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Messages posted by: n1ete  XML
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Good to Hear that Paul and thanks for the reply!
i came to the conclusion that splitting up the singles and albums is a good choice but i prefer now a bit different sorting:

i would like to have 2 folders in my main directory /artists and /various

the artists folder should look like this:

/artists/u2/ and then /singles and /albums in it.... how do i change my masks?

Awesome! seems to work so far....
will report soon back for that "year problem"

but whats with this /others folder?

i would love to have these three folders /various /albums /singles

why is it created?
Hey Paul,
thanks for the advice and your java experience....
it worked out pretty well, except that i have not only /album /single and /various in music folder...also i got one called /others....?

i started to pick a few of the unmatched to fill songkong with it...example=


got the 3 songs in a Single folder ands songkong doesnt match anything...?
there already named and tagged....
so whats the problem with me or songkong on this one?
thanks for your advice

wanted to add that there seems also some inconsistency about the release years...some of them are simply not right....
i didnt have the "use original release date" option enabled though and could be related with that option....?
after failing some time ago to use Songkong with an itunes library on my NAS i decided to give SongKong another run...this time without the itunes option enabled and some changes in my structure how i wanna organize my collection.

i played with several options so far and i am now on a starting point from where it does pretty much that what i want(except for the unmatched of course).
so my matching folder and filename masks (use the same for compilation and rename) looks actually like this=

    + '' + (year.length>4 ? year.substring(0,4):year) +' '
    + ifnotempty(album,'')
    + ifnotempty(discsubtitle,'')
    + '/'
    + ifnotempty(discno,' - ')
   + ifnotempty(pad(trackno,2),' - ')
   + ifnotempty(artist,' - ')
   + ifnotempty(title,'')

and gets me an output like this

U2/1980 Boy/1 - 02 - U2 - Twilight

this is ok except for my Various Artist Artist and/or Compilations i guess this is just a simple thing can be done with some java knowledge

in the end i would love to have a folder structure like this for Albums=
/FullAlbums/U2/1980 Boy/1 - 02 - U2 -Twilight

like this for singles=
/Singles/U2/1980 Boy/1 - 02 - U2 -Twilight

and another one for compilations but sortet by Label=
/Various/KilleKill/2012 Killekill Megahits/1 - 03 - J.T.C. - Crush Arbor

how can i archive this.... i try to figure out some good workflows with the unmatched folder and will report them soon here.... so far i got nearly 10k unmatched files
some are simple does not exists in the databases but some do and i need to figure out why they are not renamed yet....
sometimes it helps to choose a smaller folder by folder approach and what i noticed it that u have to run several times over the same folder and it matched more and more...

thanks for any helping so far and this awesome piece of software ;)
hello there,
sorry for necrobumping this old one here but i used my advanced copy & paste skills to try these examples out on a small bunch of my audio files.
unfortunately songKong just give me and invalid mask error.
my coding experience is = zero
so i would appreciate some help here....

i like the idea of split the folder structure into singles and full albums...or i imagine an structure automatically sorted by genres could also be nice

i also think this post was anyways a good idea to get creative with good sorting solutions for large music libraries like i have (160 000 files) and of course for education purposes

so please pop out your custom file/folder/compilation rename masks and share them with us!
thank you so much!
i have just one more question for now...
would it be possible to add an "label" in folder structure?

edit says: maybee it would be better to start a new thread? i would love to start one and make it sticky-worthy
i would be interested if it was just an configuration problem or some kind of a bug!

sended u the requestet files via we transfer ;)
aaah true! thank you for the advise...
meanwhile now there is a different problem and songkong cant build /update the library anymore! i already sended the support files to the support....
i dont let itunes manage my folders.
i created the whole library with the add to itunes checkbox in songkong and i am pretty sure it missed a few files to add correct into itunes. so i wanna rescan the already added files too and maybee put in some changes in folder naming too.

just to be sure= i point songkong to the folder where all my tagged and "itunes added" files are. then leave the "save to itunes" option checked and it just updates or added new songs instead of making duplicates?

so i assume i leave the move to folder option unchecked this time?

thanks for your help
hey there
still testing songkong on different behaviours (soon there will be a review on my page ;))

just a simple task question=

is it possible to rescan and update the already scanned and added itunes files
without getting double entrys in the itunes library?

thanks for helping ;)
hello there together!
first: thanks for this awesome music tagging tool! i think its the best automated music tagging tool on this world atm!
thats why i decided to buy the pro version!
unfortunately i didnt have a paypla account so friend bought it for me!
is it somehow possible to transfer this license now to one of my email adresses or do i have to use the email of my friend now for my whole life for songkong?

thanks for your help ;)
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