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id3v23 here,
I'll make a test for 24 (don't remember what made problem here with 24 and an other software).
I had to replace all tag by text because, mediamonkey don't understand tags from jaikoz because the missing brackets
okay thank you
btw if genres are numeric and come from id3v1 list they must be between ()
ie: (8) not 8 for jazz

mediamonkey need the ()
After the genre "correct" from discogs, I have a lot of genre in an incorrect format I think.
for example Jazz is saved in the id3v1 format 8 instead of the id3v2 ( or "Jazz".
If I correct to ( the field is highlighted as a an incorrect format (cf filters:higlight) and the ( is shown instead of "Jazz"

If I check the option "saves genres in an itune-friendly format" does it replace genre by the string only or are there side effects ?

thank you ;)
for this specific album https://www.discogs.com/fr/fr/release/1364140
I have to hit several times the update metadata from discogs to have at the end 7 of 10 track updated.
sometimes nothing is updated, others one track or two ...
sri I have not been specific enough
it's for a save and move.

for the illegal "..." there is not a parameter in the interface ?
When I want to save the files, and there is an error in the save, the files are closed and every modification is lost.

I had for the moment two kinds of error :
- files are read only
- illégal name

I have a few album name with "..." at the end of the name this cause an error in the save
my order is the default auto, musicbrainz, and after discogs.
for the moment, musicbrainz never give false value, and for this particular field, I have a lot from discogs.
and option for discsubtitle value at discogs should be great

what do you mean for dvd value ?
because I had yesterday a false discsubtitle from a dvd name at discogs
perhaps am I the only one tu use it ;)

just FYI an other album from discogs with false info, https://www.discogs.com/fr/fr/release/6672719
thank you

paultaylor wrote:
Yes if matching release to Discogs first and it has disc subtitle then it will be used. Usually I would recommend you match to MusicBrainz first and then Discogs because MusicBrainz matching is better since it uses AcoustIds.

I have now found the subtitles, they are in


so I think your Discogs match matched to songs on this release, and then MusicBrainz matched to another release.

If you already have a value for a field but not for the match then it is not removed because that would generally be destroying the data, i.e you wouldnt want to remove barcode if the MusicBrainz release doesnt have the barcode informaton. But maybe I should add such an option to clear out data ?

But the point is if the disc sub title field has a value it will be used by your rename mask.

I thinking the caching is a red-herring  

I didn't read correctly this message (English is not my primary language)
i understand that the name came from discogs, and I understand that a value if it's exist is not removed.

So if there is no value at musicbrainz and there is a value at discogs every song of a cd should have the same value (nothing or the value from discogs) because they are all matched from both by autocorrect.

but the result is a cd with song that can have 3 different value, some songs with the value from musicbrainz: null (?), other of the same cd, with the value from discogs, and other with a value from an other disk, not the current one.
that can't be normal ?

Cd01 - Famille 86-87
Cd01 - Veiller Tard 85-86
Cd01 -

cd1 have the value from cd3 OR cd4 of discogs, and sometimes null value from musicbrainz of cd?
yes understood
but if you take a look discogs doesn't have a disksubtitle for this album, it's a false interpretation of a song made by multiple songs.

and in first messages, the disksubtitle should be for all the songs of a disk, not for a few , or multiple name for the same cd like in my previous message ?

so in my last message I should not have a disksubtitle because there is not
I have perhaps something:
for this album http://musicbrainz.org/release/3d0514e9-1331-4420-a2dd-a1b84d67c722 there is no discsubtitle
if it is matched to this one

there is an invalid disk id : "the hit combination"
that's because I usually make an autocorrect, after I try to match to musicbrainz.
There are a lot of case where autocorrect don't find anything but disco's, ant, after, the match song to one musicbrainz works.

in this case, is there a way to clear everything that was made by the autocorect ?
I had the same type with a 30 cd release
I have tried to reproduce the problem with the sames files.
but I saw something for an album:
the disksubtitle is not stored on musicbrainz, but it is on discogs
the cd's where first matched bys discog's and after by musicbrainz (match song for a specific album)

is it a lead ?
The idsksubtitle name is now enabled (i didn't find it previously ...)
the value is empty in the orig files, so it was put by jaikoz somewhere in the process.

what I don't understand, its in my first message
I clear the cache, reload, re match, and now I always have empty disksubtitle even if the disk have one 

now that I can see the value in the table, I'll keep you in touch if I find something
for a few coffret (lot of cd) the report does'nt work

no windows is opened with the result

I can see this message in the log

14/02/2016 21.38.38:com.jthink.jaikoz.manipulate.FindMissingAlbumTracks:updateData:SEVERE: Unable to find release on JthinkMusicServer:de36c451-000c-4488-9375-b6d40b6636e5
sent ;)
that's my explanation that you don't understand ?
same issue for an other album (2cd)

the album name is correct, the MB release too
but track number and discsubtitle come from an other.

John Lee Hooker\1978 - The Cream\Cd02 - Disc Three [Blue On Blues]
John Lee Hooker\1978 - The Cream\Cd02 - Disc Three [Blue On Blues]
John Lee Hooker\1978 - The Cream\Cd02 - Disc One [The Cream]

if I clear the cache and restart the process everything is good
same error :

the album is http://musicbrainz.org/release/f4435bde-3bbf-4274-a2ba-0f05a177bce0

and I have somme discsubtitle from this one


and a date in the name coming from ?

Cd01 - Famille 86-87
Cd01 - Veiller Tard 85-86

I wanted to add the support file is attached to the message, but it is not possible ?
I have a Box of 5 cd
it can be found here two versions, one with discsubtitle name and the second no discsubtitle name.


but if I match the box to one or the other I already have a mix of null values and correct values, part of the files of the cd can have the correct disksubtitle and other no. and in the same disk, I can have different value ...

I clear the cache, reload, re match, and now I always have empty disksubtitle even if the disk have one
I have an other problem with a coffret.

the match works but the rename don't all files are renamed 0.flac or 1.flac (with a sequence number), and not with the title and track number.

but, if I clear the cache, the rename works.

Hop it can help for the precedent pb.

sent ;)

thank you
an other one : 30 cd's

I have to match specified album cd by cd
at the end when I save I have 130 files with error :
every song with the same name (or nearly) (and different acoustic) is given the same track and disk
I have to remake the "match specified album" for every track, but I can do this only by selecting them same name by same name
and in some case split the selection otherwise I have a can't match

what I'am doing wrong ?
Now I'am stuck for a similar problem and I'am going crazy:

A coffret with 50 CD.

- I had to make the "Match specified album musicbrainz" cd by cd.
but a the end, I have 49 files with a similar problem :
- every song with the same name (and different accoustic id) got the same track and title in the file name.

Blue suede Shoes.mp3
Blue suede Shoes(1).mp3
Blue suede Shoes(1).mp3

I have to select this files (by same title) and make Again a "Match specified album" so they can get the good name/disk n°

I had this problem a few times for every coffret I have (20 to 50 cd) :

I load the album and try an auto correct.
Only a few cd are recognized to be part of this album.
If I take the cd one by one of thus album and try a match to specified album, the cd is generally recognized but not every time. (unable to find a suite ...)
In this case if I take 1/2 or 1/3 of the songs of a cd they are recognized.

at the end with a lot of manipulation all the album and it's cd are recognized

but in a few times, If I made a report of the missing songs
I have a list of missing songs (they are présent !)

at the moment I have 299 songs, and the report says contais 299 tracks 4 are missing.
I save and reload
If I take a look I can see that theses missing files have the same title and track number. (it was not the case at the beginning)
I make an other research or match for this files and they finally get the good name and release

Hope I was clear
thank you ;)

where could I find this info by myself ?
Dear all ;)

if I take this album : https://musicbrainz.org/release/05ffffa2-66d5-32a5-994b-9922b620c46d

we have an album with 29 disk, and each disk have a name,
is it possible to retrieve this name ?
I want to give this name to the folder.
ie : CD 3: Alfred Deller Years (CD 1): Henry Purcell - King Arthur (1)

thank you
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