve over time if I run SongKong in another few months or so?


- When I load up my songs from my iTunes database almost all the song titles are missing, why? This is bizarre behaviour because every single one has a title. As far as I can see all the artists have loaded in okay. I think this might also be affecting the results.

- What's with the strange genres? Some examples: +Usa new york, +Usa california, Australie, Amos lee, N2 etc.

- Some of the year of releases are actual dates. I don't want dates, just year. Can I alter this behaviour? (Don't need explanation if 'yes', I will look it up).

Thank you for reading.
I took the plunge and purchased SongKong.

I ran it over my music and let it make some changes. At this point I chose not to update artwork and rename files. I wasn't happy with some of the alterations, the genres are particularly bad (I assume that is the fault of Musicbrainz having duff info?).

I have spent some time going over my iTunes database and making further changes, not just genres but a whole heap of different stuff. I then wrote that back to the ID3 tag.

So... when I run SongKong again to update artwork, filenames etc is it going to overwrite all the alterations I have made?
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