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Just wanted to say for the record, you give by far the best support I've had for a piece of software. Worth every penny and more. Bugs are to be expected, support usually isn't.

Thanks man
Okay, server reformatted, SK reinstalled, everything at defaults. Tried a dupe run, same album, 320 original and 192 downsampled versions. Worked perfectly when set to sounds the same only, none of the musicbrainz based detections worked. When I looked at the tags it had tagged the duplicate as a different version of the same LP so that explains why the MBz based detections didnt work, but not why they were tagged like that in the first place or why it saw it as complete with a track missing, I had tagged set to only allow if complete. Support files are inbound anyway.

Question re "sounds the same", will that differentiate between a recorded and say a live or demo version of the same track? And does it only detect dupes within a single cluster/folder or throughout an artist or collection?
By tag I mean the whole tag. If I completely remove the whole tag from an album then put the files with no tag back in with the tagged files they aren't always picked up as straight dupes, I haven't spotted a pattern to this yet. The same file with and without the 2 second gap is also not spotted as a dupe. The same album in flac and mp3 often isn't picked up as the same and when it is will leave an album that is a mix of both.

I have tested this using each of the available detection methods getting different results in each. To be fair though, I haven't tested it a lot.
All modes seem to have an issue with untitled songs too, deleting them seemingly randomly. Minor issue, but it crops up a fair bit over the course of the whole collection. It tags them as [untitled].mp3 for instance, then in a dupe run will delete randomly or all but the first.
The best example of this I can think of at the mo is with 93dd4f00-5098-4e65-afe0-a08de390d35b, a.P.A.t.T. - (L.P.), which has about 55 untitled 4 sec identical silent tracks before a final proper track. On a dupe run using each of the available methods deletes various of the untitled tracks or all of them, including the 31 minute final track.

Preview mode is only any use with small numbers of files, I go text blind after the first few thousand.
Speaking of which, is there any chance of adding an option to run the task in preview mode but then make the changes live if the results are satisfactory?
OK did a bit more testing over the weekend and discovered a few things.

The artwork issue... To clarify, it pretty much always picks the wrong art when I am attempting to retag stuff that already has wrong art. This is where it becomes arbitrary. Sometimes finding correct art but usually not while picard and others have no issue. Im obviously not tagging stuff that is already perfectly tagged.

The genres issue seems to be m4a specific. I wasn't aware just how many m4a files I had until this brought it up, so it has been quite useful ironically. Replaced most with mp3 and flac. So the issue is moot to me now but still appears to be a bug.
I also cant say how often the genres settings resetting themselves has influenced this, but that in itself is a bug.

Duplicates - Seems to be giving priority to tags in making its decision. The same file with and without a tag is not picked up as dupe.
Havent tested this much as I dont trust it so I just dont use it. Picard sorted any dupe issues I had.

In the process of reformatting my server so I will test again on a vanilla setup and get fresh logs to you asap.
Gmail is giving me grief over sending the support file zip, too large to attach, so I'll come back to that later when I have time.

In the mean time check out MBz ID bbc5ad2c-a69b-426b-b8e3-416da4b4a00f as an example of the artwork problem, album is Alabama Thunderpussy - River City Revival.

SK always grabs cover art for that that is someones photo of a promo CD in a drive tray. All other software, picard for instance, gets a scan of the cover.

My mp3 rip is not from a promo, is from my own retail CD.
Give me a few hours and ill send the support files with all the things I bring up replicated.

Genres - Yeah, set to always replace. Did some specific testing on this this morning as it is my primary issue. This is 100% replicable. To test I have been using mp3tag to remove the tags completely then putting them through SK multiple times. Without fail the genre is appended, never replaced. Always with the // separator, not even the semi colon as is used when multiple genres/styles are requested (tested separately). As an aside, although all settings are stored between session the genre settings always reset to defaults on reload and have to be changed for every run. Not related to specific format. In testing earlier I noticed this isn't an issue at all with the grouping field, just genre.

Duplicates - I also thought I was misunderstanding the options so I have gone over them many a time. I am using default settings as it goes. Flac and high bitrate as best. The issues I see with dupes just make no sense at all but again, are 100% replicable and have been tested a LOT, as has everything here. Thank feck for rollback ;)

Artwork - Again, makes no sense. I can run a copy of a single album through SK then another copy of the same thing through picard and get 2 different artworks, the SK one invariably being a photograph of the LP rather than a sleeve scan. Not your fault I am guessing, something is weighting the photo over the scan, haven't looked into this too much yet but I will replicate and send you those logs too. It doesn't do it all the time btw, just sporadically and arbitrarily throughout the collection. Possibly related to time outs? Could I be flooding the server pushing so many requests through?

I am more than happy to test for you. Was a software tech tester for a living many moons ago (Psygnosis/Sony).

Incidentally, I am running win8.1 x64 and no itunes, saving out as id3v2.4, no v1s. Music archive is multi format, multi genre, multi release type and 60 odd thousand tracks. Playing/Library via Kodi. Have tested using specific releases as well as removing all specific release data via picard and also removing tags completely. Have run the whole collection, chunks of, individual albums and individual tracks through SK multiple times per day for over a month now. Using tag & rename, mp3tag, picard for comparison. Have tried the obvious, un/reinstall, full clear out of all data, reg entries etc. Always see the same issues.

I possibly have too much time on my hands ;)
I am seeing an issue where songkong will only ever add genres to the existing field instead of replacing. It adds // then the genre again. Doesnt matter which of the options to add/replace/remove I select, same behaviour.

As I only bought it to easily populate the genre field in the first place its a pain. 720 gig or so of files with a single bad field is a nightmare to sort.

Genres in general don't seem to be handled well at all by SK. when using more than a single genre and style the text is arbitrarily added it seems.
For instance it will add "Rock; Stoner Rock" or "Stoner Rock; Rock" when using genre and style if I run the same files through twice. The fact it never replaces the field makes this a nightmare after I reran my collection through a few times.

I have ended up using songkong as a simple (if very configurable) final step file renamer and had to go back to picard to tag semi manually. A month later, 300 or so runs through SK and Picard my collection is finally back in shape except for the genres. I had decided to use a single genre and a single style, each in its own field, when I realised it wasnt replacing the tag.

Next is SKs also arbitrary duplicate handling... Just doesnt work. Doesnt even pick up a dupe if I just copy the same files into the same directory but will find dupes in an album with none. Doesnt seem to pick up on lossless over lossy. In a dir with the exact same album in say 192 and 320 it will leave a mix of both as the final result. The various options for dupe detection just give different arbitrary results.

Next is the artwork handling... Pretty much always picks the worst available art. Picard will add a perfect front cover, SK will add someones ebay picture of the LP or quite often the back sleeve rather than front.

All these and many more. As it goes I would still rate and recommend the software, especially once the genre and dupe handling is sorted, but it is very very buggy and should only be used as a final step and with a very well organised collection in the first place. Which kind of defeats the purpose. Its one single perfect feature is rollback. Having had to use it many times on the full collection I can say that part at least works 100% even with the large collection.

I'm sure a lot of the issues are with the MB and Discogs DBs themselves, but they arent issues I see with picard for instance.

Hoping the genre issue is sorted soonest, final step I need to make my collection 100%
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