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Hello Paul,

The reason I was asking about an option to stop on error is that I received another org.hibernate error. Additionally, I'm having another error, that I believe is happening with SongKong but I haven't been able to reproduce consistently.

Essentially with this other error I will get some duplicate audio files that are being renamed by the move option to a different track title and number on the same album. I still have to investigate but have some example files if they are of use to you.

Is it possible to add a SongKong checkbox to enable stop processing on error, though to still output error logs/reports?

Or is this option there and I missed it?

So I checked "Only allow match if all songs in folder match to one album" but left "Only allow match if all songs in album were matched" unchecked.

Unfortunately SongKong still breaks albums.

Example, with The Beatles boxed set, with those settings my folders before SongKong running are:
  • A Hard Days Night
  • Abbey Road
  • Beatles For Sale
  • Help
  • Let It Be
  • Magical Mystery Tour
  • Past Masters CD 1
  • Past Masters CD 2
  • Please Please Me
  • Revolver
  • Rubber Soul
  • Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band
  • The Beatles CD 1
  • The Beatles CD 2
  • With The Beatles
  • Yellow Submarine

    After running SongKong my folders for The Beatles are:
  • Abbey Road
  • Beatles For Sale
  • Help!
  • Let It Be
  • Magical Mystery Tour
  • Meet The Beatles (disc 1 Meet the Beatles)
  • Meet The Beatles (disc 2 The Beatles Second Album)
  • Meet The Beatles (disc 3 A Hard Day's Night)
  • Past Masters, Volume One
  • Past Masters, Volume Two
  • Please Please Me
  • Revolver
  • Rubber Soul
  • Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
  • The Beatles
  • The U.S. Albums (disc 13 Hey Jude)
  • The U.S. Albums (disc 6 Beatles' 65)
  • With The Beatles
  • Yellow Submarine

    Note that several of these new folders only have a few songs in them.
  • Thanks for the info Paul. You are correct that my database was cleared due to the recent update. I did not make a backup of it.

    When I purchased SongKong I also purchased as Jaikoz license so I will start playing around with it to see how to match to albums other than the one that the song is currently matched to.
    Despite a lot of help with duplicates and upgrading album art, SongKong has caused me quite a bit of extensive additional work. I wish I had tried on a larger sample set initially.

    My biggest issue is that right now SongKong appears to have torn songs out of albums that they really were in and placed them in folders for albums that I did not actually have.

    Now I think I am partly at fault for this because I turned off both "Only allow match if all songs in folder match to one album" and "Only allow match if all songs in album were matched".

    My reasoning for turning these off had been that I have a mix of downloads (in decreasing order) from Amazon MP3, iTunes, Google Play store, Rhapsody, and directly from artist web sites. Additionally I have quite the mishmash of full albums, singles, and individual songs from albums where I may have one to three (or so) songs from am album but not the whole album.

    I was concerned that the default settings were a bit restrictive and not match my odd collection. Now I'm trying to figure out how to return songs back to the albums they were downloaded in initially.

    It appears that the submitting MusicBrainz Id/Acoustic Id Paris dialog box has an off by one error.

    The text I see:

    Checking 5,193 Songs
    [-----progress bar is full green, this is not text-----]
    5194 Songs processed so far
    SongKong has excellent help text/info on mouse over for nearly every button, check box, dropdown, etc.

    I would love to see this for Jaikoz, especially since it has so many more options.
    Hello Paul,

    I was looking unsuccessfully for one of my albums last night and finally found it, but in the wrong location.

    It turns out that the album title has a "/" in it and so SongKong created a folder for the artist with a sub-folder for the first part of the album title on the left side of the "/" and then a subfolder of that with the title text of the right side of the "/".

    One thought that did occur to me, though I didn't have a chance to test it, is what if the / had been in the artist field tag or in the song title tag? Would that also cause incorrect subdirectories?

    Another thought was what if the character had been a "\"?

    Note that this issue occurred on Windows 7 x64 as I somehow managed to muck up my compiz and unity in Ubuntu 14.04 after installing Oracle Java for SongKong. I'm still sorting that out.
    Thanks for the tip regarding the ini file. I'll boost the memory there to see if I notice any changes since generally I have plenty of memory available.
    I'll give this consideration, but I suspect people will have lossless files in many different artist or album subfolders and won't always have them sorted out as you suggest. Especially for large collections.

    Still, I agree that digging through the folders and then recreating their structure in a lossless folder would be a good recommendation for people starting new on a collection or who have few lossless files.

    In the case were libraries grew organically over time though, I don't think everyone will have had the luxury or foresight to separate them off into their own folder.
    Just a note that I also had SongKong crash due to running out of memory, or at least that is the message it displayed in the modal dialog window.

    When it crashed I had approximately 12 out of 24 GB of physical system memory available. Note that is non-paged / non-swap memory.

    One interesting thing is that while SongKong was grinding to a halt and getting increasingly slower at loading songs that the system database (C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Roaming\SongKong\Database.h2.db) was stuck at 8,982,980 KB for at least 8 or so hours and was not changing in size. Admittedly this could be unrelated.

    I submitted the support files and a screenshot by email.

    So I have a question regarding the Delete Duplicate Songs functionality in SongKong.

    Due to limitations in some devices and players I would like to be able to use the Delete Duplicate Songs feature but keep the highest bitrate lossless song AND the highest bitrate lossy song I have. Admittedly the bitrate choice is my own preference, the Advanced -> Preferred Deletion Criteria and Advanced -> Preferred Audio Format should be used as the criteria.

    Unfortunately this is necessary because many devices still do not recognize flacs, ogg, etc, so I keep around a flac file and an mp3 file in my library.

    Example, I have The Beatles USB Boxed set and have both the flac and mp3 versions of the songs in my library because I prefer to play the flac files on devices that support it. However my car radio will play songs, which I directly copy from my library, but it does not play flac files.

    This is true of songs I have by Judith de los Santos and others.

    Can you add a check-box toggle to enable keeping one lossless and one lossy song?

    Thanks Paul, that did it.
    Hello, first let me say that I'm very excited about the opportunity for SongKong to help clean up the metadata for my music collection for Plex as Amazon has caused several issues with tags by substituting higher bitrate versions of various songs but not always matching the original album. Needless to say this also means some duplicate songs.

    Now for the problems... So I've ran SongKong three times now, twice over night and once for several hours, but all to no avail. Every time SongKong has hung after a few hours with no numbers changing but a circle of wait cursor whenever I mouse over the window.

    The first two times I ran the trial version and against MusicBrainz internet server.

    The third run, which hung very similarly was against a local MusicBrainz VM which I setup per instructions from this site and replicated and reindexed before starting the third SongKong attempt.

    I'm running this on Windows 7 x64 with a Core i7 965EE and 24GB of memory. The main program is running on my primary SSD and the media library is on my ReadyNAS mapped via SMB to a local drive.

    I do not see any indication as to why SongKong hangs and won't complete. Note here are the numbers for where it hung with the last run:
    Songs loaded: 5676
    Songs fingerprinted: 5676
    Songs ignored because already matched: 0
    Songs matched to MusicBrainz release: 2753
    Songs matched to MusicBrainz recording only: 41
    Songs matched to Discogs release: 2382
    Songs matched with artwork: 2558
    Songs saved: 2623
    Completed: 2623
    Errors: 0

    Another point of consideration is that if I close down SongKong with it hung, when I restart it will mention that it didn't finish and will then provide the option to see the report.

    Note I captured a screenshot if you are interested in additional details.

    Please assist as it has been frustrating that I've been unable to have SongKong complete successfully.

    Paul, I do, thanks!
    Hello, I still have not received my Jaikoz Pro license key which I purchased on 8/17/2014.

    Please assist.
    Just purchased two licenses by PayPal. One for SongKong and one for Jaikoz Pro.

    No license received yet.

    I also used my hotmail account.

    Please assist.


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