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Looking around the forums revealed http://www.jthink.net/jaikozforum/posts/list/1834.page which describes how to edit existing translations.
Hi there,

I noticed some Translation Issues with the german language file.

File and Folder Correct/Rename Folder from Metadata

there are two fields Rename Mask and Compilation Rename Mask and they both translate to Umbennenen Maske and Umbenennungsmaske which basicly mean the same thing

Umbenennungsmakse für Compilations


p.s. Is there a way to get the hands on the language files and check them?
Hello Paul,

it would be really nice to have a feature to export and import the settings.

First reason - Reinstalling the Computer, which means Jaikoz has to be reinstalled as well.
Second reason - Using Jaikoz on two different computers

This is just a feature I missed recently. Maybe it is just a file I could copy? Then I would be perfect as an FAQ point.

is this an issue or not?
Hi there,

another thing which came up was, that i was trying to update Tags through MB using IDs.
So I looked up the correct release ID for the Album, but Jaikoz did not do anything.
I don't know, but using the release id one should be able to get the right artist etc. Maybe you should consider using the release id as well for updating the Tags


I just noticed, that the manual correction fails on pictures.

I tried to correct my Music files Automatically, but on some files the auto detection fails and they are set to a different Album. So I use the manual correction, but then the picture is not updated.

This kinda sucks when you have to do it on multiple files, but still jaikoz is an awesome tool.

I guess it is just a loop which displays something wrong.
So far everything worked here and as soon as you see the n+1 the Job finishes.

Thank you for the explanation.

I was just thinking about how to make Jaikoz more efficent and since I currently have such a subject at University I was speaking my mind. But you have a point why it is this way.

Yep this would really be nice.

But sometimes I wonder why Jaikoz doesn't find Artwork. Especially if there is an Artwork on MusicBrainz.

Paul's gonna make it happen
Hi Paul,

I'm sitting here watching Jaikoz fetching the the Tags from MusicBrainz and I was wondering, why this takes quite a while.

I don't know your code, but I think it is done this way.
Create IDs -> fetch Info -> write -> next file

But since the Inet is quite slow and requesting takes some time, wouldnt it be better to fetch all Info in one thread, while the other writes the stuff to the files? Basicly a pool with the Info is created by the one thread, and the other just asks I there is anything in the pool yet and if the other thread is still fetching.
I think this can already be done after the ID was created.

Maybe this can speed up things.

Hi there,

If i have two covers in an MP3 and want to see which one has the better quality, I select one and say "View Artwork Fullsize". But this only shows the first Artwork, even if i have selected the second one!

Best Solution would be, add prev. next. Buttons to the Artwork window. This way you would just need to klick on "View Artwork ..." once,not twice.

Yeah I would like the Genre thing as well, since I find it very hard to put a specific gerne to a song/Artist.
Profile for JamieWolf -> Messages posted by JamieWolf [12]
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