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I'm sorry I misunderstood. I was out of town for the weekend but will try to run a test of 10 artists with it set to transfer to a new folder like D:/songkong cleaned10-23-17

I will have it set in songkong when I adjust the settings to move it to that folder upon completion. I will then try to undo.

If I understand you correctly, it should move them to that folder and I will be able to undo the changes. Correct?

I guess so. I used the "Move Folder" feature in SongKong to move them automatically after they were completed.

I would certainly add a "Do Not Do This If you want to Undo" in your "Note Section" under undo for users. I read the undo section before cleaning and did not think it was going to be an issue.

Thanks for the information and I will be clear not to do that again.

The SongKong Cleaned Folder is where I had the albums sent after they were processed and completed. It is an option in their same as Jaikoz. I don't know if that is messing it up because I changed the folder.
Hi Paul,

Lone Justice is no longer in that folder. It is in D:\10-18-17 SongKong Cleaned\Lone Justice.

I just tried to run the undo on it and still came up with nothing. I have sent the report to you.

I'm sorry I didn't do the Lone Justice before, I thought you were using that simply as an example.

Thanks for the response.

I chose the individual folders because I didn't want to overload the system. It was 39,000 songs and I figured if something went wrong, it wouldn't be the whole collection.

I have sent new reports to you with what I just tried. I went to individual folders and albums to try and repair. Neither showed that they had been changed.

As far as drive space, my internal HD is filling up but my music is on a 4 TB external HD of which I have plenty of space left.

Thanks again.
Thanks, I found that Windows 10 would not simply accept my basic request to use Chrome. I had to go into choosing the default apps by file type to get it to accept Chrome as my default browser for general HTML docs.
Created and sent through SongKong.

Thanks for the quick response.
I would like to change the default browser from IE to Chrome. I haven't used IE for years.

If there isn't a way to change it currently, please look at making this a feature for future versions.

Thank you
I recently purchased SongKong after years of using Jaikoz. I was happy with the basics of Jaikoz however, I stopped using it a year or so ago because it was having problems with my large collection. It was great for a few albums at a time but not for a large collection. When I saw SongKong had been upgraded for larger files, I wanted to try it out.

I started a cleaning of 39,000 songs which is only 15% of my songs. I don't like how it was done and would like to change some of the settings and run again. However, when I go to undo the fixes, the system shows: Found 0 songs previously fixed by SongKong.

I also had an issue when it was running. It stopped completing songs after 6 hours. I let it run another 10 hours, while keeping track of completed songs. After 10 hours of no new songs completed, I stopped the scan. I would like to attach the report from that episode but the report button is only showing the undo reports. Is there a way to find a previous report in a file on my computer?

Thank you,


Thanks for the answers.

Point 1: I thought they were matched up back and forth but understand there is nothing you can do about the services. Are there any other services that can match off of Amplifind that could be incorporated into Jaikoz as an update?

Point 2: I will start checking more closely on the names

Overload: When this happens, I need to re-run the auto-check again on these, is that correct?
Hey all,

I have rather large collection (70,000 + songs) and am having a few problems.

I have updated to Jaikoz 3.8 and am running on Windows 7 pro. Here are my issues:

1) I try to run a batch correct and am still left with a number of empty fields or it erases the name. No musicbrainz id is found and nothing is done. However, I can then highlight these songs and run find acoustic ID's and it will find all of them and save it. I then try to run the musicbrainz again but it still will not match up with anything. AM I doing something wrong here? This is very time consuming and not very practical for the size collection I have.

2) Problem with Discogs by Track Releases:com.jthink.jaikoz.exception.InvalidDiscogsQueryException: URL:http://www.discogs.com/search?f=xml&type=releases&api_key=xxxxxxxxxx&q=Various Pop Music, Vocal The Frames Lay Me Down (Bonu failed

3) WARNING: Problem with Discogs by Track Releases:com.jthink.jaikoz.exception.NetworkException: Unable to connect to Discogs Server

4) WARNING: Problem with Discogs Candidate Releases:bix restored: the complete recordings and alternates, volume 3: february ? june 1928 (disc 2):bix beiderbecke:com.jthink.jaikoz.exception.InvalidDiscogsQueryException: URL:http://www.discogs.com/search?f=xml&type=releases&api_key=xxxxxxxxxx&q=bix beiderbecke bix restored: the complete recordings and alternates, volume 3: february ? june 1928 (disc 2) failed

5) SEVERE: There was a problem submitting a query to MusicBrainz for song 1,455 with filename 19 True Life Blues.mp3: Error:400

I just copied one of each of these different issues but I am getting a ton of these as I try to update. I typically only try to do 1500 corrects at a time so that I can spot problems more quickly.

Thanks for the help
Thanks for the quick answer.
I am getting this message repeatedly today and yesterday:

www.discogs.com/master/33487 is not a discogs release URL, it is a master URL, please use a release URL instead.

This is happening on every song I am doing.

What is it and how do I fix it. I know I have the latest version of Jaikoz so not sure what else to do.

Also, I have run into the problem of, I believe it is Amplifind that I have already hit their quota for one day with 4000 songs. BTW, I have 88,000 songs so I am in this for the long haul.

Thanks for any help.
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