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Hi Paul,

with your help i'm getting closer and closer to my perfect Songkong-configuration.

Just got some headeache with this options and the different releasetypes and the delete-duplicates-function.

i just would like to know, if it is possible to priorize release-types. I have some releases that were albums in the original structure. But because of some faulty runs (i just configured it bad) i have many songs now in single-folders of type "digital release" or "single" yes they are also complete for themself, but now i have some lonely albumtracks that "feel alone" as their friends moved to the singles.

i would like to reorder my collection in that way, that i primary want to prefer "complete albums" event if their tracks are currently in many different folders.

After that run maybe i would do another run to scan the rest for complete singles. and only in what is left after that i would like to scan for compilations or digital releases... any idea how that can be done?

Hi Paul,

the problem is, that my "client" is the standard-Explorer and also other file-commanders is connect to the host to.

Also when i access via ftp i can't copy the files, as the ftp-client tells me, that those filenames can not be stored.

I have licensed both (SongKong and Jaikoz) but switched for the most work to SK. as configuration of jaikoz was bit too complex for me in the beginnig and my fear to retag-destroy my library because of a bad configuration in jaikoz was too big

also i switched to the linux-server as tagging-machine because I had stability-issues on windows-hosts, the tagger just closed after some hours of work and i was not able to find out why. the most simple solution was to switch over to a stable OS and et voila it runs rockstable under debian

thanks Thomas
@greengeek: since i had some permissionproblems i run SongKong as root, so i'm sure there are no permission-issues
Hi there,

sorry me again
got SongKong running on my Server (Debian) and am happy about nice folders and filenames i have now. But I have a problem in combination with windows-hosts in my network.
Just a little example:
i got a file named:
/Eurythmics/(1985) Be Yourself Tonight/
 001 - Would I Lie to You?.mp3
 002 - There Must Be an Angel (Playing With My Heart) (Ft. Stevie Wonder).mp3
 003 - I Love You Like a Ball and Chain.mp3
 004 - Sisters Are Doin' It for Themselves.mp3
 005 - Conditioned Soul.mp3
 006 - Adrian (Ft. Elvis Costello).mp3
 007 - It's Alright (Baby's Coming Back).mp3
 008 - Here Comes That Sinking Feeling.mp3
 009 - Better to Have Lost in Love (Than Never to Have Loved at All).mp3

Displaying, playing, editing, copying, ... on th server is no problem (even if i was surprised that the questionmark is allowed at all). But a large number of clients in my network are windows hosts (xp to 8.1) that access the library via SMB. Those are not able to handle those characters in filename.
That results in a directorylisting like that:
\Eurythmics\(1985) Be Yourself Tonight\
 002 - There Must Be an Angel (Playing With My Heart) (Ft. Stevie Wonder).mp3
 003 - I Love You Like a Ball and Chain.mp3
 004 - Sisters Are Doin' It for Themselves.mp3
 005 - Conditioned Soul.mp3
 006 - Adrian (Ft. Elvis Costello).mp3
 007 - It's Alright (Baby's Coming Back).mp3
 008 - Here Comes That Sinking Feeling.mp3
 009 - Better to Have Lost in Love (Than Never to Have Loved at All).mp3

I allready saw those folders some times before and not thought a lot about that. I just thought maybe SK had issues renaming the file, and renamed them manually with the help of the id3-Tag. But today i analyzed it a bit more and found out, that SK did rename them realy fine, but windows does the crap (or maybe the samba-implementation).

Well i don't know how SK would be behave when directly running on a windows host, maybe someone could test that with a track that has those characters in name.

My question is now, how can I avoid that? i already have character-simplification turned on. Without any success. In the help you say "? will be replaced with <" i am sure, that would fail on a windows-host, too, exactly like ":". I tried to rename a file on windows and it tells me, the following characters are definitely not allowed (dunno if that are realy all forbidden, or if they only think no one would use any others
 \ / > < : | ? * " 

Could you offer an option to replace/delete those characters, or a substitution-table (maybe allready filled with some characters) to make it fully compatible for those poor guys hanging on the M$-Operating System?

Thanks and regards

PS: i am currently working on a clean translation of the german-languish-file, but i think i will still need some days/weeks as it is realy A LOT of text
i can't find any errors in the logs.
My files are all stored on a server, but on that same server (debian) songkong runs on, as i had no luck with stability and performance, when using songkong on any windows-host
nah, forget/drop my stupid reply, saw the mailaddress seconds ago... my fault
created a run for both issues (incomplete folders and songs not fingerprinted) and exported the support-files for that.

Please let me know where to send them.
One example of all of those:
ls -l "03 - Ben Folds - Jesusland.mp3" returns:
-rwxrwxrwx+ 1 songkong users 6488318 Sep 29 2013 03 - Ben Folds - Jesusland.mp3
So permissions should not be the problem.
Name does also not contain any special-chars or something like that.
Size (and duration): 6.488.318byte should also be above minimum

mp3check -l "03 - Ben Folds - Jesusland.mp3" returns:
mpeg 1.0 layer 3
44.1kHz 192kbps
joint stereo no emph
duration: 4:30.34
id3: 1.1

I can't find anything problematic or extraordinary here, can you?
Hi There,

I have realy A LOT entrys in stdout/logfile that have been logged with:
"com.jthink.songkong.analyse.acoustid.AcoustId:generateFingerprint:WARNING: Unable to create AcoustID Fingerprint for:<itemno>:<Path><FileName>:No output received"

All they have not been fingerprinted and so also not matched and moved. But how can i make them getting fingerprinted? When i tell acoustid-fingerprinter to analyse them it works without any error-output and seems to work and submit fine. Any idea?

Do you need any further Information to the failed files to analyse that?


If i can support issueanalysis with some more information, please let me know...
Hi there,

i have some features i'd like your oppinion and the chance of getting implemented for.

Because of some runs i did, i have some albums/folders that are missing single songs that i have.
I have this songs still in the sourcefolders and i think with a little logic they can be added.
For that i thought about some new functions/logic:

1. Analysis of existent folderstructure:
a function to run over a folderstructure created by songkong and analyse the content for complete releases and for missing files
don't touch or edit that structure BUT create a list of those missing items and export it/store it inside the db.

2. Completion of the structure
run over a bunch of folders/files and look for files/filegroups that can't be matched to any full release BUT match to missing items in the list created by the first function.

this way we should be able to fix incomplete structures formerly created, without too much work.
I hope, i was, even with my broken english, able to explain my thoughts in a way you could understand.

thanks and regards,
Hi there,

I used SK and Jaikoz a lot and I realy like it, as it helps me a lot getting my music-chaos organized and well titled

I also like the new features like "Only allow match if all songs in album were matched" as i hoped i would get some zombiefolders cleaned up.
But after a new run i can find a lot incomplete albums of that i hoped that tracks would just stay in the sourcefolders and not moved into new ones.

For example i can now find a listing like that:
songkong@omv:/media/3tbRaid/Media/Audio/moveToLibrary/Amy Winehouse# ls \(2006\)\ Back\ to\ Black/
 001 - Rehab.mp3
 002 - You Know I'm No Good.mp3
 003 - Me & Mr Jones.mp3
 004 - Just Friends.mp3
 005 - Back to Black.mp3
 006 - Love Is a Losing Game.mp3
 007 - Tears Dry on Their Own.mp3
 008 - Wake Up Alone.mp3
 009 - Some Unholy War.mp3
 010 - He Can Only Hold Her.mp3
 011 - Addicted.mp3
 songkong@omv:/media/3tbRaid/Media/Audio/moveToLibrary/Amy Winehouse# ls \(2007\)\ Back\ to\ Black/
 002 - Valerie.mp3
 003 - Hey Little Rich Girl.mp3
 Back to Black.mp3

The first folder look quite as i would like to, but the second folder doesnt match "if all songs in album were matched", or do i missunderstand this option?

I thought maybe was just because of different releases of the same album, but then i found a completely incomplete artist-folder-structure:
songkong@omv:/media/3tbRaid/Media/Audio/moveToLibrary/Project Pitchfork# ls -laRt
 (2002) Inferno
 (2002) View From a Throne
 (2001) Daimonion
 (1998) ? ?
 (2001) Timekiller
 (1998) ¡CHAKRARed!
 (2002) Trialog
 (2005) Kaskade (2 CD)
 (1998) EonEon (2 CD)
 ./(2002) Inferno:
 010 - I Am (A Thought in Slowmotion)(1).mp3
 010 - I Am (A Thought in Slowmotion).mp3
 ./(2002) View From a Throne:
 005 - Metamorphosis(1).mp3
 005 - Metamorphosis.mp3
 ./(2001) Daimonion:
 005 - We Are One (Mirror Split Up Into Pieces).mp3
 011 - Citynight.mp3
 001 - Daimonion (You Hear Me in Your Dreams).mp3
 ./(1998) ? ?:
 008 - Endzeit.mp3
 005 - Requiem.mp3
 004 - Green World.mp3
 009 - The Animal.mp3
 ./(2001) Timekiller:
 007 - Timekiller (video edit original).mp3
 ./(1998) ¡CHAKRARed!:
 007 - Rush.mp3
 011 - Celeste.mp3
 ./(2002) Trialog:
 003 - Inferno.mp3
 ./(2005) Kaskade (2 CD)/CD 002:
 005 - Schall und Rauch.mp3
 ./(1998) EonEon (2 CD)/CD 001:
 011 - Wish.mp3
 005 - Rescue.mp3

Any ideas?

Thanks for your great work

Regards, Thomas
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