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Messages posted by: hardbass_junkie  XML
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I can ping to google dns and I have no firewall enabled, so wan access should be okay. My license file is untouched since I unpacked the archive.

edit: the licensefile only contains #licensedetails

I currently have not purchased a songkong license, I intent to try the lite version for now.

edit 2: It seems to be running on my main system (linux mint 18.3 64bit). Are there any dependencies I might be overlooking?

update: it's running now in my virtualmachine. I guess it was a connection error after all. Does it querry the license server using ssl/https? Last thing I did was check if the system clock was in sync.
I'm having the same issues. I'm not sure what you mean by a clean reinstall. I created a fresh virtualmachine with ubuntu server 16.04LTS.
I also had to set ./jre64/bin/java to executable
Have you allready tried it? Any feedback would be nice.
Give this a shot:

function pad(number, length) {
       if (number == '') { return '';} 
       var str = '' + number; 
       while (str.length < length) {  
           str = '0' + str;
       return str;
  function ifnotempty(value,sep){
      return value.length > 0 ? value + sep : '';
  function ifnotempty2(value1,value2,sep){
      return value1.length > 0 ? value1 + sep :value2.length > 0 ? value2 + sep:'' ;
 'Compilations/' + ifnotempty(album,folderseparator) + ifnotempty(disctotal,' - ') + ifnotempty(pad(trackno,2),' - ') + ifnotempty2(albumartist,artist,' - ') + title

It should return ~/Compilations/Album/Diskno - Trackno - Artist - Title.ext

It's actually for jaikoz, but it might work:
a few remarks:
- I haven't tried it myself, so if you try it, please do so with a couple of copied files, so it doesn't corrupt your whole database, if I made a mistake.
- This will put ALL albums in a Compilations subfolder, since I didn't figure out how to make it work with a compilations flag.

If someone has any corrections, or suggestions: please, don't be shy.
So if I understand correctly, you want something like:

~/album title/discnumber/artist - title.ext or something?

I'm sorry, i'm not really familiar with the itunes naming scheme.
Well, you're question is not really clear to me. Especially because you "do not want to, just achieve this"
My best advice to an ubuntu user, would be to ditch itunes, and get another media player. But because you probably need it to sync it with a mobile device, this might not be an option, because of compatibility issues (even though some idevices are supported).

Could you try to explain more clearly what your current situation is, and what you want to achieve?
I'm also realy looking forward to Jaikoz X.
I especially hope paul succeeds in implementing beatport (or any other major downloadportal for that matter)

Regarding your comment on reviewing the changes: maybe we could have a tooltip on mouse-over, or a toggle (maybe a hotkey) to display the old/new metadata.
I've been using jaikoz for the excact same reason. It appears to be the best alternative out there, using the far superior discogs database (considering it's multiplatform, i'm running windows and linux).
The downside is I have a lot of new releases in my collection. Discogs is generally pretty up to date, but the albunack database seems to be lagging behind. I currently have some releases in my collection which we're entered in the discogs database last april, but jaikoz still can't find a match.
It would be a great improvement if would be possible to somehow acces the discogs database directly.
When trying to match tracks to discogs I seem to get a lot of mismatches. Jaikoz tends to match tracks to various artist releases or tags it as 12" vinyl even though I have checked digital media as prefered media format and I have selected the prevent match to various artist option. Especially the wrong media type happens very often. I have fiddled around with those settings (changing prefered release date from earliest/latest/don't-really-care) but no significant difference.
When manually looking up the discogs release id, it matches correctly (also correct media type), but ofcourse this is really time consuming.

Currently using jaikoz 8.4.2 NGS 32bit on win7 (64bit won't run)

A lot of tracks do match correctly, but it would be nice to have some more control over the matching process for some tracks.
Try copying the whole discogs url from your browser. Keep in mind that new entries might not match, because the jthink database is out of sync with the discogs library. Releases added less then a month ago will generally not result in a match. Try them again in a few weeks.
Thanks for your response. Manually entering a discogs id does work most of the time. However this procedure is quite a labour intensive process. Entering the discogs id in the relations tab however gives an immediate mismatch. This would save a lot of work, because i can batch edit this field using mp3tag.
Also i noticed jaikoz sometimes doesnt fetch artwork even though it is available. Also updating metadata from allready tagged tracks doesn't work.
regarding the support file: I know where to find the option, but when is select it, the zip file can not be found at the location specified in the dialog window. I'm running the linux version on mint 17 by the way.
Overall i'm pretty satisfied with the program.
I'm currently evalutating Jaikoz for tagging my mp3 collection.

My music collection consists mostly of electronic music specifically hardstyle. i.e. a lot of single/dual track releases and ep's.
I used to tag my music using mp3tag using the stevehero plugin and getting metadata from the beatport api.
Because beatport is only usable for official digital releases, a lot of my music could not be tagged, especially free releases and vinyls. Those releases exist in the discogs database, so recently I started re-processing all my music using Discogs as a source. My current workflow is tagging the files with mp3tag and the Pone plugin. The majority of my tracks get matched to the correct release. After that I run them through jaikoz, to get additional artwork and fill in some datafields left blank by mp3tag (mp3tag doesn't support artwork for discogs)
However Jaikoz doesn't seem to be able to match the allready correctly matched tracks to a release by mp3tag. I guess the succes rate is about 50%. I tried fiddling around by removing stuff like ft. vs. & from the metadata, but still i get a lot of failed matches, or even a single track which is part of a 4 track EP matched to another compilation, even though the other 3 tracks are matched correctly. Is there a way to manipulate so Jaikoz can get a match or can i force a match?
Also I'm wondering how often the albunack database is updated.

ps: i tried to create a support file, but it doesn't get exported to my jaikoz folder.
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