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Can you please give a dummy like me an indication of how to update?

I tried the search for updates function but it said I have 7.1.1 which is the latest.

I would suggest that a principle purpose of using Jaikoz is to have it correct files with incorrect existing metadata, not to go along with incorrect data and support it.

At the heart of the issue is, if I have an MP3 that is Bob Marley's "Is This Love", and somewhere along the way, a few people, (or even me), have mis-labelled it as "Love Hurts" by Nazareth, then I want Jaikoz to step in and put an end to the madness. I want Jaikoz to identify that it is labelled wrong and fix it.

I can't think of a logical scenario where I would want a piece of software to identify a song for which thousands of sources suggest it's a certain song, yet support it being tagged as another song just because a few sources have got it wrong.

If I incorrectly had the song tagged as Love Hurts, why would I want it to stay labelled as Love Hurts if literally thousands of sources suggest it's a Bob Marley song?

In this example, (to help me get a handle on what goes into it), how does this given Acoustid Id come to have 15 different songs associated with it? How does a song get attached to fingerprints at Acoustid Id?

Thanks again for your help.
The song was actually tagged as "All Out Of Love" by Air Supply. When I noticed it was wrong, (by playing it), I erased the title metadata and then ran autocorrect. Its second choice was "Love Hurts".
After that, I headed to the Acoustid Id page and disabled all the wrong info so that I could finally have Jaikoz identify the proper track.

I'm glad to hear a feature to ignore current metadata is coming.

I'm working with a lot of DJ-issued CDs, so they are not as widely distributed... thus not going to fall into the "usual" spots.

Obviously no tagger is going to match 100% perfectly and obviously Acoustid Id/MusicBrainz has a lot of bad info fed into it. Because of this, it would seem most-effective if the tagging process could be set up to go with the results that are most likely correct based on the quantity of verifying sources.

Is it correct to say that in the current version of Jaikoz that if a song has zero metadata, that the tagging options with the highest source count would be chosen?

Do you think it would be beneficial to erase all metadata and have my entire library looked at from scratch?

I'm not concerned about maintaining album grouping, because like I said, I'm not working from traditional albums anyway.

My ideal result is have all songs tagged correctly and attached to the album of their original release.


Thanks in advance.
So let's use this page as an example;


The Acoustid Id has (had) many different songs attached to it.

When I ran autocorrect, it chose to tag as "Love Hurts" by Nazareth, which had one source indicating this was correct.

The real song is "Is This Love" by Bob Marley, which Acoustid has over 1500 sources indicating that this was the correct song.

Is there a way to set Jaikoz to pick the highest-numbered source to generate the tags that are most likely correct, (based on the number of sources that suggest it's correct)?
That happens for me too. If the song has no Acoustid Id, the autocorrect function will retrieve the Id, and that's it.

I have to run the autocorrect a second time, with the Ids already populated in order for any of the other tasks to happen.
Yes, that seemed to help. The fingerprint cells also contained "coustid Fingerprint"
Thanks. I'm coming up against something else, when I was trying to workaround this issue.

When I use the delete function on the Acoustid Id cell, it appears clear, but then if I try the 'retrieve Acoustid Id' function, it still says that track already has an Id.

Only when I delete all of the metadata for the track, will a proper Acoustid Id populate that cell that appeared to be blank.

You may be able to duplicate this by right-clicking any Acoustid Id cell, then choosing delete. From there, try to run the retrieve Acoustid Id action. When I do this, it won't re-populate the cell because it says it already has an Id.
I searched for an answer to this without luck. Pardon me if it's come up before.

I've just realized that for a bunch of my tracks, (over 1000 of them), the Acoustid ID was returned and stored as "coustid Id".

This has created quite a problem, as it appears many of my tracks got deleted when using the delete duplicates based off of identical acoustid IDs.

Any suggestions?
Thank you very much.
As an example, the AutoCorrect process incorrectly detects the song "Tarzan Boy" by Baltimora as another song by Baltimora called "Juke Box Boy".

Is there a way to send a correction to the source so that each time AutoCorrect is run, the correct song is identified moving forward?

Profile for garymac22 -> Messages posted by garymac22 [10]
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