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hardbass_junkie wrote:
I currently have some releases in my collection which we're entered in the discogs database last april, but jaikoz still can't find a match.
It would be a great improvement if would be possible to somehow acces the discogs database directly. 

I agree, a lot of the newer house and techno tracks I pick up are already logged into the Discogs database, and the ones that are not I try to contribute when possible. The majority of them yield nothing from a Discogs query in Jaikoz and I end up using it mainly as a tag editor for these.

This style of music specifically I find little use with Musicbrainz as it consistently provides false matches. I can't tell you how many times I've gotten "Tiesto", "Oakenfold" and "The Macarena" matches for new house and techno tracks
Can anyone suggest a "best-practice" for encoding aiff files for maintaining metadata?

I have about 200 .aiff files that are a combination of vinyl rips using Pro Tools and conversions from FLAC that refuse to hold their tags. They appear completely blank when loaded in Jaikoz and many (not all) yield successful matches from both MusicBrainz and Discogs. The rest I have manually added metadata in Jaikoz. After saving and reloading them into Jaikoz they appear blank again. Same result in iTunes, they show up with simply the file name in the title but everything else is blank.

As a workaround I've converted many to mp3 which works for tagging but with an obvious loss of data.

My assumption was that aiff was the best format for lossless in regards to proper tagging...am I doing something wrong?

Some ideas for future iterations of Jaikoz:

--Expanded options for columns in the Edit Pane

It would specifically be nice to have the option to sort by bitrate and filetype

--Increased memory allowance

I'm on a 32gig machine and being able to utilize more than 7282mb would be awesome.

djjoe21 wrote:
I am doing that exact same thing right now. I usually am going through a folder every few days. I want everything to be right. This program is far and away the best one I've seen be able to do this effectively. I also use a program called tag and rename to rename files. I know i can do it in Jaikoz but I just prefer to do it in the other program. I Have about 35,000 songs and im about 1/3 of the way through. Takes a while but worth it. 

Agreed, I just bought Song Kong as well which has helped getting some of the big chunks taken care of. Both Jaikoz and SongKong have their ups and downs with libraries of our size.

For example, yesterday I knocked out a chunk of 10,000 with a single pass in Song Kong but I am having to go through each individually in iTunes to ensure that they matched correctly. So far I've found about 150 mismatches that I've re-converted. This process took twice the amount of time with a similar number in Jaikoz, but the advantage with Jaikoz is the change panel whereby I do not need to listen to each individually to know is a mismatch occurred, just the ones where the artist or title were changed (I'm not as picky about the album. As long as it's not changing, say Michael Jackson to 2Pac.)

Of course in Song Kong there is the HTML report, but not being able to play the songs directly from it makes going back and forth per song cumbersome.

All in all I plan to continue using both to their advantages, even after this massive overhaul. an added benefit is that I'm finding thousands of crappy songs and terrible compressions that have made their way into the library over the past 15 years that go straight to the bin.
Jaikoz matches the files and saves them fine. For these particular files (~5000 m4a AACs and AIFFs) the saved data does not update in iTunes. Furthermore, if I close Jaikoz and re-import the same files, many of them show up with no metadata in the edit pane but metadata in the iD3 pane with the save icon next to them. A closer look reveals that many of them are iD3v2. Reanalyzing and saving them as iD3v23 brings all metadata back in Jaikoz, but the problem remains: not updating in iTunes and reverting back to no metadata and iD3v2 upon reloading in Jaikoz.

I can only suspect that these files have several versions of iD3 tags that refuse to change (I have "delete iD3v1" checked).

My proposed solution is to attempt to convert all iD3 tags to "none" in iTunes, then reconvert them to iD3v23. This only works if I convert them to mP3 first, opening up the ability to work with iD3 in iTunes. This is sub-optimal obviously as compression and loss will occur, but I am weighing this against not being able to locate any of the files due to their lack of metadata.

Alternatively, is there a feature within Jaikoz that can wipe all exisiting iD3 tags and re-encode them to a single v23 tag? I have not had success changing these particular files to v23 in the iD3 pane.
I'm trying to get them to a state that I'm able to write iD3 information to. The songs in question do not update in iTunes after matching and saving in Jaikoz and Song Kong.

In the past few hours I've had success in committing the ID3s after these steps:

-converting AAC and AIFF to mp3 in iTunes
-in iTunes changing iD3 tag to "none"
-re-assigning the batch to iD3v23 in iTunes
-re-analyzing in Jaikoz
-saving in Jaikoz

I'm looking for an easier (and less lossy) solution to this process. In theory, shouldn't I be able to write iD3 data to both AAC and AIFF? To put it in perspective I'm dealing with 5000 mis-behaving songs out of 45000, and of the remaining 40000 there are many AAC and AIFFs that match and write correctly.

I apologize. In my earlier post I mentioned that the files in question included mp4s. This was actually a typo in that the files in question are primarily .m4a AAC files from the iTunes store.
Thanks for the clarification.

For the .m4a files, they are all in AAC format downloaded from the iTunes store. I'd like to write iD3 data to them for multi-program compatibility. Can anyone share an AAC-mp3 conversion best-practices that avoids excessively lossy results?
I'm noticing that a lot of songs are not writing iD3 metadata as part of the autocorrect/save process. The "Edit" pane writes as expected, but the iD3 tags do not auto-populate with the correct data. The iD3 pane has blank data or black lines through the data. I'm experiencing this with about 10% of my 45,000 song library, a mix of mp3s, mp4s and aiffs. I have preferences set to

-"Delete iD3 V1"
-"Always write tag to v23"
-"Default text" encoding: ISO-8859-1 (for both v23 and v24)
-"Text encoding" for v24: UTF-8
-"Save existing fields using these preferences" is checked

So my questions are:

-What do the black lines through the iD3 indicate?

-Is there a command to force copy the edit pane metadata to the iD3 data?

-There are many files that have the save icon next to them in the iD3 pane but not the Edit pane. It appears it's trying to write the v23 tag but I'm not able to save. I'm assuming this is not normal behavior?

Thanks in advance!

Thanks Paul, really interested in this topic.

Here is the info that is written viewable from the edit pane:

After some research it looks like the program, Serato DJ, writes program specific data to the GEOB fields (song analysis data, cue points, song markers).

Theres an interesting thread on the subject here:
According to the Jaikoz manual there is no way to edit these. I'm curious to know if a script exists to modify (copy and paste between songs) these tags.

I ask because Serato DJ uses these fields to populate program specific data. I am using iTunes Match to replace old songs and the new files, while maintaining many of the common tags, do not maintain this data.

A script that checksums both files (assuming they maintain the same filename) and writes this data would be ideal.

I'm raising the question in the Apple forums but if anyone has any ideas that would be great.
I thought I'd start a thread to see if there are any DJs like me out there using Jaikoz to tag their collections. I've been gradually overhauling a 50,000 song library and continue to look for new ways to optimize the process.

I've found a combination of iTunes, iTunes Match, Mixed in Key and Jaikoz to be great for this very purpose. I use Serato DJ and Rekordbox primarily, with hopes of incorporating Traktor Pro in as well to some degree.

Based on some of the memory usage suggestions I'm attempting to limit the file paths of all my songs. So for instance an example music path would be


An interesting read can be found here:


Anyone out there willing to share some tips for keeping things tidy and memory-efficient?

FYI for all thinking about making the move to iTunes 12.2:

Thanks Paul, I'm on a remote machine at the moment so I'll try and get that too you soon.

For future reference though, if the folder hierarchy reflects the more popular approach of:


does this theoretically increase MusicBrainz and Discog's match success rate? Conceivably I could reorganize the entire library this way before attempting to match to the databases for the full albums in the collection and restructure after tagging completion.
Thanks for the replay, although this has been disabled for some time now as about half of my library is made up of singles and individual tracks.
Hi all, I'm a recent adopter of Jaikoz and I can't say enough how much I'm enjoying using it, it's really whipping my library into shape!

I've seen some earlier discussions regarding iTunes Match and using Jaikoz to prep the tags before uploading to enhance match success, although I'm pretty sure I have not seen anyone post on the issue I'm experiencing yet. I'm experiencing VERY odd behavior and am hoping to gain some light on the situation.

I recently finished tagging a large database of mid to low-res mp3s using Jaikoz (~25,000) and successfully matched roughly half of them with Musicbrainz and Discogs. I created a fresh iTunes library and imported them with the match feature enabled. I was able to successfully get about 12,000 matches from the iTunes database. I then downloaded the higher-res versions and trashed the originals (actually archived them to a temp drive just in case).

When I bring these fresh 256kbs AACs back into Jaikoz for further organization and tagging things start to go haywire. My automatch prefs are set to retrieve acoustic IDs and match to MusicBrainz and Discogs. On first import, these fresh files are void of any of this data, understandably. When I run automatch however it's only able to match roughly 100 songs, leaving the rest unmatched despite being matched before the conversion. And these 100 songs yield completely different and erroneous results, only about 10 are correctly matched, the rest match to different artists, songs and albums.

My prefs and song ID3s have not changed from the pre-iTunes Match run. The only change lies in the new folder structure for the AACs which I have configured based on genre as opposed to the earlier which housed the files in a general, large folder with subfolders based on when I bought the tracks. The new genre folder system generally keeps most artists and their albums together though so I'm thinking that that this shouldn't be the culprit here.

Is there something that I'm not seeing? Perhaps the AcoustIDs for the old tracks are preventing an accurate result for the new ones? If the new files are the exact same versions as the old (albeit a higher bitrate) would this not lead to improved accuracy in matching to the database?

Any insight or suggestions greatly appreciated.

I suppose I could always have the genre folder names reflect the subgenres as well, although it would yield 1000s of folders considering that I like to be very specific in the subgenre field.

Id be interested to know if any other users utilize this type of structure.
This is how my genre field typically looks, correct.

Are there any risks in splitting the genre field in 2 parts? Would it introduce unexpected behavior from media players reading that tag?

My coding background is pretty limited btw.
Hi all,

I'm wondering if 'rename mask' code exists for appending a selected tag to become the name of the folder in 'Rename Folder from Metadata'

Here is my scenario:

I am organizing the folder structure to my entire collection based on genre. My genre tagging system lists the general genre with a series of sub-genre codes in the same field.

EG: House [deep][soulful]

Ideally I'm trying to develop an organizational system that houses all the tracks tagged as "House" into one folder with the sub-genres as their own folders within.

EG: Base Folder/House/[deep][soulful]/Track XX

or even more simply: Base Folder/House/Track XX

I do realize that I can tag the sub-genres in a separate field and include this in the mask, but most of my fields are already being used in the DJ software workflow that I am using as it has a limited list of ID3 tags visible to the user.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


paultaylor wrote:
Hi beatlogic, sorry should now work 

Lightning fast with that turnaround. Thanks Paul!
Same issue here. I got the error after the first re-launch of the program after purchasing the license. Not able to launch at all.
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