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Messages posted by: lister  XML
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I need to add my Licence keys or email again, It doesn't seem to work??
just PM'd the link..
How do I get the reports? as soon as I click the app everything goes grey. When I quit and then start back up SongKong there are no reports in the menu? Are they saved somewhere else?
I upgraded not knowing the new update would not support El Capitan. I can't upgrade OSX any further so need an older version of SongKong. Can you help.
I can't save to a newer version of OSX, have you older versions of Song Kong? Im using OSX 10.11.16
Hi, Im trying to get a load of mp3 filenames: track no, artist and name into meta tag

01 Seville - Show me The Way.mp3

I am looking at Filename and folder correct, Correct Metadata from filename in prefs and saving. But nothing is happening.

How do i get the above filename in the meta fields.


Hi, I have a load of mp3s from different sources. I don't want to group them into Album etc, as these are tracks for me to access quickly (DJ). My question is, I want song kong to recognise the name in the file only and download the artwork. Im not bothered about the algorithm as I can't be sure where the file is from. Can Song kong or Jaikoz do this?? thanks

Hi, Love song kong, saved me hundreds of hours..

just have a quick question.

I have a folder full of downloaded tracks from Beatport. The Meta is pretty tight so I would like to arrange the tracks into Label folder (which is part of grouping) and then inside there the ep/album name folder with the mp3 inside is this possible?



For Compilations how can I change the final file naming convention from:

Album ArtistofVariousArtists/Album/DiscIfMultiDisc/Artist - Album - DiscNo TrackNo Title]


Album ArtistofVariousArtists/Album/DiscIfMultiDisc/TrackNo - Title]

at the moment the final file names are very long

Im getting an 'Unexpected Problem with Jaikoz message. could it be because I have both Jaikoz and Song Kong open? Ill email you the support zip..
I think Ive done it using 'ifnotempty2(label,artist,folderseparator) + ' ' + album' Though I need to remove the space before the name album name

I have tried to use the Rename folder using this method, but at the moment I can arrange the artists name and Album name folders with the Label.

But Im just a little confused how to sort folders into:

'Label' folder name first then
'Album (EP)' folder name
Track name (leave file name as it is).

I don't know much Javascript, so I'm a little lost in the code..

I have been tagging my Music downloads from Beatport, Trax and juno. All the files are in one Base folder directory. Is it possible Jaizoz can move my files into sub folders based on the Label and EP title, if these fields are complete.?


Hi, just a quick question..

I have a whole list of tracks from Beatport, traxsouce and junodownload and the normal the meta is pretty loaded. Im using Auto correct to load songs as well as others

Am I able to sync meta data if the sources are from these sites?


Thanks Paul..

Hi, just bought a copy of Jaikoz.. just wondering when I'll receive my key?


Im trying to rename files using the above string. How can I do this in the file naming. I always seem to get the result below?

Armando - Acid Can You Jack? Chicago Acid and Experimental House 1985-95 - 02 - 08 - Downfall.mp3



I wonder if you can help.

I have a set of CDs which most match with Discogs, but some CDs don't, though the track list is the same. I have compared the track names and they both seem to match..? What reason does song kong not match the release?

Is there a way to fix this?

My list in the folder 'GSCD 082 Modern Soul Vol. 6'
01-Love Affair - I can't stop loving you.mp3
02-J.B.Bingham - all alone by the telephone.mp3
03-Brand New - thousand years.mp3
04-Archie Bell and The Drells - ain't nothing for a man in love.mp3
05-Jimmy 'Bo' Horne - if you want my love.mp3
06-Dutch Robinson - can't get along without you.mp3
07-Ghetto Children - don't take your sweet lovin' away.mp3
08-Barrett Strong - man up in the sky.mp3
09-L.J. Reynolds - key to the world.mp3
10-Percy and Them - trying to find a new love.mp3
11-Magic Night - if you and I had never met.mp3
12-Patti York - he's comin' in the morning.mp3
13-Reflections - gift wrap my love.mp3
14-Bobby Hill - tell me you love me.mp3
15-Bobby Dukes - just to be with you.mp3
16-Percy and Them - look in the mirror of m eyes.mp3
17-Ghetto Children - it's not easy to say goodbye.mp3
18-Lou Kirton - something special.mp3
19-Snoopy Dean - I can't control this feelin'.mp3
20-Robert Moore - tears of the world.mp3
21-Willard King - lady be mine.mp3
22-Corey Blake - how can I go on without you.mp3
23-Jimmy Jones - make belive everything's alright.mp3


Sorry Paul, didn't mean to sound negative?(Late night typing..)..

My second post answered my question.. Thanks..

I have a large iTunes library copied over from an old drive. The library was divided into parts and some of the artists names have variations. The iTunes library itself is pretty sorted but the file naming on the drive and folder structure is all over the place.

Is it possible to have Song Kong use the meta data inside iTunes to re-save the folder/file name and move them to the correct folders and re-save them back to iTunes?

It important I don't have artists who are on a compilation not moved into the artist folder. Each song should stay with Album or EP (I have quite a few mp3 from Beatport)


Hi, I would like to create two folders (which I have already) one complete Album list and one incomplete album list folder.

I am scanning a directory and would like the music to be grouped and saved by Artist (or Various Artist) if its complete or not complete.

I have quite a few different directories I would like to scan. Does Song Kong look in the folders and notice a folder already containing 'Gregory Isaccs' so does overwrite the artist name with a new scan made.

Basically I would like to keep using the 'File Moving' folder I made (Complete Albums) and let Song Kong check the folders, if the artist already exists, check the album name.. if that exists check the quality and then choose whats best.


Hi Paul, yes thats probably the problem. I have a folder full of mp3s, some of them may belong to some albums (EP) and some of them single mp3 tracks. Should I be telling song kong these tracks may not necessarily be in the same album.

Also, while I'm here.. if I want these albums grouped and placed into a labeled folder generated by Song Kong, I gather this is possible?


First off, this is a great app.. wish I found this a while ago as I spent nearly 4 months going through my song lists and correcting them.. anyhow..

Sometimes while in iTunes I grab bunch of songs, drag and drop into the app and scan.. The result comes back with nothing found, but If I then drop one file at a time onto the window, the scan comes back with a result?? (These are all individual tracks)

Why is this happening??

I haven't received my key since buying the app, please can you let me know when these will be sent to lister110[at]hotmail.com (paid via pp)

In discogs the genre list is normally labelled a Genre and then maybe a style. Basically I have an album like; Thievery Corporation ?? The Mirror Conspiracy which has a description of..

Genre: Electronic
Style: Downtempo

is this possible to include this in the SongKong Genre list, I would like to break down the genre and style into one field so I can search for music which describes a feeling of an album as well as the genre.


Profile for lister -> Messages posted by lister [25]
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