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Is it possible to past artwork into several cells at once? Or, the entire column?
Though I'm new to Jaikoz, a few things would make my work in the program a bit easier:

1) The ability to have another slot of two for Autocorrect. For example, we can now set a number of chained events. It would be useful to me to have two sets of unrelated autocorrect chains.

2) Highlight those rows who do not have Musicbrainz or Discogs results. That way, we can easily see in the spreadsheet things that need additional work.
I understand, thank you.
I always want everything in Title case. This seems to work, unless the preceding character is (

For example, I want (Live) or (Acoustic), but it ends up being (live) and (acoustic).

How would I change that behavior?
I'm a bit confused by the Shift Base Folder to Subfolder and Shift Subfolder to Base Folder options. What I really want to do is simply set a default save location.

For example, I am always reading files from F:\Music. I want to always save to G:\Music. Each time I open up a set of files, I have to go back in and "Change Base Folder" to G:\Music. Can this be set anywhere?
That would be helpful for more examples, thank you.
So I'm not the only one with simple copy and paste skills.
I've really been struggling with the JavaScript for the folder and file renaming as well. If you could be so kind, could you provide some assistance with this:

A single disc release would be like:
Artist/Year - Album/Track# - Title.mp3

A Multi Disc release would be like:
Artist/Year - Album/Disc 1/Track# - Title.mp3
Artist/Year - Album/Disc 2/Track# - Title.mp3

Compilations only slightly different:

A single disc release would be like:
Various Artists/Year - Album/Track# - Artist - Title.mp3

A Multi Disc release would be like:
Various Artists/Year - Album/Disc 1/Track# - Artist - Title.mp3
Various Artists/Year - Album/Disc 2/Track# - Artist - Title.mp3

*I guess the Various Artists would be the album artist (that is the way I will set them up - all equal "Various Artists)

Thank you.
That worked, thank you.
I am using the Album as part of a folder path. However, when there is a "/" in the Album, this obviously causes problems. The album is entitled "Hello Today/Hello Tomorrow" and the folder ends up Hello TodayHello Tomorrow

I would like to change the "/" to a " - "

I added this in a Word replacer, but it does not seem to work in the local correct album. Is there something else I should do?
I second the vote to have a forum of programming examples. I'm no programmer, and really need to spend too much time fumbling around.
Thank you.
I think I am beginning to understand. I did purchase a license.

I am using some folder and file renaming capabilities (moving to another folder). Is there a way to leave the old files in the old location?
I'm confused about the local correct. What does it take to use whatever rules you have in local correct, or is does it automatically use those whenever you "save"?

Same question goes for "File and Folder" correct.

I understand how to set it all up, but I don't know how the application knows when to apply all of these rules.
I am looking at purchasing Jaikoz, and have the read the manual a bit. I do have a couple specific questions which may help me decide.

First is there options to automatically correct certain fields_ for example The Beatles to Beatles, The

Second, second can you have the application only search for and populate certain types of metadata. For example only title, artist, year, and album art, ignoring everything else.

I have 117,000 songs that are in pretty good shape, just with some missing data. What I would like to do, is search an entire artist, with certain built in rules, like capitalize everything in a song, set the THE "THE" artists correctly, but do not even download apply the 60 other meta fields I do not care about.
Profile for husker -> Messages posted by husker [15]
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