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paultaylor wrote:

Are we talking about stuff already in the files or stuff that Jaikoz adds, you can modify what fields Jaikoz adds in Preferences:MusicBrainz:Format, Format 2 and Preferences:Remote Correct:Discogs

Everything that Jaikoz does add is available in the main edit tab you don't need to use the ID3 Edit tab. 

Basically all my music is tagged the way I want it already to show in iTunes and on my iOS devices. So when I click "get info" in iTunes on a song it displays the info I need, album, name, artwork, lyrics.

Opening up Jaikoz in either the ID3 or edit tag obviously shows up aot more tags that have stuff in there (Amazon ID, comments etc), and I want rid of all these.

So Jaikoz doesn't really need to tag anything as such I just want to get rid of the info in the tags that I don't need. So does the edit tag show everything (all available tags) in an MP3 file?

I can then just load up my MP3's (how many at a time?) and highlight the column that I want to empty if rogue info.

Sorry of I havent been clear, hope this helps

So Jaikoz shows every available possible tag field in an MP3? So what I think I need to do is use the edit field to show all possible available tag fields and then as you say highlight them all and just delete (empty) the lot and just leave what I have currently.

I basically want all my MP3's "clean" of everything but what I've tagged in them via iTunes as they display fine on my iOS devices.

Although I have Jaikoz, to be honest its a powerful app, but I wanted it mainly for to be able to see all tags, hidden, unused on my MP3s, so probably don't use it as was really meant for as such.

I was tagging manually using iTunes on a iMac itself. But then I found this app, and there was a multitude of other info in "hidden" tags. I wanted rid of them..

So I have been loading my MP3s, using Jaikoz to just delete the tag info thats I personally don't use, comments, amazon info etc. I don't use it with Musicbrainz, and tbh don't know how to!

I'm hoping that the tags I have got in their, basic I admit, can be seen using iTunes on a Mac, will be enough for iTunes match.
I'm thinking of signing up with iTunes match so all my music is in the cloud. I understand that if there is a match form my music and in iTunes store it uses that (to stop large uploads), if it can find a match it then uploads that particular music.

So in prep, I only use my MP3 music on iPhones, iPads, Apple TV, basically all iOS, I have been cleaning up and just getting the naming correct, artwork, lyrics on, as this is enough for what I use.

What I'm wondering is if some music is uploaded, will Apple "read" the tags/data on the actual files (concerning with privacy data thats in the news a lot now). What will they know? I don't have anything to hide, but if some tags have Amazon ID, or comments, that are in there, could they read these etc?

Has anyone used iTunes match? should I just load up all my MP3 iTunes library into Jaikoz, then delete the columns, apart from name, album, artwork, lyrics that I don't use?

Thanks Paul, very techno, I'm a little lost!

So basically I'll have to strip out stuff I don't want, just in between the two tabs I think. I use iTunes, and iPhones/iPads so only want basic stuff in, album, artist, lyrics, album art, and none of the extended stuff like ID, comments, amazon no etc.
Why does "ID3 Edit" tab show different tabs to the "Edit" one. I mean for example not all the tabs in ID3 edit show in the edit one, I thought the edit one showed all tags? e.g. "not supported" label is in ID3 but not edit?

Its just I had a lot of unknown "unsupported" garbage in that label, from Amazon purchased music.

Im a basic user, so please be gentle!

I have a 2CD set that musicbrainz has found. The track names are track 1, track 2 etc.

I have successfully got Jaikoz to tag the 1st CD but every time I chose the 2nd CD it uses the 1st zcad and says there's a difference in the times etc, as there is.

So how can I tag a group of files that are CD 2 from musicbrainz please. I have latest Jaikoz on an iMac with Lion if makes a difference.


dkoh wrote:
Thesres a few ways. All below assumes you have the files loaded.

-If it isn't visible in the Edit window, got to the little chart-with-a-down-arrow at the right and make sure lyrics is checked.
-You can manually enter (copy/paste) into this field. Similarly, you can use the bigger form under the Lyrics tab at the bottom.
-To auto-lyric, on the main menu (similar on the context menu) Action>Remote Correct>Lyrics.

Thanks for your reply, I was doing it correct then. When I do this it finds no matches for lyrics. This is even off a song that is popular (Album is Now 79). It finds no matches for the whole album.

any idea why?

I have purchased Jaikoz which is a great program. I only use a few basic functions though on it.

However I now want to add artwork and lyrics as other widgets I use aren't working for my on Mac OS X Lion v10.7 now.

Can someone please describe in simple steps how to add artwork and lyrics to songs (MP3s) I have.

I use iTunes on a iMac, OS X Lion. I;ve tried to read the online manual but get a little lost I'm afraid.

Thanks for the testing, I'm surprised that no one else has this arrangement, with the number of compilations it's nice to know the original year of the song though (for me at least then!)

So this sounded great until again the dreaded date mix crops up. I take it even if with any preferences set to UK/British/UK it's still the same?

Maybe me and you (and others) submit an iTunes bug/request email/report to ask if we can have this setting to what we want ie UK date format.


Ok I will close iTunes when using Jaikoz then, it's just sometimes when I save changes in Jaikoz it seems to open iTunes automatically.

Yes thats okay Jaikoz has to start iTunes because it has to call iTunes routines in order to inform iTunes of changes, but that is different to you starting iTunes and doing intensive tasks in it whilst Jaikoz is also trying touse it.

What is the playlist for? Literally just to show you songs which tags have been changed?

Yes and no, iTunes is very playlist centric ,and to inform iTunes of changes you have put the changed file into a playlist
Ah that's no good for me then, was hoping somehow could display the compilation album release year, and also the songs release date. I think iTunes only displays 1 year/date though.

Maybe I could manually find the year and put it the comment or something? What do other people do for this problem?

I'm on Mac with Snow Leopard and iTunes 10.

I have my iTunes library on a USB drive. Is it ok to have iTunes running on my Mac when I'm editing in Jaikoz? Do the edits to tags you do automatically appear in iTunes?

Or should I shut down iTunes when using Jaikoz


I have tagged manually using iTunes on my Mac so far. However I found that iTunes doesn't display all the tags, and found Jaikoz, which shows all the MP3 tags, so I can delete stuff I dont want.

However, when tagging my compilations albums, I have just been putting the year that the album was released (eg American Anthems recently released 2010), however a ot of songs on here are old, from all different years. How can I use Jaikoz to date them all with the actual year the song was released?

As I say I've been tagging all manually so far in iTunes, so unsure how to do this.

I've discovered a few of my MP3s have more than 1 artwork on (again through iTunes), its easy to delete through iTunes, but you have to go through every track individually, a pain when I have 14000+!

So can Jaikoz, find which tracks have more than one artwork attached? how do I do this, and is there an easy way to, eg make a playlist, orhighlight them all, or something so I can work on them?

Also now iTunes 10 is out, is everything compatible between Jaikoz and iTunes 10?


**update** just purchased, hope the above can be done!

Been messing for a short while, can I ask how I have some info in the comment field in Jaikoz, but its not showing in iTunes? this is what I dont understand. Various fields in iTunes (named the same eg comment). dont show anything, but in Jaikoz (and other apps) they do show the info?
no doubt I'll be emailing questions soon
Ok great thanks for that, I'm not bothered about seeing the "other" tags as long as I can delete them that is good enough for me, it's just I want to get everything out I don't need, ie just what iTunes can "see", which is good enough for all iPhones, iPods etc this is all I need.

To be honest the support from the admins (are you also the developers?) has been so good today that I will prob buy anyway now and try to find out the rest

paultaylor wrote:

You've uncovered a bugette , the 'Empty Column' option is available by right clicking on the header BUT its only available on the Edit tab not the ID3 Edit tab at the moment. 

Will this be fixed for ID3 tab as well then please soon to?

paultaylor wrote:
Yes, Jaikoz does show everything, because all the fields it doesnt deal with directly go into either the Not Supported List or Unknown List  

So the long list once everything is selected in preferences is all ID3 MP3 tags? So there's even more in the unsupported list?

What is this list? What does it not show? What happens if there is morethan one field in that unsupported list? What will it show?

Cheers for helping before I buy
Ah ha, thought it was me being stoopid again! phew thanks (does that mean I can have a discount code!?! please?)

I understand now, I only use MP3, for cross compatibility so I will always use the ID3 Edit tab then.

I can select all the files in a column your right and then just delete, its just a long winded way for numerous tabs thats all.

Can I ask also is the ID3 Edit tab list everything in ID3 tags then? ie as I said iTunes only shows certain tags, so does Jaikoz, in ID3 edit tab list every available tag in the MP3 file? nothing else is hidden? (I have selected all to show in preferences>ID3 columns btw)

thanks again, and its looking like Jaikoz may be a bit overkill for what I want, but may do what I want.
Thanks for the fast reply...

paultaylor wrote:
Yes, it can do that , but of course what is a hidden tag for you might not be for someone else, you should think carefully about whether you really do what to remove this data from your songs. 

I understand this but I just want basically what iTunes can see, this is enough info for me

paultaylor wrote:

To remove fields that Jaikoz doesn't deal with:
Load songs in Jaikoz
Click on the ID3 Edit Tab in the Main Window,
Right click on the Not Supported Column and select Empty Column
Right click on the Unknown Column and select Empty Column
Save Changes 

I cannot find the Not supported column, I can see a "Not supported list" is this it? I highlight the column, but I right click (I'm on a Mac btw), but nothing comes up?

paultaylor wrote:

You could also delete values form any column in the Edit or ID3 Edit column to delete fields of that type. 

Unsure what you mean by this sorry? also whats the difference between the Edit and ID3 Edit tab?


Been trying to find a decent Mac MP3 tagger. I use iTunes extensively and so far have used iTunes to tag all my music with the relevant metadata.

however someone told me about "hidden" tags, and showed me them. I have some weird tags in stuff like encoded, copyright, URLs etc that I now what to get rid of.

I found a few mac MP3 extended taggers, but none seemed to simply allow me to load up all my MP3s (over 14000 of them!), then hightlight the tag or list of all the stuff I want to delete and remove it all.

So can Jaikoz do this, if so how. It all seems a bit complicated for em when I looked at the trial of it.

As I say iTunes is great for me, but I just need to get rid of these extra "hidden" tags

hope someone can help
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