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paultaylor wrote:
Hi, you could email me your support files (Advanced:Create Support Files) , it may show an error.

Of course you can just use File:Open Folder:Open Files within Jaikoz itself but I suppose you dont want to do that. 

That's right. Thank you. But I did email you the support files.

paultaylor wrote:
Hmm, that is the same version I tested. 

Paul, I've had this problem over multiple OSX versions and when posting about the problem previously, had another member of the forum echo my concern. Is there some sort of error report I can generate and send to you? I don't know how to do that, but it is an amazingly irritating problem and I would really like to get it fixed. Happy to do what it takes for you to run down this bug. Thanks.

paultaylor wrote:
Not yet, but the way round it to is to use jut the Open Folder dialog instead of dragging form iTunes. 

I am dragging from within Pathfinder and/or Finder, not iTunes. I have the automatically load into iTunes option turned off as it causes Jaikoz to hang and crash.

paultaylor wrote:
I am out of the office at the moment at the Hi-end Munich show but when I get back I will see if I can replicate this issue on my Mac. 

Hello - Have you had an opportunity to run this bug down? It is pretty irritating. Let me know if you need any information from me. Thanks.

paultaylor wrote:
Hi, I totally understand the issue and in SongKong we already do as you suggest allowing the customer to choose from a series of masks, and we plan to add this to Jaikoz as well. 

Thank you, Paul. I look forward to that.

paultaylor wrote:
I am out of the office at the moment at the Hi-end Munich show but when I get back I will see if I can replicate this issue on my Mac. 

Thank you for your response. I can send/post whatever system information that you need. This problem has persisted throughout several different OSs, and exists on both an iMac and a MB Pro.

When I posted about this problem previously, another member of the forum confirmed having the same problem.
Hello - I am an idiot and don't understand all of the characters needed to make even the most simple of file masks. I can't get a file rename to simply be

track number track name

It is not that hard, but I can't do it.

But why should I have to know how to do this? Why can't the program have some examples listed of fairly simple file renaming schemes from which I can just select one? If the smart people know how to do all the fancy stuff, then they can. But for the common man like me, I just want to select one from a couple of options.

Please consider this option for a future release. Your competitors have this option, and it would be good to dumb things down a bit for the point-and-click crowd.
Running El Capitan on OSX, but always had this problem.

When I drag a folder of tunes into Jaikoz I get a dialogue box that says

"Loading Files from Filesystem"

That is just fine with me. The problem is that the dialogue box does not go away. So I have to click on it and drag it off to the side in order to work on my files. This is a real inconvenience. I posted about this a few months ago - the only responses were people saying that they had the same problem. Can you please fix this bug as it is a huge time suck, relatively, and a real pain to be unable to work on files without dismissing this dialogue box.

I hope someone from Jaikoz would consider replying to this message. Thank you.
Hello - I'm having an issue with the dialog box that states "Loading Files from Filesystem". The notification pops up when I have dragged files onto the user interface for editing. However, even after the files have loaded into Jaikoz and the files are available for editing, the notification box "Loading Files . . . " does not go away. I have to manually close it. Every once in a while it does go away on its own, but more and more it is sticking around on my screen and I do not want it to. I want it to close on its own.

Is there a way to fix this problem/bug?

Thanks very much for anyone's help. I appreciate it.

paultaylor wrote:
Hi, yes we already have predefined masks in SongKong and want to add the same solution to Jaikoz, I realize it can seem a bit tricky

1. So this just seems a filename mask of TrackNo SongTitle, paste the following into your rename mask replacing everything that is currently there.
 trackno + ' ' + title

2. but now here I think you are asking the filename to indicate when the metadata is missing. You only have two renames masks available, one for albums and one for compilations albums so we have to build on the first one so it will work for both cases. This is fine except you seem to now want the mask to now display that there is no album yet in 1. you were only interested in displaying trackno and song title, so im a little confused can you please clarify.

The existing filename is irrelevant you only need to decide what you want the rename mask to be, what it should do if the metadata is available and what it should do if it isnt.


First, thanks for taking the time to respond to my question.

When I ran the mask on some files, I actually ended up with

Track no - File Name

I don't know where the hyphen came from, as there doesn't seem to be one in the mask you sent me, but it is there.

My question is simpler than I wrote it to be. My apologies. It is, how can I get the metadata to be

Track No Filename

with a space between the 2-digit Track No and the Title when the filename is something different than that?

For example, if I have files that is named

Radiohead - 01 - The Bends
Radiohead - 02 - High and Dry

and all of the metadata fields for each file are empty, how would I take those file names and convert them to metadata that reads

01 The Bends
02 High and Dry

I work with a lot of non-standard files that have not been tagged at all and cannot be automatically tagged.

Hope this makes sense. Thanks for your help on my second question and if you can tell me why I am getting a hyphen in the file name for the mask you gave me earlier, I'd appreciate it.
Hello ? I don?t understand javascript and probably never will. I?ve spent some time reading the dozens of posts asking for help with file, folder, and metadata renaming masks and second the idea of creating a ?mask bank? or something along those lines so that noobs like me, who have paid for the software and just want it to work without an understanding of javascript, can simply cut and paste the code that they need to do what they want.

With that out of the way, I have possibly the most simple of questions regarding:

1. File Rename from Metadata, and

2. Metadata Renaming from File.

Question 1 ? Changing Filename to Match Metadata

If I have metadata on two files that read:

01 I Will Follow
02 Twilight

and the file names are:

U2 ? Boy ? 01 ? I Will Follow
U2 ? Boy ? 02 ? Twilight

Could you please advise me on the mask that I need to use to get it to rename the file names so that they match the metadata? So, that both the metadata and the file read:

01 I Will Follow
02 Twilight

Telling me to put a comma here and a parens there does not work for me. I?ve tried it all different ways and keep getting ?undefined parameters? and all sorts of errors. I would be grateful to anyone who can simply cut and paste what I need into a response.

Question 2 ? Changing Metadata to Match Filename

If I have filenames that are:

Radiohead ? New Album - 01 ? Fix Metadata
Radiohead ? New Album - 02 ? Help Me Please

And the metadata does not match the file name, what mask do I use to get the metadata to read:

01 Fix Metadata
02 Help Me Please

No artist, no album name, no album artist, no hyphen between the track number and the track title.

I assure you I have spent #$%^ hours on this. It can?t be that difficult, but it is escaping me, so if you could paste a couple of masks that I can copy into my program, I would be eternally grateful.

Thanks for your help.

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